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there have been many miracles through prayer and positive projection. Please
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Date: Thu 07/31/08 3:21PM
From: kyler">

Message: i ask all to please send out healing energies to my family in our time of need. thank you

Date: Mon 07/28/08 11:21AM
From: Jessica O'brien">

Message: Please send good energy to me:I am looking for a nice and safe new home to live,and also need good luck in areas such as love,
success,good health,abundance and prosperity.

Thank you to all of you.

May you always be blessed.

Date: Fri 07/25/08 10:57AM
From: Stephen Shanker">

Message: I need a prayer and energy to reach my goals in the aspects of health,financially,family and towards world peace.

Date: Fri 07/25/08 12:21AM
From: Fire">

Message: please send good energy my way to help me reach my goals

Date: Wed 07/23/08 4:21AM
From: Zarina">

Message: Help me to overcome my shadows.Direct me towards my path.Enlighten me mentally, phisical, and emotionally. Let my speech and creativity aid me in my success. Ground my feet firmly so that I am competent in everything that I do!

Date: Fri 07/18/08 6:37PM
From: gayna">

Message: please give me stregnth.
thank you x x x x

Date: Fri 07/11/08 6:34PM
From: Mini">

Message: Please send energy to me: I want my business to pick up and my relationships to be more possitive with others.

Date: Wed 07/2/08 5:52PM
From: Carrie Fundarek">

Message: *** I would like to have a Prayer said for my Mom Neva. {neeva} She suffers from Fibromyalgia,very painful. And it affects her memory too. Thank You All! In Luv & In Light, Carrie***

Date: Tue 07/1/08 4:04PM
From: Krista">

Message: I would like to give my father the strength to see his path and forgive.

Date: Sun 06/22/08 2:39PM
From: Yvan">

Message: I believe in this blessed virtual community and I m very sure you will help me indeed.
I need some money to pay all my debts that have been stagnating for quite a long time.My belongings are eventually likely to be confiscated in case of non payments.
I m not asking to become a millionnaire.Just the right amount to pay all my debts.
2) Pray for me to meet my soul mate.


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