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Break Up a Couple
To Break Up a Couple

You will need:
1 Lemon
1 bottle Break Up or any Confusion, Revenge, Black Arts type Oil
1 bottle Break Up any Confusion, Revenge, Black Arts type Powder
1 bottle Crossing Powder
1 jar of Break Up Incense
Ginea Pepper,
Cayenne Pepper or Red Pepper Flakes
9 Needles with the eyes busted
1 yard of black fabric
1 Roll of Cotton Twine
Incense Burner
Break Up Jar Candle or Nine Black Offertory Candles
Brown paper
Black Ink Pen
Red Ink Pen
Personal Concerns of both Parties
6 Aspirin tablets
Holy Water
A rolex replica watches piece of Steel Wool or SOS pad
Empty, clean glass Jar
1 Bottle of Four Thieves Vinegar

This work should be performed during the waning moon - during the hour of Mars.
Anoint the jar candle or nine offertory candles with your oil and then blow both powders and the pepper onto each candle to dress them.
Cut two squares of brown paper slightly larger than the diameter of the lemon (the fattest portion in the middle). Write the names of both individuals nine times on their own piece of brown paper. Use black ink for the one you want to go away and red ink for the one you want to stay with you. When you are finished carefully rip the edges of the paper so they edges are rough sided.
Beginning at the hour of Mars, light the jar candle or one offertory candle. Ignite your charcoal and burn 1 teaspoon of Break Up Incense.
Cut the lemon in half down the middle. Pick up the first half of the lemon. Insert the personal item of the person it will represent into the flesh of the lemon. Sprinkle it with Holy Way and say:

"I Baptise you as [Name of Target herein known as Susie Smith] in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. From Now on you will be known as [Susie Smith]."

Repeat this process with the other half of the lemon, targeting the second person [herein known as Jimmy Jones] in the relationship.
Now pick up the first lemon and insert three Aspirin into the flesh. As you do say,
"[Susie Smith], your relationship with [Johnny Jones] will sour. Every time you are in his presence a sour taste will come into your mouth."
Repeat this process with the second half of the lemon. This time state,
"[Johnny Jones], your relationship with [Susie Smith] will sour. Every time you are in her presence a sour taste will come into your mouth."
Next take each name paper and put an X across the name using your thumb. Make a statement of your intentions. For instance, if you are using Confusion oil you might state,

" I Cross you with the Spirit of Confusion, so that every time you are together nothing but confusion and strife will result".
Sprinkle each X on each paper with the two powders and the peppers. Make a statement on your intentions each time you apply a new ingredient. In the end, each name with be crossed with an oil and three dry ingredients.
Now take each name paper and place it on the respective lemon. Susie Smith's paper on her lemon half, etc. Make sure the name is facing out.
Put the two lemon halves back together with a small piece of steel wool or SOS pad between them.

Begin to insert the nine needles around the lemon - to hold the lemon halves together. As you insert the needles, curse the couple nine times - letting them know what will happen to them if they do not separate. You can get as severe here as you choose. You might wish them bad luck at work or that they get a rash, ill, etc.

Once completed, wrap the lemon in the black fabric and begin binding it with the cotton twine. As you wrap the lemon, tie the twine in nine knots. Leave enough twine to form a loop for hanging the lemon.
Once wrapped, suspend the lemon over the candle. For the next eight days, smoke the lemon in incense and then suspend it over the candle, repeating the nine "curses" you put on the couple. Remind them the only way to end their bad luck is to break up or separate. Each night place the remaining candle wax and ash in a jar.

After nine days, cut off the twine and fabric from the lemon. Remove the nine needles and separate the lemon. Remove the name paper and lemon half of the person you desire and bury it in your yard in a place where the sun does not shine - like under the house or a bush.
Place the lemon half and name paper of the one you want to leave in the glass jar with the nine needles, Steel wool and all the candle wax and ashes from incense. Fill the jar with 4 Thieves vinegar. Wrap the jar in the black fabric and once again tie it up with twine, making nine knots as before.
Go to a moving water source like a river, creek or stream and throw the jar over your left shoulder. Call the person by name and command them to leave. Walk away and don't look back.

You will most likely want to do a cleansing bath and candle after this work as it is an enemy trick.

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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