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Date: Thu 04/10/08 11:36AM
From: Friends that care">

Message: We ask for your prayers and positive energy for our dear friend Wilma, her breast cancer has returned. We pray that the chemotherapy that she's going through will bring her out of this once again and she's cured!

Thank you all

Date: Wed 04/2/08 9:46AM
From: Marlene">

Message: I'm asking for your prayers for a little three year old boy named Payton. He is David's nephew and he is currently at Children's Hospital in Little Rock. He was diagnosed Thursday with a brain tumor in the base of his skull and had a 7hour surgery on Monday morning early to remove the tumor.

after another MRI to make sure they got it all, they have now discovered he is covered in tumors all up and down his spine...............the word this morning is they have to wait until his skull heals before they can begin radiation and chemo.

He's only 3 years in alot of pain...and very scared.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for him and his parents.

Date: Thu 03/27/08 7:00AM
From: samuel ossai osademe">

Message: am a student that is lacking money please let they be money in mine pocket

Date: Tue 03/25/08 6:37PM
From: Stephen">

Message: Please pray that I am cured of my cancer of the tongue. I am undergoing a combined treatment of radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.
Thank you.

Date: Tue 03/25/08 5:51PM
From: Manu">

Message: Please pray that my soulmate and I stay in each others lives. So much time has past and we lost our paths into someone elses life. I would like our lives to be together somehow again the way it should be.

Date: Sat 03/15/08 9:06AM
From: S.A.J.">

Message: Please pray for newborn Anastazja to continue to do well and to be rid of any sickness.

Date: Sun 03/9/08 3:21PM
From: Sharon">

Message: I would like to do well at my work.

Date: Sun 03/9/08 2:46PM
From: Karla">

Message: Greetings and blessings to you.
Please pray for an auspicious and easy entry into our world for my granddaughter. She is coming hopefully between March 24 and April 12.

Date: Fri 03/7/08 8:02PM
From: Yvette">

Message: Please pray for my Soulmate to enter my life NOW. Thank You.

Date: Mon 03/3/08 4:05AM
From: Jessica">

Message: I wish to bless my husband with his new job promotion. I wish him luck in all his endevors. Bless all.

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