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Date: Sun 08/14/11 12:52PM
From: Rodney S">

Message: To restore Tahmia and my relationship to make it stronger and better then ever before. To get the new job and career with the NBA. To pay off all of my debt, to make complete repairs to my home and purchase investment properties.

Date: Tue 07/12/11 8:43PM
From: Donnamarie">

Message: I am still looking for an ideal job, I want to be independant, I would prefer to do readings and healings, but I am now a hairdresser and want an excellent job that I can make the money I need so I can do healings without having to charge so much if anything. A lot of people need help and they are not now wealthy. I would love to do rituals for them to help but do not want to have to rely on them for my income. This is to stressful and I do not want to become shallow

Date: Tue 06/14/11 11:06AM
From: Ariqa">

Message: I have GMAT test on July 28th 2011. I would like to get at least 650 out of 800, so that I can get into the school I want. I want the prayers to be with me.

Thank you.

Date: Fri 01/14/11 1:16AM
From: Willow_Heals">

Message: I am in need of a job, so to pay my bills & take care of my three boys. With this I ask & will be blessed!

Date: Wed 12/22/10 9:03AM
From: hawkeyesgirl">

Message: I ask for peace in the home I will move into. May I displace the very negative energies in it and may it become a restful and happy place.
I ask for positive movement in my life and the strength to accomplish my goals.
I ask for happiness and contentment.

Date: Thu 12/9/10 7:00AM
From: Tara">

Message: I was recently released frm prison during which time both of my children were taken frm me. I want &need them back in my life. I am suffering frm depression and need peace in my mind and guidance on my path I hope for a teacher and mentor in my life in which I can lean and learn from...

Date: Mon 08/16/10 3:36AM
From: Bacchante Kashka ">

Message: Dionysos, my blooming, shining, ecstatic God, grant me a bit of your uninhibited ecstasy, to free my mind from overthinking all this.

Date: Wed 08/4/10 2:58AM
From: Catherine Elizabeth (Evans) Hammes">

Message: I have two sons. A 14-year old(Nickolas) who's autistic; I would love to see him cured, now., and an eleven year old. (Jeffrey)
There father belittles them and I want them full time. I need to stop allowing myself to block the resources etc. to be able to have them full time.

Date: Fri 07/2/10 4:54AM
From: Sandra">

Message: I pray for healing, Peace and protection. For my family members my home and myself. I went threw a terrible exp last June. It took me over seven months to feel Normal again. Please keep all evil, negative persons, things, desires and thoughts away from my family my home and myself. Help me be stronger than ever. Amen

Date: Sat 06/26/10 4:33PM
From: willow">

Message: for healing

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