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African Deities H-L
The Lybian god of the setting sun.

The Benign sorcerer god of the Hottentots.

The Benin god of thunder.

The creator god of the Basuto people of Lesotho.

The Yoruba oracular demi-god.

The god of the Ibo of Nigeria.

An African creator god who tried to save men from death. He was chasing after death one day and a human woman allowed Death to hide underneath her dress. Imana became very angry and felt betrayed so he let Death do as he wished and if it were not for this incident man would be immortal.

The Chaga sun god of East Africa.

The Shilluk people's of East Africa creator god.

Ka Tyeleo
The supreme go dof the West African Senufo.

The creator god of the Luba of Zaire.

The Ewe god of lightning.

A creator deity of the Lovedu (a Bantus people of the Transvaal).

The Baganda war god and brother of Mukasa.

Kwammang-a -
A Bushmen of south Central Africa god.

The creator god of the Nyakyusa of South West Tanzania.

A celestial trickster spirit of Benin who taught the people the arts of divination.

The main god of Zimbabwean Bantu Nation.

The Supreme god of the Upotos of the Congo.

A god chief among the people of the Congo.

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