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Date: Sun 06/22/08 2:39PM
From: Yvan">

Message: I believe in this blessed virtual community and I m very sure you will help me indeed.
I need some money to pay all my debts that have been stagnating for quite a long time.My belongings are eventually likely to be confiscated in case of non payments.
I m not asking to become a millionnaire.Just the right amount to pay all my debts.
2) Pray for me to meet my soul mate.


Date: Sat 06/21/08 5:01PM
From: G. Singh">

Message: Please pray for Anastazja, it has been found that she has catarac's n both eyes. Surgery scheduled 4 June 26. Send prayers!

Date: Sun 06/8/08 4:04PM
From: jenniest medica">

Message: i belever that a couse have been please on me please remove it for me

Date: Wed 06/4/08 6:43PM
From: Anu">

Message: I wish that I have good health and money so that I can help unfortunate humans and animals.

Date: Wed 06/4/08 1:27AM
From: barbara joy robertson">

Message: there are some good web sites and your's is one of the better ones thank you.

Date: Sun 04/20/08 1:10AM
From: nell">

Message: my husband and i just married and we are having problems already financially and we are argueing all of the time. i dont think he trusts me

Date: Tue 04/15/08 5:04PM
From: Conquering Bear">

Message: My girlfriends Brother in law is in the intensive care unit at St.frances hospital.his name is richard Voss. please keep him in your prayer.

Date: Fri 04/11/08 8:16AM
From: Roslyn ">

Message: Please send prayers to my family we are all in need of prayers from negative energy that seem to constantly surround us. strength is what we need to maintain here in the new environment that we just moved to continued great health and please pray for my sons Terrell Smith and Andre Smith for they both are in need of a job.
thank you and God Bless...

Date: Thu 04/10/08 11:36AM
From: Friends that care">

Message: We ask for your prayers and positive energy for our dear friend Wilma, her breast cancer has returned. We pray that the chemotherapy that she's going through will bring her out of this once again and she's cured!

Thank you all

Date: Wed 04/2/08 9:46AM
From: Marlene">

Message: I'm asking for your prayers for a little three year old boy named Payton. He is David's nephew and he is currently at Children's Hospital in Little Rock. He was diagnosed Thursday with a brain tumor in the base of his skull and had a 7hour surgery on Monday morning early to remove the tumor.

after another MRI to make sure they got it all, they have now discovered he is covered in tumors all up and down his spine...............the word this morning is they have to wait until his skull heals before they can begin radiation and chemo.

He's only 3 years in alot of pain...and very scared.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for him and his parents.

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