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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
February 2-4 2006
Well Being Show
London, United Kingdom
May 13-14 2006
Mystic Arts Festival
Scotland, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
November 17, 2006
Atsco Memoirs of Geisha
London, United Kingdom
December 14, 2006
NSPCC Cinderella Ball
Keen Online

The above schedule is subject to change weekly. Private Consultations may be arranged by appointment only. (UK 07906 388385) . Please review the Readings page for pricing or contact me at:

Giving to those in need is an important practice that I have executed over the past two decades. Below is a list of which my services and reading portioned proceeds are donated to. Many of the private parties, readings and lectures that I have given through the charities below have been very instrumental in changing the lives of others.

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
    To raise awareness of the importance of diabetes research, highlight JDRF's global leadership, and raise funds for the fight to find a cure for diabetes and its complications.
  • Fairy Godmother Foundation
    The mission of Fairygodmother Foundation is to make wishes come true for loved ones facing terminal illness. Fairygodmother Foundation strives to bring joy to the lives of individuals (18 and older) and loved ones in their time of greatest need by turning dreams into reality.
  • Chicago Aids Foundation
    Prevention, Cure & Awareness
  • Breast Cancer Foundation
    Help bring breast cancer care to those who so desperately need it. Every year in the United States, breast cancer claims nearly 40,000 lives.

See "HERE" for additional organizations that you may be able to contribute to!