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Chief Laughs-A-Lot


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Guest Speakers:

Chief Uyetsiga Udodi (Laughs-A-Lot)


Native American Spiritualism & Mysticism



Chief Uyetsiga Udodi of the White Horse Nation (located in Illinois but operating nationally within the United States) is kind to lend both her time and knowledge to us all. Daughter of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Chickamaguan Cherokee, Wolf Clan. Desendant of Chief MoyToy and Chief Doublehead through his daughter, Corn Blossom (commonly known as Jane Troxel). Great-Granddaughter of Rosa Toler (nea King) and Isabella Clinkscales, both Medicine Women. Eldest child of Beloved Rose and Handsome Spider, Messenger, and servant to the White Horse Nation Chief Laughs-A-Lot sends out a monthly newsletter "The Red Arrow" You may contact her at and she will return all sincere emails. (A website is in construction)

The White Horse Nation continues the traditional ways of our ancestors and passes them on to our children and those who want to come back to the Sacred Circle so that the Sacred Tree can live again. We are the Seventh Generation that was spoken about and we are the fulfillment of the prophecy that said a Rainbow Tribe would come into being and we would hold fast to the Good Red Road even though we had feet in more then one nation but our Red Blood would feed the Tree and make it strong once again.

The White Horse Nation goes to youth detention centers and exhibit crafts, storytell, share native teachings and speech of 'The Way', in the hopes that we may reclaim some of our children who have gone astray by following the mainstream path.

How to contact:

White Horse Nation
Post Office Box 424, Midlothian, IL 60445

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