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Date: Fri 01/13/17 9:14PM
From: A.A.">

Message: Beautiful, happy and powerful Pomba Gira Of The 7 Crossroads; Queen Maria Padilha of all paths and red roses, may your power be the force that annihilates enemies declared and occulted and removes barriers and obstacles from the path of love.

Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, Spirit Of Happiness, I am in need of your magic and power. May your enchantment be the enchantment that realizes my desires and ends my solitude, heartache and misfortune. With the purest and truest of hearts and not desiring to cause or bring any harm, hurt or misfortune to myself (A.A.) nor my beloved (S.B.) that his heart beat without interruption only for me (A.A.) in all directions.

My Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Of The 7 Crossroads, I ask you to turn (S.B.) in my favor so that he falls completely in love with me (A.A.) and needs to have me with him now. Go wherever my beloved (S.B.) is and goes, and bring him to me (A.A.). Don't let him rest, sleep, be cheerful nor feel pleasure until he sees me, speaks to me, and makes me his lover.

For the powers of earth, for the presence of fire, for the inspiration of air, for the virtues of water, for the tears that I have shed over love, I invoke your spirit and that of the blessed souls so that you go to wherever (S.B.) is and bring his heart, body, and soul and bind it to me (A.A.) definitely. Have his spirit soak in the essence of my love so he will reciprocate his love to me in quadruple. May my beloved (S.B.) not desire any other person, that his thoughts and eyes only be about me (A.A.), and he feels sorry for rejecting and being indifferent to me, and desire to see me and need me to be his one and only lover.

O Great Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, Queen Of The 7 Crossroads, move air, transform fire, form water, heal earth so the wheel turns and turns and turns and make my beloved (S.B.) quickly come pursuing me (A.A.) crazily, humbly, pa**ionately wanting to be by my side asking me to never let him go.

O Great Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, The 7 Skirts, and your sisters, my kind, glorious and loving princesses, I ask that the body of my beloved (S.B.) burn with intense desire to have me (A.A.) and make me his. May his desire for me blind him of others. May my beloved (S.B.) lose interest in all other women once and for all and not feel any desire nor pleasure with no other women but me (A.A.). May he never see other women as a conquest, feel no interest for them and ignore them. May no other make him feel any pleasure. Only I (A.A.) will give pleasure and love to (S.B.). Only I will have that power given by you.

O Great Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Of The 7 Exus that accompany your steps, I (A.A.) ask and plea for you to tie my beloved (S.B.) to the 7 knots of your skirts and the 7 bells on your clothes and bring him to me. That my beloved (S.B.) be at this moment desiring me, wanting to be with me, loving me and kissing me. That he has me in his thoughts 24 hours a day, wherever he may be or whomever he may be with, his thoughts only be about me (A.A.). May my beloved (S.B.) desire to hear my voice, see me, hug me, kiss me, sleep with me, so intensely, that he has to call, text and e-mail me needing to be with me. May he be totally crazy with intense desire for me (A.A.) at this moment and always wanting us together.

O My Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Of The 7 Crossroads; tie the heart, body and spirit of (S.B.) to the heart, body and spirit of I (A.A.); making us ONE. May my desires be the desires of my beloved (S.B.) and love me as if I were the only person on the face of this earth. As he goes to sleep may my beloved (S.B.) think of me (A.A.) as the only person in the world that he love and trust. Make my beloved (S.B.) feel a love for me that is beyond normal, like he has never felt in his entire life and never will again. Only I (A.A.) can satisfy and give pleasure to my beloved (S.B.), only I can have that power given to me by you.

O Great Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Of The 7 Exus which accompany your steps, I supplicate you to tie and unite our love now. Please break all the barriers that my beloved (S.B.) would have against me, and make him kind, loving, pa**ionate, comprehensive, tolerant, and happy being by my side. May he never have the desire to leave me or let me go ever again, loving me always intensely and pa**ionately.

I appreciate The Spirit Of The 7 Crossroads, working by my side in this situation for me. For this, I will divulge & give acknowledgement of your name. I (A.A.) profess in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the confidence in the power of The Spirit Of The 7 Crossroads, so that it will be, so it is, and so it has been done. I give thanks for the desires granted and obtained. May this prayer become that much stronger each time it is read. I will cry out to the 4 corners of the world asking Oh Mother Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Of The 7 Crossroads to grant my desires: make (S.B.) crazily in love with me (A.A.), that for every tear that I have shed, the love in his heart becomes stronger for me. May The Spirits Of Pomba Giras blow in the thoughts and ears of my beloved (S.B.) my name, day and night. May he go to sleep thinking of me, and wake up thinking of me needing to call, text and e-mail me desiring to hear my voice and tell me he wishes to be by my side.

O Great Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, I ask: Oh Mother, remove all obstacles and negative thoughts of me from my beloved (S.B.). May he only think of our divine love, and live always by my side. Remove all and any resistance to me, and may he hear my voice at this very moment calling, wanting and desiring him. May he have the need to hold, hug and kiss me and come looking for me, needing to make me his. So it will be, so it is, so it has been done. I have confidence that this matter has been attended to. I appreciate the attention given to my divine desires for (S.B.) to love me (A.A.) entirely.

Thank you Pomba Gira Maria Padilha

Date: Mon 11/14/16 2:34PM
From: Patricia Cabrera ">

Message: That I be blessed with health love and wealth. May all my problems be solvedone so that my children be blessed with health love and wealth

Date: Mon 08/1/16 2:06AM
From: Pomba prayer works">

Message: Gracias Mi Reina Pomba Gira
Make sure that the person you want is the one you really want because once you bind that person to you there is no turning back,he/she shall be yours.Pray with lots of faith it shall be granted.Powerful lady of the crossroads,lady of all roads,owner of the streets and the red roses.Beautiful lady that your beauty be the beauty of our roads, that your strengh be the strengh that destroyes our enemies declared and hidden.Pomba gira that your charm be the charm of my desires come true.Mote it be.By the powers of the earth,by the presense of fire,by the inspiration of air,by the virtues of water I invoke Maria padilha by the strengh of the sacred hearts and the tears of love so she goes where (his/her name here)and where you find (his/her name here)to bring him in spirit body and soul before me(your name)biding definitely to me (your name).Hail Pomba-gira Maria Padilha queen of the 7 crossroadsI ask you this way: now woman spin come to me woman spin in my favor making my beloved(name); that he falls completely in love with me; Asking as well: air move, fire transform, water form, earth heal; and the wheel turns, and turns, and turns; making my beloved(name) loving me subdued and crawling after me(Your Name).Salve Pomba Gira queen of 7 crossroads, salve 7 sayas and her sisters Maria Padilla, salve Maria Mulambo, and all others of the falange;salve 7 sayas my good and glorious princess protector of women and men Saying:I know your strength and your power;I ask that you attend my wish. that the spirit ,body and soul of (his/her name)is showered and fills with the essence of my love and that he returns it 4 times fold.that (his/her name)loves me(your name)that his body spirit and soul only belong to me,that (his/her name)lives,breathes,sings,work s,has fun only in my presence (your name)that my shackles imprison him forever by the powers of this prayer.My pombas gira use your power and distance (his/her name) from any woman (man) that he/she is with in this moment and if he/she was with one that he/she calls him/her by my name (your name)I want to bind the spirit body and soul of (his/her name)because I wanted him/her binded and in love with me ( your name)I want (his/her name) depends on my loveI want him crazy in love with me( your name)Desiring me like i was the only and last woman/man on the face of the earth.I want his heart attached to me(yourname)eternally in the name of the great Queen Maria Padilha that this feeling blooms inside of (his/her name)leaving it imprisoned to (your name)24 hours a day.Oh Pomba gira Queen Maria Padilha you shall bring (his/her name) for me(your name) because i desrire him and i want him promply.By your hidden powers that (his/her name) starts loving me(your name)at thsi very moment and that (his/her name) only thinks of me (your name) like i was the only person and (woman/man) in the world.That he comes running towards me(your name)filled with hope and desire, that (his/her name) only has peace ,calm tranquility hope,work,health happyness only by my side (your name)that (his/her name)comes to see me and comes back to me(your name)with your power and infinite strengh open all the doors to (his/hername) and me (your name)so we can be together and make each other happy and that we have work love,care,health and family together (his/hername)and me (your name).My queen Maria Padilha I beg you that you bring me (his/her name)that (his her name)loves me alot,comes submissive,humbled under my feel like (your name) wish.I thank the great Queen Maria Padilha and i promise to keep your name always with meOh! powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus I want my beloved (his/her name) back because he saddens and depresses me with his rejection distance and indifference that (his/her name)forgets and leaves once and for all, all the other love interests and all the people that want to separate us .That (his/her name)gets dissapointed and grows cold with other women,that any other women that is with (his/her name) leaves his life immediately that no other woman can achieve that (his /her name) feels pleasure,only i (your name) will have that power given by you my queen.That (his/her name) leaves all the other women that (his/her name)feels desires,pleasure and love only with me (your name)and sees me like the only love in his life that (his name)feels uninterested of going out with other women and that accepts once and for all that he loves me and only wants me (your name) and that (his/her name)only wants to be with me (your name)and noone else and noone else.That (his/her name) feels pleasure and love only with me and for me (your name) that (his/her name)feels good happy at peace and loved only when he is by my side (your name).That (his/her name) comes to me(your name) and ask for my love and my forgiveness and asks me (your name)to marry him.Oh! beautiful and powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus that in this moment (his/her name)wants to be only with me and that he does the impossible so that this may happen.That he only wants to be with me and noone else not even friends,women,men,clients,fami ly.That (his/her name)thinks only of me (your name)and thinking how he is going to help me to make me(your name)happy.And how he is going to fight for our love so it continues and we can be together the two of us happyly married together forever,I need my queen Pomba gira that you give me a sign, a call a text from (his/her name)or any other type of contact to let me know if (his/her name) thinks of me and wants me (your name) so that he may take this darkness and depression i am in.That (his/her name)talks to me that he/she feels she/he misses me,needs me and wants me near more than ever.You are powerful and strong,bring (his/her name) to my feet forever,that he comes running that he leaves everything and everyone that he forgets about family,customs, friends,work,women,men,and that (his/her name)only loves and thinks of me(your name).Beautiful and powerful Pomba gira of the 7 exus with your great and invincible power destroy,bring down,finish,take,make dissapear all the barriers,people,spells,works and hexes that are not allowing (his/her name) from coming to me (your name) and loves me deeply and that he desires to be with me(your name).I want my beloved (his/her name)always loving me,admiring me, taking care of me,protect me.That when (his her name)goes to bed thinks of (your name),my queen i ask that you make (his/her name) feel for me a love and desire outside of the normal and common something unexplainable like he never felt for anyone else and will never feel again just for me(your name) that this doesnt scare him/her that this motivate him to start fighting for our love so we can be together (his/her name) and me (your name) and be happy together.That (his/her name) only has sexual desires only for me(your name) and noone else.That his desires and good thoughts are only for me (your name) that his thoughts ,gentleness,love,tenderness,mo ney,details are only for me(your name).Only I (your name)will have this power given by you my queen.Salve 7 sayes by the 7 exus that follow your steps I ask and beg you to bind (his her name)in the 7 sayas and the 7 guisos of his clothes just for me (your name).Beautiful and powerful pomba gira of the 7 exus i ask you,break,turn to dust and dissappear all the strengh,the pride,the dignity,that makes (his/her name)be so cold with me so that (his/her name) becomes lovable,understanding,caring only with me (your name).That (his/her name)cares and loves me very much.That(your name)gets to stay with (his/her name)I also want you my beautiful and powerful Pomba Gira of the 7 exus to distance from (his/her name)every other woman away from him that is after him that (his/her name)ignores them completely and only looks for me and accepts me once and for all so we can be happy together (your name) and (his/her name).That (his/her name)feels attraction,pa**ion,sexual desire and love only for me (your name)that (his /her name) calls me,text me and email me (your name) now and at every moment asking where im at what i am doing and to tell me how much he loves me.That (his/her name) feels nostalgia,desire pa**ion and love for me (your name),that (his/her name)waits and looks for me today and now in this precise moment to tell me how much he loves me and wants me (your name)by his side.I want to hear the voice of (his/her name)asking me to see him/her to be with me telling me he loves me and wants me (your name) that he wants to marry me(your name) and will do the impossible so everything between us works out.Thank you for the fulfilled favor I shall spread your name,I (your name)prophetize in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost.I have confidence in the power of the 7 crossroads that so it will be so it is and so it has been done.I thank you for the asked wish already granted and fulfilled.Every time I read this prayer the stronger it will become.I shall Cry out to the 4 corners of the world asking the mother to grant me(your name) my wish.Make (his/her name)be crazy in love and desire for me(your name)make him fight for our love until its reached,that every tear shed by me (your name)gets transformed into a great love in the heart of (his/her name)I know that the spirits of the falange of pomba gira are blowing in the ears of (his/her name)blowing my name(your name) day and night telling him that he talks to me,that he loves me and that nobody will love him like I do.That he sets his pride aside and comes to me submissive and in love that (his/her name) sleeps thinking remembering and dreaming of me (your name).That he wakes up thinking and loving me(your name).Salve Pomba gira I ask you oh Mother remove from (his/her name)thoughts all the hate,resentment,grudges,anger, upset feelings,anger and anything that went wrong that made him distance himself from me (your name).And that now you turn all that in to a great and unique unconditional love for me(your name)and that (his/her name)thinks only of our love and how to fight for it and that (his/her name)lives crawling and in love with me(your name).So it will be,so it is and so it has been done.I thank you for all that has been done and I am confident that I shall be attended (his/her name) is going to be crazy in love for me (your name) as soon as possible bring (his/her name) back to me.Amen,amen and amen.Copy and paste this petition in 7 different places for your wish to be granted; there is not turning back be condifend and have faith.What ever you promise dont break it.

Date: Wed 06/15/16 2:25PM
From: yolanda">


Por los poderes de la tierra, por la presencia del fuego, por la inspiración del aire, por las virtudes del agua, invoco y conjuro a Pomba Gira María Padilha, por la fuerza de los corazones sagrados y de las lágrimas derramadas por amor, para que se dirija a (PPP) donde está trayendo su espíritu ante mi(YHG), amarrándolO definitivamente al mío.
Que su espíritu se bañe en la esencia de mi amor y me devuelva el amor en cuádruple.
Que (PPP) jamás quiera a otra persona y que su cuerpo solo a mi (YHG) me pertenezca. Que (PPP) no beba, no coma, no hable, no escuche, no cante a no ser en mi presencia. Que mis grilletes lO apresen para siempre, por los poderes de esta Oración.
Minhas pombas gira use su poder y aleje a (PPP) de cualquier mujer con que él esté en este momento; y si estuviera que llame mi nombre YHG.
Quiero amarrar el espíritu y cuerpo de(PPP) ; porque lO quiero amarrado y enamorado de mi (YHG) quiero que (PPP) quede dependiente de mi amor, quiero verlo loco por mi (YHG), deseándome como si yo fuese la última persona de la faz de la tierra. Quiero su corazón prendido a mi eternamente, que en nombre de la gran Reina María Padilha florezca este sentimiento dentro de (PPP) dejándole preso a mi (YHG), 24 horas por día.
OH Pomba gira Reina María Padilha has de traer a (PPP) , para mi (YHG), pues yo a él deseo, y lo quiero deprisa. Por tus poderes ocultos, que (PPP) comience a amarme a mi (YHG) a partir de este exacto instante y que el piense sólo en mi (YHG), como si yo fuese la única persona del mundo.
Que (PPP) venga corriendo hacia mi, lleno de esperanzas y deseo, que (PPP) no tenga sosiego hasta que venga a buscarme, y vuelva a mi (YHG).
Reina María Padilha yo te imploro para que me traigas a (PPP). Que (PPP) me ame mucho, venga manso y como yo deseo.
Yo le agradezco a la gran Reina María Padilha. Y prometo siempre llevar su nombre conmigo.
OH! Poderosa Pomba Gira Siete Exus, quiero de vuelta mi amado (PPP) que me entristece con su desprecio, que (PPP) olvide y deje de una vez y por todas todos los otros amores y a los que nos quieran apartar.
Que (PPP) sea desanimado y frío con todas las otras mujeres, que cualquier otra mujer que este con (PPP) se estrese con él, pelee con él y salga inmediatamente de la vida de él y le tome enojo, odio, aversión y rabia de él y no se retracte de nada. Y que (PPP) tome enojo, odio, aversión y rabia de cualquier otra mujer que ande con el ahora y que ellos terminen esa relación urgentemente.
Que (PPP) se sienta solo, humillado, avergonzado de todo y por todos.Que el venga a mi (YHG), pida mi amor y mi perdón.
Oh! Linda Poderosa Pomba Gira Siete Exus, que en ese momento(PPP)no quiera mas andar con nadie ni con sus amigos. Que quede sólo pensando en mí y pensando cómo va a hacer para HACERME FELIZ.
Necesito reina, de una señal, una llamada telefónica, cualquier contacto para yo saber si (PPP) piensa en mi y que me quiere, y me quite de esa oscuridad. Que(PPP) hable conmigo, que sienta que me echa de menos. Usted es fuerte y poderosa, traiga a (PPP) a mis pies, para no salir, y que venga corriendo, que deje todo y a todos Y que sólo piense en mi (YHG).
Linda Poderosa Pomba Gira Siete Exus que con su grande y fuerte poder quite todas las barreras que están impidiendo que(PPP) ME AME LOCAMENTE y desee unirse a mi(YHG).
Quiero a mi amado, amándome y admirándome siempre. Que el no sienta mas deseos sexuales por ninguna otra persona. Que sus deseos sean sólo para mi (YHG), que sus pensamientos, gentilezas y bondades sean sólo para mi (YHG)
Que (PPP) quiera de verdad que yo (YHG) me quede con él. Pero además, quiero que usted, Linda Poderosa Pomba Gira Siete Exus, aleje de (PPP) toda y cualquier otra mujer. Y Que podamos ser felices juntos.Que el sólo sienta atracción y deseo sexual por mi (YHG).
Que él me llame por teléfono,que me escriba cartas, que me mande mensajes de amor, desde ya y en todo momento. Que sienta nostalgia por mi persona, y que sufra lejos de mi(YHG) y que no aguante mas sufrir.
Quiero que él me busque hoy y ahora. Quiero oír la voz de él, pidiendo verme para quedarse conmigo y volviendo a mi(YHG) para siempre, diciendo que me ama y que me quiere solo a mi.Linda Poderosa Pomba Gira Sete Exus Gracias por el favor concedido.

Tengo fe en ti y se que me traerás a mi amor de regreso

Date: Sun 06/5/16 8:57PM
From: Alex">

Message: Please allow my love life to heal and grow

Date: Sat 05/28/16 8:38PM
From: fabiana andrea">

Minhas pombas giras façam sua gira e afastem (J.M.RM) da (R) e de qualquer mulher com quem ele esteja nesse momento; e se estiver , que chame meu nome. Quero amarrar o espírito e o corpo do (J.M.RM); pois o QUERO apaixonado por mim, quero que (J.M.RM) fique dependente do meu amor, quero vê-lo louco por mim, me desejando como se eu fosse a última pessoa da face da terra. Quero seu coração preso ao meu eternamente, que em nome da grande Rainha Maria Padilha floresça este sentimento dentro do (J.M.RM), deixando-o preso a mim 24 horas por dia. A pomba gira Rainha Maria Padilha há de trazer (J.M.RM), para mim, pois eu o desejo, e o quero depressa. Pelos poderes ocultos, que ele comece a me amar a partir deste exato instante e que ele pense só em mim, como se eu fosse a única pessoa do mundo. Que (J.M.RM) venha correndo para me encontrar cheio de desejos e tesão, que ele não tenha sossego enquanto não me procurar. Rainha Maria Padilha eu te imploro para que me traga (J.M.RM) que ele me ame muito, venha manso e como eu desejo. Eu agradeço a grande Rainha Maria Padilha. E prometo sempre levar seu nome comigo. Oh! Poderosa Pomba Gira Sete Exus, quero de volta meu amado que me entristece com seu desprezo, que ele esqueça e deixe de uma vez por todas outros amores e os que queiram nos afastar. Que (J.M.RM) desanime, e esfrie para as outras pessoas. Que (J.M.RM) se sinta sozinho, humilhado,mau financeiramente, envergonhado de tudo e por todos. Que Ele venha a mim, peça meu amor, meu perdão. Oh! Linda Poderosa Pomba Gira Sete Exus, que nesse momento (J.M.RM) não queira mais estar com ninguém nem com seus amigos e muito menos com as suas amigas. Que fique só pensando em mim e pensando como vai fazer para ME FAZER FELIZ. Preciso Rainha, de um sinal, um telefonema, qualquer contato para eu saber se (J.M.RM) pensa em mim e que me quer, me tire dessa escuridão. Que (J.M.RM) fale comigo, que sinta saudades. Você é forte e poderosa, traga (J.M.RM) aos meus pés, para não mais sair, e que venha correndo, que largue tudo e a todos E que só pense em mim. Sr Exu Caveira que com seu grande e forte poder tire todas as barreiras que estão impedindo que (J.M.RM) ME AME LOUCAMENTE e deseje se unir a mim. Quero meu amado, me amando e me admirando sempre. Que ele não sinta mais desejos sexuais por nenhuma outra pessoa. Que seus desejos sejam só para mim,que seus pensamentos, gentilezas e bondades sejam só para mim. Que ele (J.M.RM) queira muito de verdade que eu, (FALCC) ,FIQUE COM ele. Mas, quero que você, Exu Caveira, afaste de nós tudo e todos que nos separam. Que possamos ser felizes juntinhos. Que ele só sinta atração e desejo sexual por mim. Que ele me telefone, fale comigo de algum jeito, desde já e a todo instante. Que sinta saudades minhas, e que sofra longe de mim e não aguente mais sofrer. Quero que ele me ligue hoje e agora. Quero ouvir a voz dele, me pedindo para ficar comigo e voltando para mim para sempre, dizendo que me ama e que me quer. Obrigado.

Copie e cole um pedido igual a este aqui em 7 altares diferentes e dentro de 7 dias seu pedido será realizado. Oração Forte Para Amarrar Alguém. Simpatia infalível, porém não se pode voltar atrás. Confiante eu a aguardo minha amiga Maria Padilha, Poderosa Rainha das Sete Encruzilhadas, pois já me faltam portas onde bater!!!

Date: Wed 05/4/16 10:59PM
From: Hannah">

Message: Please pray that he gets what he deserves and I see it all unfold.

Date: Tue 04/12/16 9:21PM
From: Derrick">

Message: Please pray that Guadalupe falls deep in love with me and gives me lots of hugs and kisses. Pray that Guadalupe be my girlfriend and has a close deep intimate relationship with me. Thanx

Date: Tue 03/15/16 8:50AM
From: c><3">

Message: mirror mirror do you see? bring my lover back to me!
kp is my soul mate and need to see that i can make her see i will love her forever.

Date: Sat 03/12/16 5:06AM
From: smn">

Message: Pa** in exam

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