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there have been many miracles through prayer and positive projection. Please
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Date: Thu 02/5/09 6:37PM
From: Valentine">

Message: I belive all of your prayers will be fullfilled, i channel energies towards that, so be it!

Date: Wed 02/4/09 6:24PM
From: Bridgette">

Message: May all be safe going and coming

Date: Sat 01/10/09 7:21PM
From: Cece">

Message: I pray that the love of my life will come back to me.

Date: Mon 01/5/09 2:17AM
From: Bec">

Message: Please solve my financial problems caused by being turned down for disabilty a second time. I am unable to work and have already lost one utility and may not be able to stay in my home if I don't get the disability. A quick and prompt decision in my favor is all I ask. It's not a lot of money, but enough to survive.

Date: Thu 01/1/09 11:01PM
From: Enuwa">

Message: Please watch over my sister and give her the energy and prayers to heal from her burns

Date: Sat 12/27/08 4:07PM
From: J">

Message: Pleae send you energy for pretection and to life a generational curse that is upon me. Please also send healing liht to my beau and i as these past 2 years has taken its toll on us and were hanging by a thread. ALso, please pray for my child andmy husband that i lost in 2004, i just at them to be in good light. THANK YOU

Date: Wed 12/24/08 9:39PM
From: Geraldine Irby">

Message: pray for me and my friend willie that this evil woman stop her voodoo,she have gotton controll over willie. and now he stay sick,she keeping us apart just for his money.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 1:44AM
From: eduardo">

Message: I ask for your pray to please help me find a job soonest, for me, to pay our bills and debts, for the needs of my family and to help those who need my elp. I thank you for all the help I will receive.

Date: Fri 12/12/08 12:27AM
From: eduardo">

Message: I ask and pray for the healing of my sick brother Dominador and ask for his forgiveness for the sins I've done to him. Thank you to all, for your help.

Date: Wed 12/10/08 4:13AM
From: Chantal">

Message: I ask for all toxins and cords be removed from my mind, body, soul, home, car, job. I ask this for my boyfriend, my family and my friends too. I ask that the doors of positivety, love, luck, happiness, peace, prosperity, health, wealth, success(in love, work, home, family, friendship - in every area of my life), energy and excitement open for me, for my boyfriend, for my family and my friends. I ask for money to come in, in good faith as gifts to renovate and furnish our home to the fullest extent and our preference. I ask the Angels to heal my hurts and pains of all old and new relationships to clear my way for new relationships, find my way to the next level with my current boyfriend - engagement, marraige and children. I ask the Angels to help me with this, bring this to being for me. I ask this with an opend heart, open mind, open arms and love and welcome the Angels to do their good will for me. I ask them to clear my path to my long awaited destiny of abundance of all my positive affirmations only. Success with humbleness for Justin in his own stride - Abundance of success little effort. I ask the Angels to Help all those in need too for all thier good intentions required in all areas.

Universal creator, Angels and Guids, I thank you for your love, your kindness, and your help.

So be it, let it be
This is my request,
from you to me...

Thank You.

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