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Guest Speaker:
Magistra Ygraine Mitchell
The Church of Satan Unleashed

Founded by the late Magus Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997), the Church of Satan is by far one of the most misunderstood establishments even within the circles of the occult.

I'll be discussing with my guest on the Satanic Church, their beliefs, as well as dissolve all the myths and misconceptions on worship, ceremonies and practice of past and present..

“We blended a formula of nine parts social respectability to one part outrage,” says Anton LaVey. “We established a Church of Satan—something that would smash all concepts of what a ‘church’ was supposed to be. This was a temple of indulgence to openly defy the temples of abstinence that had been built up until then. We didn’t want it to be an unforgiving, unwelcoming place, but a place where you could go to have fun.”

And thus was initiated two revolutions which have carried over into today: 1) the integration of magic and logic, and 2) a religion based on self-indulgence, carnality (here and now instead of there and then), and pleasure instead of self-denial. Other ego-affirming, human potential programs like EST, drew from the ground-breaking attitudes and techniques of the Church of Satan....

Come and listen with an open mind as you should with all sources of the occult!

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