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Date: Wed 07/15/09 1:33PM
From: kertu">

Message: how can i find my true love?

Date: Sat 07/11/09 1:37PM
From: Monique">

Message: Please help me find a job in South Florida. I have been out of work for a while and I can't seem to get a break. I would like to get into the University where I graduated from but no luck so far.

Also if you can please help me with luck. I know that a lot of people need more then I but I am taking care of my parents and we need help.
Thank You.

Date: Sat 05/9/09 10:01AM
From: nat">

Message: Please bring the person that Ilove and that loves me into my life so I can be happy and married and have a baby PLEASE

Date: Wed 04/29/09 3:55PM
From: rayna">

Message: Please please help my children my ex husband )who was abuse himself) is trying to take my children away - he is controlling and if they don't fall in line they are "punished". We go to court on May 5 and I need all the help I can get PLEASE>

Date: Thu 04/9/09 8:29AM
From: cathy">

Message: I want to live a long and happy life with joe as a wife,mother and step mother free from worry and stress and full of love.

Date: Thu 02/26/09 9:03PM
From: Princess">

Message: I intend to live a debt free, prosperous, loving, peaceful and joyful life for myself and my family... in this lifetime and through out eternity.

Date: Sat 02/7/09 4:49PM
From: Roc">

Message: I am asking for love, light and healing energy be sent to my wonderful mother, CJ; so that she may be healed and continue to shine her love and light on this earthly plane.

Date: Thu 02/5/09 6:37PM
From: Valentine">

Message: I belive all of your prayers will be fullfilled, i channel energies towards that, so be it!

Date: Wed 02/4/09 6:24PM
From: Bridgette">

Message: May all be safe going and coming

Date: Sat 01/10/09 7:21PM
From: Cece">

Message: I pray that the love of my life will come back to me.

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