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Angelic (T)
A spirit of fascination and one of the genii of the fifth hour.

An angel of the sixth hour who presides over free will, self-determination, choice and alternatives. When you feel stuck in any situation, pray to this illumined one for the ability to see creative alternatives.

Tafel X
An angel invoked in magical rites.

A great angelic prince, conductor of the song uttering choirs.

(Tahariel) An angel of purity who is prayed to by those who need to cleanse their thoughts, spirits or surroundings.

Hebrew: Heaven's dew, name of angel

Angel of water. Talihad's name is found inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the sun. Physical Strength/Travel & Sport Safety.

A Friday angel of the third heaven. He is invoked from the East.

One of the ten angels that accompany the sun on it's daily course.

One of the three angels of summer. Tariel figures in Syrian incantation charms. He is invoked along with other spellbinding angels in the "binding of the tongue of the ruler".

The angel of time. Stands between Earth and Heaven, clothed in white robe with wings of flame and a golden halo around his head. One foot on land the other, in the sea, behind him the sun rises and on his brow is the sign of eternity and life: the circle.

One of the 10 angels that accompany the sun on it's daily course.

One of the seven angels with dominion over the earth.

In Cabala, an angel that can fortell the future. He is a throne angel and controls maritime expeditions and commercial ventures.

An angel invoked in Solomonic Wax magical operations.

An angel of the first hour of the day, serving under Gamiel.

An angel with the sign of the sun on his forehead, on his breast the square & triangle of septenary. Pouring from one chalice into two essences which compose the elixir of life.

Angel of part of an hour.

An angel of the order of dominions. He "propagates light, civilization and liberty".

Greek: Guardian.

An angel invoked in ritual magic prayer for the fulfillment of an invocant's desires. Tetra is noted to be a "great and glorious spirit"

Great Angel of Choices & Life Decisions.

(Aisthesis or "Free Will") One of four great luminaries that emenated from Divine Will.

An angelic prince of love invoked in ceremonial magic to procure the woman desired by the invocant.

An angel serving in the second heaven but also serves in the third. He is the ruling prince of Wednesday and invoked from the North. He is one of the intelligence's of the planet Venus.

An angel of the eighth hour of the night.

One of the angelic guards of the gates of the North wind.

An angel invoked in the benediction of salt.

An angel invoked in the conjuration of ink and colors.

An angel named so in the Tarot Number 14. He is winged, the sign of the sun on his forehead and the triangle of septenary on his chest. He pours the essence of life from one chalice to another. He is also called Temperance. In
Ecclesiastes 9 and 12 he is referred to the ministering angel who presides over each act mans performs.
Myth: Once the creator contemplated destroying the earth and called for his angels to consult with them. Among them all were three angels Time, Minutes and Seconds.

Guard of, (one of the many) of the gates of the East Wind.

An angel invoked in the benediction of the salt.

A governing angel of the zodiac.

An angel who precides over the season of Autumn.

As an angel who protects wild birds, we pray to this illumined one to protect all birds from extinction, pollution and destruction of their habitat. Whenever you hear a bird sing, Trgiaob is near.

An angel who has dominion over rivers.

One of the angels governing the moon.

In ceremonial magic, one of the angel's representing Taurus the bull.

An angel invoked for the return of small birds to their owner. Also the head of the sign of Summer.

One of the eight angels of omnipotence.

One of the numerous angelic guards at the gate of the west wind.

A ministering angel invoked in ritual magic.

The archangel who rules Jupiter on Thursday.

Brings Memory of Past Lives, Former Incarnations & Future Lives. Helps With Medicine, Alchemy.

Angel of divine justice.

Protects from All Evil.

Brings Honor, Fame, Riches, Glory.

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