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It doesn't matter if you'd like to study for professional or personal reasons, get ahead in your life in all aspects! Welcome to “Mystick Journey” here to inspire all who will listen and tune in for the invaluable information publishing unbiased knowledge for pure growth and spiritual attainment in the years to come.

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Guest Speaker:

Ruben Loa


Santeria African Traditional Religions


A combination of religious traditions or beliefs that combines a similar African traditional religion. Santeria originated in the country of Cuba and Brazil. This religion is a combination of the traditional Yoruba faith and the worship of catholic saints. Discover the truth behind a forbidden world to many and a cherished one to millions of followers. We'll talk about Orishas, spirit possessions, rituals, healing, and setting up one's altar. Make sure you listen in on this one and take notes!

About the guest speaker: is a social network made up of over 6,300 African Traditional Religion priest from various traditions such as Santeria, Vodou and Candomble. It’s a social members only network where you can learn about these paths, meet elders to discuss possibilities of initiation into any of these paths or learn a ton about them.


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