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To Rid of an Enemy
You will need:
1 Black Pull Out Candle
1 Small Dark Colored Bottle with Cap
Bend Over Oil
Commanding Oil
Crossing Oil
Black Arts Oil
Hot Foot Powder
Precipitado Oil
Black Coffee (brewed very dark and strong)
Small Piece of Brown Paper (a torn grocery bag will do)
Black Cotton Fabric
Cotton Twine
A Needle or Toothpick to mark the Candle

Using the Needle or Toothpick, carve the name of your enemy all over the Black Pullout Candle. When you run out of space for the whole name use the initials. Anoint the candle each one of the oils. Gently dust the candle with the Hot Foot Powder (do this by taking a tip of a spoonful of the powder and blow gently onto the candle).

Light the candle and begin working on the bottle as follows:
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