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Angelic (V)
It is traditionally believed that this perfect being holds dominion over peace. We pray to Valoel to enfold us with his wings of serenity and to fill our hearts with tranquility and contentment.Richard Mille Replica Watches
Vaol An angel who's name appears on the first pentacle of the moon. Talent/Music/Art/Writer/Skill/Etc, Success.

An angel with dominion over the sun. He is referred to as the king of the angels of the air, ruling on the Lord's day.

Invoked to discover a woman's deepest secret. He is a Prince of the nether realms where he busies himself finding lost possessions and fortelling the future.

A prince over all the angels and Caesars.

An angel ruler of the third hour of the day.

An angel whose name is inscribed on the first pentacle of the moon. Angel Gives Astral Projection Success.

An angel of the order of Principalities; also a zodiac angel and he is also one of the 72 angels bearing the mystical name of the God Shemhamphorae.

One of eight seraphim invoked to fulfill prayers. He governs the first rays of the sun.

A resident of the third heaven. A Wednesday angel invoked from the south.

An angel invoked in conjuring of invisibility.

Angel of the month of July, ruler of the sign Leo, He is also one of the rulers of the order of powers (potentates, authorities, dynamis) He is also the governor of the sun. Gives powers of the intellect, language, learning & math.

Latin: Guardian of the sacred fire.

One of the two governing angels of the sign Sagittarius.
Virtues The virtues are an order of Angels. Their special gifts to humanity are giving help to people who are in a position where courage is needed. They help people who actively try to change the world and unblock its stubborn energy ruts. These Angels have authority over natural forces such as weather phenomenon and astral energy currents. In that it is necessary to be astrally aware to communicate with Angels the virtues are good to call on to help in this process. The extraterrestrial energies that effect us are associated with telepathy, universal thinking and even have a link to computers. It is possible that Angels are actually helping cause the computer age in an attempt to use energy to promote global unity, this would be typical of their style of controlling us. This means that you should see a connection between the general ethereal system with its telecommunications of all sorts and human mind power and, of course, telepathy. The virtues will be interested in what you want to do with the media, they are looking for displays of courage and prefer things to stay in the positive side. Since the Angels don't seem to have absolute control, the world is allowed to be imperfect and computers are used for bad and good. Some of the Ruling Princes of the order of Virtues are Haniel, Michael, Sabriel, Uzziel, Raphael, Barbiel, Usiel, Tarshish and Peliel. In Zoroastrianism the Angel, Asha, is known as the Angel of virtue. To some ancient Egyptians the chief of the Virtues was Pi-Rhe. Their link with manifesting circumstantial powers through energy makes them the miracle Angels who part the red sea and send natural powers to help in the nick of time. This shows an authority above the Gods and Goddesses of nature and therefore the Angels are reserved in their use of power. The need for clear communication is made clear by these Angels. They are more prone to respond to those with good posture who fill their whole lungs with air when they speak and who are mentally and emotionally clear about what they speak. In other words, you must work on yourself to be able to communicate with Angels. (Author Unknown)

An angel of power invoked in conjuring rites.

The angel of the 12th hour of the day.

The angel of the 10th hour of the night.

The archangelic keeper of the treasury of Sacred Books. He is said to be wiser than the other archangels. He is also called "the scribe of the knowledge of the Most High".

A Monday angel who resides in the first heaven and is invoked from the north.

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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