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It doesn't matter if you'd like to study for professional or personal reasons, get ahead in your life in all aspects! Welcome to “Mystick Journey” here to inspire all who will listen and tune in for the invaluable information publishing unbiased knowledge for pure growth and spiritual attainment in the years to come.

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Saturday 21st November 2009 7:00 PM EST

Listen via internet:

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(347) 308-8258
Guest Speaker:
Austin Gandy
Contest: Test your Occult Knowledge!

This is a LIVE CONTEST Call in to win win win!!!! 347-308-8258. Based on the popular occult test developed by Austin Gandy. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of a variety of occult subjects, including hermetic philosophy, astrology, tarot, demonology, and numerology.

Don't feel bad if you don't do well, it means your immortal soul (if extant) is safe in the loving arms of your personal lord and savior (if applicable). Be content with the woolly embrace of ignorant bliss. Of course, if you can't resist the dark lure of the arcane (or if you just hate doing poorly on quizzes!) feel free to take whatever time you need to pore over the dusty tomes or sinister wikipedia articles that will help you climb the ladder of mystical insight that this quiz so thoroughly embodies.

Think of it as a magical scavenger hunt. If you can answer all of these questions correctly without using the google, phoning a friend, thelemapedia, or the Necronomicon, the Inquisition would like a word with you not to mention you'll win prizes tonight!!!!!



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