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Your Self Overall

Six of Swords

The future looks brighter. Success will be known.

Your Current Mood (The Card of Aries)

Ten of Swords

Goals may be unmet. Plans are in jeopardy. Sorrow may be felt deeply. Be kind to those in need.

Matters Concerning Finance (The Card of Taurus)

Six of Pentacles Reversed

Gloating of wealth and jealousy. Possesions may be in jeopardy.

Matters Concerning Travel and Communication (The Card of Gemini)

Four of Swords Reversed

Activity begins again. Success will be realized. Move with caution and wisdom as your guides.

Matters of the Home, Parents and Children (The Card of Cancer)

Ten of Pentacles

Riches either made or inherited may be yours. Attention to family matters may be needed.

Matters of Pleasure (The Card of Leo)

Five of Pentacles

Poverty and unemployment are possible. Possessions may be lost. A troubled soul is likely.

Matters of Health (The Card of Virgo)

Page of Cups

New business opportunities arise. An overactive imagination.

Matters of Partnerships and Marriage (The Card of Libra)

Nine of Cups Reversed

Unfulfilled wishes, bad health and deprivation are possible.

Matters of Death and Inheritance (The Card of Scorpio)

Four of Pentacles Reversed

Gain is hindered by obstacles.

Matters of the Spiritual, Education and Dreams (The Card of Sagittarius)

Ace of Pentacles

Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.

Matters of Career (The Card of Capricorn)

Eight of Cups Reversed

Interest in the material world and success emerges or returns. Happiness and love are possible.

Matters of Friendship (The Card of Aquarius)

Two of Pentacles Reversed

Faked happiness. Inability to manage more than one thing at a time.

Matters of Burdens, Opposition and Fears (The Card of Pisces)

Strength Reversed

This card represents defeat by the material and mundane, chaos, a lack of morals, fear and the misuse of power.

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