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Date: Thu 11/27/08 10:17PM
From: Sherri">

Message: I pray that my soulmate and I will be brought back together.

Date: Wed 11/26/08 2:58PM
From: alfred ">

Message: re store my soul mates to i and i only

i have court cases coming let win
looking for inter national barrister

Date: Wed 11/26/08 2:53PM
From: alfred ">

Message: help break and retrun the evil love spell placed on sheryl challenger by eddie k bruke by the supprem cippus of i am i am i am and bring her back to my fold as to take of her my other lovers in jesus name
their wher baby that where bron out of G-d's will they must go back to I AM THAT I AM TO RESTORE BLANCE IN JESUS NAME

Date: Wed 11/26/08 2:45PM
From: alfred ">

Message: HAS SHeryl challenger been over to lashwan house lately. whom took out the Cayenne pepper out of my pocket

Date: Wed 11/26/08 2:40PM
From: alfred ">

Message: How many enemies do my soul mates have? was i sposed to meet sheryl to day at lashwan house novemberTwentyeighthwensday2008

Date: Sat 11/22/08 1:43PM
From: Robin">

Message: Please send positive thoughts for my husband to find the courage he needs to conquer his fear and anxiety. Thank You.

Date: Fri 11/7/08 11:41AM

Message: My life is being destroyed by people who do not like me because of envy. I have never done them any harm, but they have continued to do me harm with withcraft. Everywhere i have turned for help, have not been successful. I am so stressed out and i have had enough. I am dead serious when i say that i want my enimes out of my life for good. I want my life back. I have tried to get several jobs without any success. My prosperty line is blocked. Please help me.

Date: Sun 10/26/08 1:04AM
From: Angie">

Message: I am asking for your prayers for stability of peace and mind in my family.. financial stability would be a blessing as well..

i am also asking for a prayer for my father who just lost his job.. pray that he finds the path to his ideal job quickly they have major bills to pay and nothing left to pay them


Date: Fri 10/24/08 1:19PM
From: Heather">

Message: I'm Geetanjali's daughter, I would like prayers sent out for my sister Rockelle whose company shut down today 10/24(without notice). I want her to find a good sales marketing job in NYC quick.

I also would like prayers to go out for me to get a full-time marketing communications job in downtown Chicago by the end of this year 08' and for my husband to keep his job or move onto a better job.

Thank you...

Date: Mon 10/13/08 5:52PM
From: chris walker">

Message: i want control of my abilities, knowledge, power, and magick. i want to be released from the bind that was placed upon me from jealousy, i want to be free, i want to remember. please grant me this please, i want to be whole again for i am volcara slave to the world to ajarah to ajarsha to ses. free me from this slavery this binding of jealousy, help me i have asked everyone and noone is able to free me please 3 people by the above names were jealous of me for havin a bigger aura than they so they bound me secretly but i found out when i couldn't sense anyone anymore and i heard them when i hid near-by. please free me. thank you.

and blessed be.

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