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Date: Wed 06/23/10 3:03AM
From: Noira">

Message: I want a life where all is in harmony, time, schedule, money, household, my boyfriend and magical studies. May the proper pathways manifest to me soon.

Date: Wed 06/23/10 1:49AM
From: Alexi">

Message: I want my social/economical status to correspond with my spirituality/intellect/creativity -:)

Date: Tue 06/22/10 11:44PM
From: Liezl">

Message: I would like freedom. I would like to go home in spirit.

Date: Tue 06/22/10 8:10PM
From: M.A.">

Message: Let the sweet one that I request find me soon to save me from this doom. Thank you!!!

Date: Tue 06/22/10 7:29PM
From: Christina">

Message: I need healing in regards to my weight. My doctor says I'm obese. I feel unloved and unattractive because of this. I also need financial healing. As I'm having some money issues. And I need more money as my rent has gone up but I can't afford it. All of my thanks!

Date: Wed 06/9/10 3:31PM
From: jeanne fore">

Message: Will I win big onthe lottery?

Date: Thu 05/27/10 12:41AM
From: maria c.">

Message: My family was divided after the divorce and later by Immigration, we suffer a lot and we are lonely, my son does not have opportunities over there,no education,work or prosperity.My other son is with me and he cried in my arms co'z he missed his brother and I cried to, is been 10 long years.... We need a miracle to get a pardon or an amnesty then we can be reunited to comfort and love each other.

Date: Sat 05/22/10 3:14AM
From: Lady Vinamarie DuguayU.E.">

Message: Merry Meet my dearest Sister!
I would like prayers said for both my hubby and I as are about to enter a very difficult situation with his exwife of which they have not been together for past 8 1/2 years. His son is on his way home from Afghanistan to which he is in the military and the young man is 22 years (his son is 22yrs.old) This young man has seen and has had to go through some incredible ordeals to which my hubby is on this way to Canada from working in another Country to which I cannot mention on here. I would like some prayer request that my hubby's son will recover, that my hubby will be able to have his divorce and all goes well with that, and for my hubby and I to be able to focus and get on with our lives together as a loving and happy, healthy couple after the divorce is over.

Date: Fri 05/21/10 4:14PM
From: Kevin Zabbo">

Message: Please pray for my wife and I to have good fortune in all that we do, on all planes of existence, from the very material to the most spiritual. Thanks,


Date: Mon 05/17/10 10:44PM
From: Gina">

Message: I pray for my heat to stop aching. I seem to have so much negativity around me and no one who understands. I pray that he care for me the the way I care for him, I pray for him to come back around like he used to. I was so happy, so free. I am always so lonely, I have a hole in my heart. No one to give me love and attention. I pray for someone to take all this pain away, to make me feel loved and all the while I feel the same for him.
Thank you.

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