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Angelic (G)

Hebrew: Pet form of Gabriella, name of an angel.

Gabriel(God is my strength) One of the two highest ranking angels. He is the angel of mercy, annunciation, dreams, aspirations, bringer of news, maker of changes, resurrection, vengeance, death and revelation. He presides over paradise and is the ruling angel of the first heaven. This archangel is a primary messenger of God, bringing divine announcements and revelations to humankind, acting as an intermediary between heaven and earth and helping us to interpret our dreams and our visions. Gabriel grants wishes and hopes to mortals, as well as joy, mercy, understanding of mysteries, truth, justice, miracles and love. Angel of January. In ancient Persian lore the angel Bahman. Essene prayer: "Gabriel, Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body".

An angel whose name was revealed as among the nine who will govern "at the end of the world."

(Army Servants) Galearii are the lowest ranking angels.

Eponymous head of the order of galgalim (chariots of the Merkabah); chief angel of the wheel of the moon.

An angelic guard stationed at the fourth heavenly hall.

Supreme ruling angel of the first hour of the night.

One of the three angel's of summer. He acts in association with Tariel and Gaviek.

A spirit invoked in magical rites to procure to the the invocant a lady's garter.

An angel who holds dominion over the rising sun, we pray to this illuminated one for the promise of new beginnings, innocence, renewal, awakening and enlightenment. Face the rising sun in the morning and pray to this angel for these spirit gifts and attributes. He is a chief angelic supervisor of the east. He "kisses the prayers of the faithful and conveys them to the supernatural firmament" as related in The Zohar. He is also an angel charged with the rising and setting of the sun.

A supervising chief angel of the third heaven. He ministers three times a day; he bows to prayers ascending from the second heaven, crowns such prayers, then transmits them for further ascent.

One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon.

An angel of the order of powers.

Germael(Majesty of God) An angel sent by God to create Adam from dust. A mission also ascribed to Gabriel.

An angel set over hidden things.

Changes A Bad Personality to Good.

The angel with dominion over the zodiac sign Gemini.

Glauron or Glaura
A beneficial spirit of the air, invoked from the North.

An angel of the third hour of the day.

One of the 64 wardens of the seven celestial halls.

Gonael One of the numerous guards of the gates of the North Wind.

Gotzone Basque
Angel, messenger.

(Might of God) The angel of the planet Mars when this luminary enters the sign of Aries and Scorpio.

He governs the sign of Libra.

Gurid A summer equinox angel. Effective when invoked as an amulet against the evil eye.
Gutrix A Thursday angel of the air, ministering to Suth, chief of these angels, all of whom are subject in turn to the South Wind.
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Last updated: December 31, 1969

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