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It doesn't matter if you'd like to study for professional or personal reasons, get ahead in your life in all aspects! Welcome to “Mystick Journey” here to inspire all who will listen and tune in for the invaluable information publishing unbiased knowledge for pure growth and spiritual attainment in the years to come.

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About Dona:
DonaDona Murphy, has been reading the Tarot for over thirty years.

Dona Murphy has developed Destiny Tarot® as an ethical, honest approach to intuitive counseling focused on empowerment and insight for her clients.

Dona has been featured on:

The New York Times

Sun-Times New Group/Pioneer Press Publications
WIIL Radio 95.1 FM "Ask a Tarot Reader..."
The Book of Thoth: Wisdom of the Ages Volume I (2008)

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Destiny Tarot ( )
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