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Dreams Defined J-L

Jab: If in your dream you were given a jab it is a warning that you are standing in your own way by underestimating yourself. If you dreamed of jabbing others you are warned to guard against a tendency to be overaggressive.

Jacaranda: To see this tree growing in your dream is a sign of growing contentment.

Jack: To see or use an automobile jack predicts a sudden relief from a heavy burden, or a favorable change of conditions in your life.

Jackal: To see this dog in your dream is telling you that you need to protect yourself from friends who are Replica Tag Heuer Watches overambitious with their plans.

Jackpot: If you won it yourself it predicts a period of hard work with small rewards. If you saw someone else win you can expect to gain something you want with very little effort.

Jade: A dream of jade predicts prosperity and protection against adverse influences.

Jail: Your difficulties will be short lived if you escaped or were released, otherwise expect a lng tough struggle. If others were in jail it signifies freedom from worry.

Janitor: Being or seeing a janitor portends additional responsibilities which will prove beneficial.

Jars: Jars seen in a dream predicts pleasant social affairs looming in your future.

Jasmine: This flower is an omen of success in both your romantic and personal affairs.

Jaywalk: If you were aware of jaywalking, you can expect some difficulty of a legal nature.

Jealousy: If you were jealous, this is a warning that there will be serious problems in your romantic affairs. If the jealousy was directed at you, it signifies that some hostility you are now suffering will eventually turn out to your advantage.

Jeers: If you were the subject of the jeers you will triumph over those who are pulling against you. If you were the one who did the jeering, it is a warning to be less controversial, as this could result in serious quarrels.

Jellyfish: To see jellyfishes in a dream is a sign of problems arising from false pretenses.

Jerusalem: To dream of the Holy City suggest loneliness.

Jesus: If you spoke or prayed with him, or you touched him, or he touched you, you will know true peace of mind and contentment.

Jewelry: Panerai Luminor Submersible Replica Watches Real jewelry in your dream is a fortunate augury for your current interests. Costume jewelry is a warning that you are in danger of being led astray through your own foolishness. A dream of stealing jewelry is a signal that extra caution is needed in regard to business affairs. To lose jewelry brings obstacles in your way unless you recovered it. Buying or selling jewelry is a fortunate omen for both love and domestic affairs.

Jews Harp: It signifies foreign travel if you played the instrument; however, if you only saw or heard it, it predicts good business news, or a good change of circumstances.

Jig: To dream of dancing a jig predicts that you will soon have cause to feel lighthearted. To see others dancing the jig, indicates that you are too free and easy in regards to money matters.

Jilted: Success in your love affairs, or constancy in your marriage.

Jingle: To recite or hear a jingle signifies the enjoyment of a harmless flirtation. The jingle of small bells forecast gay social times; if however, you hear the jingle of money it predicts a financial loss.

Job: If you were seeking a job, or lost one, you can expect a promotion. If you dreamed of being offered a job, it is a warning to pay closer attention to your responsibilities.

Journey: Changes are predicted in a dream of a journey. If the journey was pleasant it indicates favorable changes. A disagreeable journey indicates unfavorable changes.

Joy: A dream of joy is a promise of domestic happiness.

Judas: A warning to be cautious in accepting new friends.

Judge: Trials, troubles and thankless tasks are forecasted in a dream which featured a judge. Being a judge, or being judged is a sign that your troubles will soon end.

Jug: Jugs which are full indicate good friends. To drink from a jug predicts happiness. A broken jug signifies an influential new friend, or a new romance.

Juice: To dream of drinking juice of any kind signifies that financial help will be forthcoming when and if you need it. To dream of serving juice indicates that you will have a request of a loan.

Jumping: A dream of jumping signifies you will overcome your problems through patience and perseverance.

: To dream of being in a jungle signifies a foolish romantic entanglement which will become a serious problem.

Juniper: To dream of a juniper is a warning of treachery. If you cut it down, or it was in poor condition, it is an omen of good luck. Eating the berries from a juniper is a warning to be watchful of undersirable companions who will cause you serious concern.

Junk: A dream of anything you consider junk, whether in a shop or elsewhere, predicts that you will be faced with a difficult choice.

Jury: To dream of seeing a jury, signifies recognition and prestige among those whose opinion you value. A dream of serving on a jury, is telling you to rely more on your own intuition and less on the opinion of others, when making important decisions..


Kaleidoscope: To dream of a kaleidoscope predicts a period of swiftly changing patterns and new interest.

Kangaroo: If the kangaroo was jumping and carried a young one in his pouch, it predicts an unexpected trip, which will prove exciting.

Karate: If you dreamed of seeing others involved in karate, you will have some obstacles to your long range plans. If you were learning or engaging in the art yourself, this signifies your current affairs will flourish.

Keepsake: This is an omen of good luck to give a keepsake. If you dreamed of being given one, it is a warning against allowing a trivial family argument to turn into a serious quarrel.

Kelp: To dream of kelp predicts better times ahead.

Kennel: Dreaming of a kennel suggests that you are frustrated regarding an influential person who refuses to be friendly.

Kernels: Whether you gathered them, bought them, planted them or scattered them for the birds, kernels of grain or corn predicts a valuable gift or an unexpected reward.

Kerosene: To use or smell fuel in your dream indicates new interest after a long period of boredom.

Ketchup: This dream predicts a new friend of the opposite sex.

Kettle: Domestic contentment if it was bright and bubbling, but if it was dull or dry, it indicates that some unexpected expense is looming over you.

Kettledrum: This is a warning to cut down on your favorite indulgence, this could lead to anxiety.

Keys: To find keys signify a happy solution to any pressing problems you may have. To lose keys indicates some unexpected unpleasantness, or a disappointment in a friend. To give someone a key forecasts an improvement in home conditions. To be given a key is a sign of help from influential friends. To fit a key into a lock signifies satisfaction in romantic relations. To turn a key in a lock predicts the opening of new doors. A broken key portends a lost opportunity. To be keeper of the keys predicts a position of authority.

: If the keyhole was without a key, you are being warned against a treacherous friend. If you dreamed of peeping through a keyhole or seeing someone else peeping through, you are being warned against impulsive behavior.

Kick: To be kicked portends anixiety caused by strong competition. If you kicked someone, you can expect an improvement in your conditions or position.

Kid: To dream of a young goat predicts a new friend of power.

Kidnap: If you were kidnapped you are likely to be embarrassed by the company you have been keeping. If you kidnaped someone, you are being warned to guard your valuables against theft or loss.

Kidney: A dream of eating, cooking or serving kidneys is a warning against speculative ventures.

Kindergarten: Any dream of healthy, happy children is a good omen.

King: to see or meet royalty in a dream predicts happiness, prestige, and prosperity.

Kingfisher: To see a kingfisher is always an omen of good luck.

Kiss: If the kissing was pleasant, proper, and a sincere token of affection, it predicts happiness and contentment. If the kiss was meaningless, insincere or illicit, it signifies a false friend or a disappointing love affair. A dream of kissing babies or small children forecasts success in a difficult undertaking. To dream of trying to avoid a kiss from someone you dislike portends a minor illness.

Kitchen: If the kitchen was attractive and well-kept it predicts good news or a happy social event. If the kitchen was messy and run down or bare, it indicates your health may be under par.

Kite: Whether you flew it yourself or watched others doing it you can expect to achieve your highest hopes. If children were involved the omen is intensified. If the string broke, or the kite was damaged, or blew away, you will have a disappointment due to careless management of your affairs.

Kitten: A playful kitten predicts a pleasant romantic affair. For a man to dream of a kitten signifies a disappointment in love.

Kleptomania: To have an uncontrollable urge to steal in a dream, is a warning to curb impulsive actions.

Knapsack: A full and heavy knapsack predicts a pleasant trip or vacation. An empty knapsack suggests an upcoming period of financial strain.

Kneading: This dream is telling you to assert yourself more when dealing with other people.

Kneel: Whether your dream was kneeling yourself, or seeing others kneeling for any other reason except for prayer, is a warning that you are in danger of being cheated. Kneeling in prayer predicts you will have good reason to give thanks.

Knife: A sharp knife signifies personal strife. A rusty knife means family trouble. A broken knife indicates failure in love. An open switchblade knife or an open pen knife predicts legal troubles. A closed one suggests financial reverses. A dull knife portends hard work with little reward. To cut yourself with a knife is a warning that you will be seeing bill collectors.

Knight: Knights in armor are symbols of security and protection.

Knit: If you dreamed of knitting, you will have peace of mind and a contented home life. If you dropped stiches or had to unravel the yarn, this predicts a spell of domestic strife. Very fancy knitting predicts a renewal of an old friendship.

Knob: A stroke of unusual luck if you dreamed of a knob. If it was a door knob, it would mean luck to a gambler.

Knock: Hearing knocking represents the sound of approaching money. If you were doing the knocking, the dream is warning you to keep your lips buttoned.

Knot: To dream of a knot signifies serious differences with someone close to you, if you were able to untie the knot, you are likely to reach a satisfactory compromise, but if you cut the knot a break is forecasted.

Knuckle: Knuckles in your dream whether they were your own or someone elses, indicate you are wasting time and energy on something that is futile.


Label: A dream in which you were aware of the label on a container, or in a garment is a forecast of profits from a business venture, or an investment. If the dream was of labels on boxes, trunks, or baggage it predicts an unexpected trip or a visitor from a distance.

Labor: If the dream involved construction labor, this predicts progress in your affairs. If the workmen were idle, or there was an unpleasant atmosphere it predicts an emotional upset.

Laboratory: Unless you were working in a laboratory, the dream signifies a successful risk.

Laburnum: To see this tree in bloom predicts you will successfully overcome any adverse influences that are around you.

Labyrinth: If you were in a labyrinth, and you found your way out, or was not worried about being able to get out, it signifies you will be able to solve your problems with just a little effort.

Lace: A dream of lace or lace garments signifies unusual popularity with the opposite sex. To dream of making lace indicates profits acquired through questionable dealings. Lace curtains are a warning not to be so preoccupied with passing fancies or pleasures.

Ladder: Its meaning depends on the details of the dream. If you were climbing a very high ladder and reached the top, the achievement predicted will be greater, depending on the height of the ladder. If a rung of the ladder broke under you, you may not attain your greatest ambition, but you will achieve fianacial security. If descending a ladder it predicts disappointment, unless you were trying to escape danger. If a ladder fell on you it portends trouble ahead due to quarrels. If you fell from a ladder, you are being warned that your grasp is greater than your reach. To walk under in your dream is good luck. To dream of carrying a ladder indicates that you will have to come to the rescue of a relative or close friend.

Lady bug: To dream of a lady bug is a sign of easy success.

Lair: To dream of a lair is an omen of coming struggles. If there was an animal still in the den, you will overcome your obstacles.

Lake: A calm lake in good weather signifies smooth sailing in all you undertake. A stormy lake predicts a failure which will eventually benefit you. A dream of traveling around a lake, it is a sign that you need to find new interest. To dream of wading or walking into a lake indicates unnecessary anxieties.

Lamb: If you dreamed of baby lambs, it predicts an uplifting experience. A dream of eating, cooking or serving lamb indicates an increase in material wealth. To find a lost lamb forecasts the renewal of a valued friendship. To hear lambs bleating indicates new responsibilities. these will not be unpleasant.

Lamp: Whether the lamps were oil, gas or electric lighted ones, this signifies success. To light a lamp predicts an unexpected reward for a past kindness. An unlit lamp predicts a disappointment. A dim or flickering lamp forecasts news of an illness. To hang a guide lamp augurs a stroke of good luck. To break a lamp portends difficulties. A lampost is an omen of family troubles.

Land: If you dreamed of owning land, you can expect an improvement in your circumstances. If you actually own some land this predicts temporary reverses.

Landing: Whether with a plane, boat or ship, a landing signifies a solid satisfying achievement.

Landscape: If the landscape was beautiful or pleasing to you, it signifies a bright future. If it was ugly or unpleasant you will be seeing a lot of disappointments.

Lane: A dream of a country lane is a caution to be more discreet in your affairs with the opposite sex.

Lantern: A swinging lantern is a warning of danger through indiscriminate sex relations. If you dreamed of a lantern blowing out by the wind, you will face some minor legal troubles.

Lap: Sitting on the lap of someone of the opposite sex forecasts an exciting new love affair. A dream of falling off someone's lap predicts a loss of status through foolish behavior.

Lapis Lazuli: VCP550 Eaxm Quetions This blue gemstone in your dream is a sign of peace of mind through a happy adjustment to your lot in life.

Lard: If you were using lard in a dream, you are warned against dealing or associating with people of questionable character.

Lark: A lark in flight predicts quick success. To hear a lark sing is a warning that your grasping attitude could cause you a loss.

Laryngitis: To dream of losing your voice is a warning not to gamble or take unnecessary risk.

Lasso: To swing a lasso in your dream is a happy omen for both love and domestic affairs. If the rope got tangled, or you were caught in the loop, you are in for an embarrassing experience.

Late: If you dreamed of being late, this dream is telling you to refrain from making promises you can't keep. If you dreamed of others being late is a warning to curb your extravagance.

Lather: Regardless of where, or what the lather was on in the dream, it signifies a solution to a pressing problem, probably through news from a distance.

Laughter: The laughter of children predicts a stroke of money luck. Others laughing signifies approaching unhappiness or disappointment in love. Hearing laughter portends a broken friendship.

Laundry: A dream of doing laundry predicts that you will receive unexpected benefits. To dream of being in a laundry is a sign of festivity. If you dreamed of sending laundry out, it is a warning against repeating gossip.

Laurel: If you dreamed of seeing laurel growing out of doors, it predicts success and contentment. If you picked laurel the forecast is of triumph over enemies or obstacles.

Lava: To see lava in a dream is sign that your social life will become more exciting.

Lavatory: To dream of going to the lavatory signifies that any business affairs or important issues now hanging in the balance, will come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Lavender: To see lavender growing, or to smell it predicts pleasant affairs with the opposite sex.

Law: A dream of being involved with the law predicts some disagreeable business experiences. If you retained a lawyer, you are being warned against carelessness in money matters. A dream of winning a lawsuit is an omen of contrary. A dream of being sued is a warning against casual sex. To dream of being a lawyer augurs unexpected good news.

Lawn: A green well-kept lawn is a forecast of domestic or personal contentment. A neglected, weedy or discolored lawn signifies that there are hostile influences around you. A dream of mowing or watering a lawn predicts a long and happy life.

Laxitive: To dream of taking a laxitive predicts that you will be called on to perform a difficult duty, which will be to your eventual credit. To dream of giving a laxitive to someone signifies a gain where you expected a loss.

Laziness: To dream of being lazy predicts popularity. If your laziness meant duties were neglected, you can expect some family or business disagreements.

Leaf: Green leaves signify abundance, good health, and happiness. Wilted or dry leaves are a warning of malicious competition coming your way. Falling leaves predict a parting from friends. Leaves blowing in the wind forecast family squabbles.

Leak: A leak is a symbol of wasted energy.

Leather: Anything made of leather is a lucky omen.

Lecture: To dream of listening to a lecture is a sign of limited success. To dream of giving a lecture predicts a pleasant change of surroundings.

Leech: A dream of a leech predicts that you will have an unexpected demand on you resources, but this will be temporary.

Leek: To see the plant growing in a garden signifies slow progress. Eating, cooking or serving this type of onion predicts a quick rise in status.

Leg: A dream of injury, deformity,swelling or bruising to the legs signifies financial difficulties. A dream of skinny legs is a warning of embarrassment due to an ill-advised romance. A dream of beautiful legs forecsts a happy change of circumstances.

Legacy: This is a very lucky dream, unless the source of the legacy was a member of your immediate family, in this case it indicates vexing annoyances.

Lemon: If the lemon was sucked it portends social difficulties or embarrassment. If it was being squeezed it indicates upcoming money problems. To dream of making, serving or drinking lemonade predicts an increase in personal popularity.

Leopard: This is a symbol of dangerous enemies or rivals.

Leper: This dream predicts a period of hardship and frustrations.

Letter: If you dreamed of receiving good news in a letter, your prospects are very bright. if the letter was upsetting, it portends an approaching struggle. Routine letters signify financial difficulties due to your own spending habits. To dream of reading a letter that was addressed to someone else portends a money loss. To dream of mailing a letter predicts unexpected good news. A bundle of love letters suggests that you are burdening yourself with guilty secrets.

Lewdness: This kind of behavior in a dream signifies a tempting offer to participate in a profitable, but unethical venture.

Library: This is a fortunate dream, especially for those engaged in artistic or creative activities.

Lice: Dreaming of lice signify petty annoyances and frustrations due to others stupidity or stubborness, if you killed or got rid of the lice the dream augurs a period of good luck.

Lie: If you dreamed of telling lies, you can expect to have trouble due to your own foolishness. If others were doing the lieing, you can expect help from unexpected sources.

Lift: To lift someone or to be lifted yourself, predicts happiness and personal prestige.

Light: Daylight signifies a promise of renewed hope. A beam of light, as from a spotlight or arc light, signifies a sudden solution to a long standing problem.

Lighthouse: A lighthouse seen at night is a sign of good luck in both love and business. If seen in daylight it predicts a long journey.

Lightning: A dream of lightning will bring you good luck, unless it was accompanied by rain and thunder; in which case it is still an omen of good luck , but will precede a period of anxiety. A lightning rod indicates interference in your current plans, due to hidden jealousy.

Lilac: To see this flower in bloom, either indoors or outdoors, predicts a broken friendship, which will cause you much heartache, but will turn into a blessing in disguise.

Lily: Easter lilies or calla lilies in a dream predicts a sudden rise in status. Lilies of the valley signify hapiness in love affairs, and contentment at home.

Lion: To dream of a lion is a symbol of social distinction. To hear a lion roar, you will have to cope with jealousy from someone close to you. A friendly lion cub is a forecast of a new and valuable friend.

Lips; Beautiful lips signify a successful sex life. Thick or ugly lips forecast failure in love, but success in business. Childrens or a baby's lips are a sign of true friendship.

Liver: Improving health is forecasted in a dream of eating, cooking or serving liver.

Lizard: To dream of a reptile is a warning that you have false friends in your close circle. Shoes, bags or other items made of lizard skin predicts an increase in income.

Lobster: Live lobsters in a dream signify approaching difficulties. To eat, cook or serve lobster predicts the recovery of something you thought lost, such as repayment of a forgotten loan, or an overdue sum of money.

Lock: To dream of picking a lock predicts an embarrassement due to involvement in someone elses affairs. To dream of a padlock signifies a need for legal advice or legal services.

This dream is a warning that loose talk could involve you in serious trouble.

Locust: To dream of locust trees signify good luck. To dream of locust insects is a strong warning against ricky ventures.

Log: To dream of sawing logs signifies an improvement in conditions. To see stacks of logs or fallen trees in the woods is a favorable omen. Logs floating in water predicts a new opportunity, which not be overlooked. A log-jam portends obstacles to be in the form of delays. A brightly burning log augurs family joy. To sit on a log is a sign of personal contentment. A log cabin is a symbol of satisfaction through hard work.

Loom: Whether you used the loom, or watched someone else, it indicates that you will soon take a step backward, but subsequently, you will be able to take two steps foreward.

Lottery: Family troubles are forecasted in any dream concerning a lottery or lottery tickets.

To see lotus blossoms predicts love and romance. If you smelled their aroma you will be ecstatically happy.

Luck: If you dreamed of being lucky, you will be. To dream of being unlucky is a caution against over-confidence.

Lumber: To see stacks of lumber signify increasing prosperity, If the lumber was scattered aroung it portends a need for careful planning to protect your interest.

Lute: To play or hear a lute signifies happy light-hearted affairs, or good news from absent friends.

Luxury: This is a warning that your indulgence will make someone else richer, the greater the luxury the stronger the warning.

Lynx: To dream of a lynx is a symbol of hidden hostility.

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