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Angelic (R)

X Ra' asiel X is an angel invoked in ritual magic.

One of the ten Uthri (angels). The Uthri company the sun on it's daily course.

Angel known as the Air's Lady. She is one of the great angels of Humor and Self-Confidence. She is responsible of Temperance which permits us not to be crushed by the negative events occurring in our lives. Rachel prevents men and women to consider events with too much gravity.

In the cabala, one of the angelic luminaries concerned with human sexuality. One of the three angels of Friday and also one of the presiding spirits of the planet Venus.

One of the two angels of compassion. The other is Raphael.

(Vretil) The heavenly register and recording angel, leader of the celestial choirs, creator of the lesser angels. He is also included among the 8 great judgment princes of the throne, whose rank is superior to Metatron's. He is the angel of poetry and master of muses. Of Raduriel it is said "out of every word that goeth forth from his mouth, a song uttering angel is born". *Since the creator alone has the power and the privilege to do likewise, this makes Radueriel unique among his fellow hierarchs*.

A Wednesday angel residing in the third heaven. He is also one of the intelligence's of the planet Venus. Invocant must face North when conjuring up Rael.

Angel grants religious knowledge & spiritual beliefs.

With the aid of his genius brother Phakiel, Rahdar governs the zodiac sign Cancer.

One of the angels of constellations.

The angels who hold dominion over moisture and rain can be appealed to by repeating their names over and over in a chant: "Mathariel, Ridia, Matriel." These angels are especially protective of people who conserve water and can inspire humans to do so. We also pray to these sacred ones for renewal and regeneration.

replica watches Gives willpower & great wisdom.

Teutonic: Wise protectoress.

An angel who holds dominion over mountains. We pray to Rampel for inner strength, stability and endurance. When we climb a mountain, or simply gaze at a mountain, this angel is near.

(God has healed) Golden vial of balm. One of the princes of the presence and regent of the sun. This archangel is extremely healing to all living beings. Raphael grants joy, healing, love, miracles and grace. He inspires humankind to pray and is also protective of travelers, guarding and guiding those who take outward or inward journeys. Raphael also grants courage and encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general. Essene prayer: "Raphael, Angel of Sun, enter my solar center and give the fire of life to my whole body."

An angel, minister of justice in the service of Mithra.

Angel of earthquakes.

The angel of song. (Also the choir master of muses)

(Galizur) The chief of the supreme mysteries, angel of secret regions, one of the archangelic governors of the Briatic world; preceptor angel of Adam, herald of deity, and reputed author of The Book of the Angel Raziel. Knowledge, guardian of originality, realm of pure ideas. More on Raziel here

Helps Fertility/Safe Pregnancy/Safe Sex.

Is the head of the seven angels ruling the planets.

Rehel An angel who battles against the enemies of religion.

One of the four angels whose names you'll find inscribed on the second pentacle of the sun. Gives good Karma/Aura, erases bad. Hears your confession, keeps your secret, forgives you.

(Mercy of God or Whom God Sets Up) Angel of human understanding & Karma. One of the holy angels, whom God set over those who rise. Leads souls to judgment. Also angel of true visions. Remiel is accredited with two tasks. First, he is the angel responsible for true divine visions, and is said to be the angel to give such a vision to Baruch before destroying Baruch's enemies, the armies of Sennacherib. Beyond that, he is also the guide for the souls of the faithful, leading them into Heaven after Michael weighs them at the last trump. Although not mentioned specifically as such, such a role would lead to the assumption that Ramiel is a power.

(Awakening) Each of us has a different concept of what it means to be awakened. The essence of what we all seek is divine love and freedom from pain and suffering. Remliel is the angelic awakener whose goal is to bring you to Higher Power... consciousness and union with your Eternal self.

One of the 28 angels governing the 28 mansions of the moon.

Angel gives human kindness, good & evil.

A Friday angel of the fifth heaven, evoked from the north.

Angels used as chariots by God.

In cabala, governor of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio, in this office Riehol is assisted by Sassaial.

An angel stationed at the fifth heavenly hall.

In Isaac Ha-Cohen's text, "emminations of the left side". Rigziel is 8th of the ten holy Sefiroth.

Chief of the divine chariot; prince of the Merkabah angels.

Angel of the fourth hour of the night.

Angel of agriculture.

An angel who finds lost objects.

Angel Prevents Terrible Things.

An angel invoked to counteract the power of alath, (demon of disease).

Rosabis A genius of metals.

An angel appointed over the wind.

Angel of the sixth hour of the night.

An angel who holds the keys to the Muslim earthly paradise.

A ministering angel invoked in conjuring rites.

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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