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Star Chava :
Mystical Biography: Dr. Chava is a natural medium and clairvoyant phenomena.She is a Master of the Destiny System of Symbology. She has over 19 years experience healing, helping and teaching the solution based science of Vedic Counseling.

Dr. Chava has over twenty years of broadcast experience for LIVE tv, radio and internet based readings for the general public> She has read over 27000 people online in less than four years.

Dr. Chava is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Miami Dade University and holds advanced degrees in both psychology and business.

She is a graduate of the American Institute of Hynotherapists, a Certified Neural Linguistic Practitioner Counselor (NLP) trained personally by Richard Bandler and is Certified as a Neural Associative Conditioning Trainer through Anthony Robbins. She has also been doing karmic past life regressions for over 15 years and has successfully regressed thousands of people to previous life memories.

Additionally you may contact Star Chava at his personal website:


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