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Dreams Defined H-I


Hair: If the hair was full and shiny, and you were pleased with the appearance, it is a sign of good health. Having your hair pulled indicates untrustworthy friends. Grey or white hair predicts sad news.

Hairpins: A dream of hairpins is an omen of happy future prospects.

Hall: A long narrow hall predicts a long period of worry. An entrance hall signifies petty vexations. A public hall suggest that you have been delaying an important decision.

Halo: To see someone wearing a halo in your dream indicates sad news. A halo of light seen around an object signifies a worthy accomplishment.

Ham: No matter what the dream was, any dream of ham is a good omen.

Hammer: seeing or using a hammer is a fortunate dream. it predicts a satisfying achievement.

Hammock: An empty hammock suggest a minor loss, if laying alone in a hammock, it is a warning that your selfishness in personal affairs could drive away a friend of value.

Hamper: A laundry hamper signifies an emotional uspet. If the hamper was full, good progress is indicated. A picnic hamper forecast a pleasant family life.

Hand: Beautiful, clean and well groomed hands forecast satisfaction in life. Dirty or unkept hands is a warning to guard against behavior which could bring you into illrepute. Skillful hands predicts rewards. Bent or gnarled hands signify an easement of financial worries. Swollen hands predict an unexpected gain. Bloody hands are an omen of family quarrels. A broken hand is a warning that you need to pay closer attention to your own personal affairs. Shaking hands is a sign of reconcilation or renewed friendships.

Handbag: If you lost your handbag it is an obstacle dream. Finding a handbag predicts gain if the bag was empty, loss if it was full.

Handcuffs: A dream of being handcuffed is a promise of release from worry. To see others handcuffed signifies security and protection.

Handkerchief: A soiled or bloodstained handkerchief indicates a quarrel. A lost handkerchief indicates a broken relationship. Blowing your nose into a handkerchief protends an improvement in social status. Wiping your forehead with a handkerchief signifies a lightening of responsibilities.

Hanging: A period of good luck will follow if you dreamed of being hanged, or seeing another hanged.

Harmonica: Satsifying social pleasures are forecasted in a dream of tuneful harmonicas.

Harp: A favorable dream, however if a string broke or there was discord in the playing is signifies that you will have to ride out a period of difficult times.

Harpisichord: Classical music played on a harpisichord predicts a happy love affair, swing,jazz or pop tunes played signifies and interesting new experience coming you way.

Harvest: A good harvest predicts success in all your concerns. If it was a poor harvest the dream is a warning against friends who are trying to exploit you.

Hat: A new hat is a sign of good luck, If the hat was too small for you it predicts a disappointment. Losing your hat indicates money trouble. Finding a hat foretells a sudden relief from worry.

Hate: To feel hatred in a dream suggest that you should beware of misjudging someone. To be hated in a dream predicts an improvement in your affairs, through the influence of sincere friends.

Headlight: Headlights moving toward you in a dream are a warning that a situation you have allowed to drift is in potential danger unless you take action.

Hearse: Seeing a hearse predicts a lifting of your burdens. If you rode with the driver the dream indicates an increase in responsibilities, but if you were inside the hearse you can expect to soon make a change which will be important to your future.

Heaven: A dream of heaven predicts a change which may not suit you at the time, but will prove very beneficial.

Hell: This dream is a forecast of an increase in income, but a decrease in social popularity.

Hemorrhage: Whether it was your own or someone elses, any kind of a hemorrhage is telling you that you need more relaxation.

Hen: A black hen signifies sad news. A white hen signifies glad news. A brown one promises money luck. A laying hen indicates prosperity. Killing a hen forecast ups and downs. Plucking a hen warns of an unexpected demand on your finances.


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If you dreamed of being a hermit you can expect to have your ups and downs but eventual peace of mind.

Hiding: If you dreamed that you were hiding, you are contemplating some kind of action which you may later regret.

Highway: A busy highway in your dream indicates an increase in present difficulties; however, if you crossed the highway, this is an indication that things will get worse before they get better.

Hills: The higher the hill the greater the obstacles.

Hive: A beehive is a symbol of prosperity and freedom from worry.

Hog: A clean hog predicts unusual success through your own competence. A dirty hog or one that is wallowing in mud is a warning of malicious gossip.

Hole: To fall into a hole is a warning against undesirable companions. A hole in a garment forecasts improving luck in financial matters. Digging a hole predicts a sudden trip.

Honey: A favorable dream predicting domestic and social sweetness.

Hood: To dream of yourself or others wearing a hood is a warning of deception by someone you trust.

Horn: The sound of a horn heard in a dream signifies good news. If you blew a horn you can expect an increase in your social life.

Hornet: Being stung by a hornet predicts success in your current undertakings.

Horse: Seeing horses predicts a period of all around ease. If you were afraid of the horse, you will worry over the loss of an important document. Riding or sitting on a horse indicates a coming rise in status. A bucking horse is an augury of unexpected resistance to some plan. To be kicked by a horse is a warning against complacency. Galloping or racing horses predict swift success.


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If you dreamed that you were taken to a hospital or were a patient in one, the dream is telling you that you are in danger of being overwhelmed by some burden you are trying to carry alone.

House: An old house signifies a reunion or renewal of old friends. A new house predicts financial security. To see a house under construction forecasts unexpected gain. A house being demolished or being empty suggests that you are grieving over a recent loss.

Howl: The sound of either an animal or human howl is a dream of sad news.

Hurt: If you dreamed of being hurt, you can expect financial improvement. If others in your dream were hurt, it is a warning that you are in danger of being hurt by someone who is pretending to be someone they are not.

Hydrant: A flowing hydrant is a forecast of fading worries. A burst hydrant predicts great wealth in the future. To see a hose on a hydrant indicates a lucky excape from potential danger.

Ice: To dream that you are sitting on ice forecasts comfortable living conditions. To slip or fall on ice indicates coming difficulties. Falling through ice signifies that your greatest anxieties are groundless. To see ice laden trees or bushes indicate success after inexplicable delays.

Iceburg: This signifies some hidden oppositions or obstacles which are more worrysome than you might think.

Ice Cream: Whether you were eating, making, buying or selling ice cream it predicts advantages and major success.

Icicles: A dream of icicles signifies any distress or anxiety which you feel will vanish. If the icicles were melting the dream is telling you to conserve you financial resources.

Icon: A dream featuring an icon is telling you to accept changes with a smile. Most changes are for the better when foretold by a dream of an icon.

Idea: Getting ideas in a dream predicts frustrations. If you recalled the idea when you woke up, you will have a stroke of good luck.

Idiot: Whether you were the idiot or someone else, it signifies success in all of your undertakings, due to your own competence.

Idelness: If you were idle while others around you were busy, it signifies that you will be made to make embarrassing explanations.

Idol: A dream where you saw idols, predicts that you are about to learn the reason behind a secret or perplexing situation.

Ignorance: If the ignorance was someone elses, you are in for a shock concerning someone you have trusted. If you were aware of your own ignorance, you will receive some well deseved praise.

Iguana: To see or touch an iguana in a dream signifies an unusual social event or an interesting new friend.

Illness: Being ill predicts a disturbing dilemma. If someone else was ill you will have an upset over a broken promise.

Illumination: Any bright illumination in a dream is an omen of good fortune in that which concerns you the most.

Illusion: If you were aware, that what you saw in your dream was just an illusion, it is telling you that you will receive some valuable information.

Image: If the image was that of a dead person, expect to hear of a death of a relative. If the image was that of a saint this forewarns of a failure in business and love affairs. An image of beauty signifies pleasure and friendship.

If you dreamed you were immodest in dress, actions or language it is a warning to guard your temper.

Whether the impatience was displayed by yourself or someone else, it is a forerunner to confusion and disturbance within your close circle of friends or co-workers.

Impersonation: If you dreamed of impersonating another, you can expect to be brought to account for some past act of omission. If you were fooled by an imposter, it is a warning to be prepared for a period of hard work.

Impotence: An omen of a lot of success in your love life.

Impudence: Whether on your own part or that of others, this predicts an unexpected rise in status.

Inauguration: This is a favorable omen to dream of being present at an inauguration ceremony.

Incantation: Hearing strange incantations signifies new experiences.

Incense: The burning of incense predicts a lifting of your burdens. Smelling incense and finding the odor unpleasant means that you can expect your worries to increase before they decrease.

Incest: A dream of incest is a warning that you are contemplating a discreditable action of some kind. One that will bring lasting regrets and remorse.

Incoherence: If you or others were incoherent in your dream, it predicts an embarrassing exposition of something you would prefer to keep hidden.

Incubators: A dream of incubators are symbold of unnecessary anxiety.

Infection: A warning against possible losses through poor advice. Even a small infection in a dream warns against losses through speculation.

Inferiority: If you were feeling inferior in your dream, it forecast recognition for some achievement you excelled in.

Infidelity: This is a warning to be more discriminating in regard to your choice of friends.

Ingratitude: If you suffered from ingratitude in your dream, it is an omen of happiness. If you were guilty of it than you are suffering from something on your conscience.

Inheritance: This predicts a legacy to come.

Injury: If the injury was physical, it is a warning that you are surrounded by hostile forces and must proceed with caution in order to expose them. If the injury was to your reputation it signifies pleasing recognition.

Ink: If you were making an ink blot while using a pen, it is a forerunner to a period of sadness. If you were pouring ink into an inkwell it predicts unexpected travel.

Inoculation: If you dreamed of being inoculated, your creditors will be sympathetic and cooperative with your finiancial problems.

Insanity: Good news predicted if you dreamed of being insane. If you dreamed of others being insane you will receive an unpleasant surprise.

Insects: Insects signify obstacles. If you succeeded in killing them or getting rid of them, it signifies your difficulties will be easier to overcome.

Instruments: Medical instruments indicate family quarrels. Other types of instruments such as musical instruments signify family unity and happiness.

Insult: Whether you took an insult, or dished it out, it signifies loyalty from your friends and associates.

Insurance: If you dreamed of collecting an indemnity, you will suffer a setback in your plans. If you were buying insurance, your plans for the future are secure.

Intercourse: If you were personally involved and you enjoyed the experience, it is an omen of a happy adjustments to your circumstances. If the dream involved watching others, and you found it unpleasant, you are likely repressing emotional problems. If you found it pleasant to watch, you will have contentment and success.

Intestines:To dream of your own intestines is a sign of physical strain. Human intestines other than your own signifies a period of worry concerning a relative or close friend.

Intolerance: If you were intolerant in your dream, this signifies a disappointment in a friend. If someone else was intolerant it predicts an unexpected gift of great value.

Invalid: This predicts a delayed success if you were the invalid. If someone else was the invalid you can expect an appeal for help from a relative or friend.

Invisibility: If you were able to be invisible in a dream, this signifies a swift and unexpected change for the better.

Invitations: Giving or receiving an invitation is a warning that you are in for a period of depression and boredom that you will have to overcome.

Iodine: Iodine in your dream indicates that your troubles are of your own making, and you can overcome them with a little effort.

Iris: Whether outside or indoors they predict contentment and prosperity.

Ironing: This dream signifies a joyous relief from your burdens. To see a man ironing predicts an unexpected profit or increased income.

Island: If you were a castaway on an island and were rescued, you will overcome your problems. If you were visiting an island, you can expect to have an exciting experience.

Ivy: If you saw ivy growing outside it signifies faithful friends. Indoors it presages personal happiness. Growing on a house it predicts future wealth.

Face: If the face was smiling and pleasant, it signifies new friends and financial gains. Unpleasant or grouchy faces portend losses.

Factory: If you dreamed of a busy factory you will succeed after a struggle. If you were working in a factory you will have a beneficial change in your life.

Fall: This dream depends on the height from which you fell. A fall on the floor is a warning of danger from false friends. If your dream involved others falling it indicates triumph over your enemies. If you fell and got up again, you will overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from your dreams.

Family: A dream of a large or happy family predicts a general upswing in all of your interests.

Farewell: To bid farewell to someone you know signifies a coming break in a close relationship. To bid farewell to a stranger predicts a new friend.

Farm: A prosperous, well kept farm in your dream, predicts a life of abundance and good health. A neglected farm signifies a small loss of money.

Faucet: A dripping faucet is a strong warning to resist the efforts of someone who is trying to persuade you to devulge a secret. A shiny new faucet predicts an unexpected satisfaction.

Feast: For the young to middle-age it is a happy omen of abundance, but for the elderly the dream signifies some unexpected financial difficulty.

Feces: Whether human or animal the dream represents money. It is a lucky dream pertaining to material gain.

Feet: There are many interpretations, depending on the dream. Itching feet predicts travel. To wash the feet indicates release from anixiety. Aching feet means family troubles. Bare feet suggest new experiences with the opposite sex. If your feet were cold in your dream, you will suffer a disappointment in love. A broken foot fortells reverses through your own carlessness.

Fence: This is an obstacle dream warning of difficulties ahead.

Fender: A dented or smashed fender suggest your actions may damage your social image.

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