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Dreams Defined M-N

Macaroni: A dream of eating, cooking or serving macaroni signifies unexpected guest.

Mace: To use or smell this spice in a dream signifies recognition in community affairs.

Magic: Any kind of magic in a dream predicts unexpected changes. To dream of watching and being amused by a magician indicates a reunion with a long lost friend, or rekindling of a past love affair.

Magnifying Glass: To use a magnifying glass in a dream forecasts an increase in material wealth, or a Panerai Luminor GMT Replica sudden stroke of luck concerning money.

Maid: To dream of your own maid is a good omen if you actually have one, if not, it is signifies financial reverses. To dream of being a maid is a sign you will regain lost social status.

Malice: To show malice against someone, predicts help through influential friends.

Manicure: This is a warning dream telling you to conserve your resources for unexpected expenses.

Mansions: If the mansion was luxuriously furnished, you will have some changes which will not be to your liking, if it was empty or in bad condition, you can expect the changes to be for the better.

Manure: Manure in a dream is a symbol of money luck, wealth, profits, and prosperity.

Map: To dream of maps signify journeys and changes. The larger the map in your dream, the more distant will be the travel, and the greater the changes. The more brightly colored the map, the happier the forecast.

Maple: To see a maple tree, or any thing made from maple wood is a symbol of family unity and a happy home life. To dream of maple sugar, maple syrup, or anything flavored with maple signifies a happy love life.

Marble: To dream of marble in a quarry, in a building, or in some other form, predicts love troubles or personal disappointment. To dream of marbles used by children or to play a game of marbles forecasts predicts the renewal of a valued friendship.

March: A dream of marching signifies sad news if the marching was slow; progress if the marching was brisk.

Market: If the market was well-stocked and clean, the augur is of abundance and prosperity; but if the food was in bad condition or of poor quality, or if the place was empty or unattended, it predicts hard times ahead.

Mars: If your dream was of the Roman god, or the planet, this is an omen of approaching clashes, arguments, and petty quarrels.

Marshmallow: This is a dream signifying unusual new friends of the opposite sex.

Mask: To dream of people disguised by a mask predicts deceit from unsuspected sources. If you were wearing one yourself, it predicts that you will end up with a profit from a scheme intended to cheat you.

Masquerade: A dream of a masquerade party signifies a surprise opportunity which could secure your future.

Mass: An outdoor Mass is an omen of good tidings, but one held inside a church if a sign of coming difficulties.

Massage: This dream signifies that your unfounded doubts of a friends sincerity are groundless. To dream of giving someone a massage indicates approaching good news.

Mat: Mats seen anywhere except in the front door , signify obstacles. Seen in front of a door the forecast unwelcome visitors.

Match: To strike a match in a dream signifies unexpected gains or an increased income. To match things up in pairs such as shoes, gloves, etc, signifies sudden increase in material wealth.

Mattress: If the mattress was comfortable, then the augurs is good; if not, it is a warning of approaching money problems.

Matzoth: To dream of eating, or serving this unleavened bread signifies that you can expect some past kindness to be returned to you in a surprising form.

Meat: Meat is a fortunate omen for business affairs. To dream of buying meat suggest it is a bad time to take any kind of business risk. Cutting meat in a dream indicates a coming increase in material wealth. Cooking meat predicts a change of circumstances. Throwing spoiled meat away signifies you will have a lucky escape from a potential danger.

Mill: An average sized water mill in your dream augurs a peaceful happy home life. a commercial type mill signifies wealth acquired through the efforts of others. A sawmill portends upsetting news, and a windmill is a warning not to be so willing to trust strangers. To dream of a miller at work is a sign of coming improvements in your circumstances.

Millionaire: If you dreamed of being a millionaire, you are likely to profit indirectly from a past favor. If you dreamed of using your wealth to help others, you can count on a stroke of good luck.

Mine: To dream of working in any kind of a mine predicts eventual wealth through your own efforts.

Minister: A minister of religion is a symbol of a need for solace. It can also be a forerunner to a disappointment.

Mink: This fur is a warning against a tendency to selfishness and greed. To see the animal predicts hard work ahead.

Minnows: If you were using minnows for bait, it portends recognition from your colleagues. To catch minnows in your hand predicts success with the opposite sex.

Mint: A dream of the herb signifies happiness to the healthy and improvement to the ailing. The money mint in your dream forecasts an expected rise in status after a few delays.

Miracle: To dream of seeing, or hearing about a miracle signifies a great future ahead.

Mirror: A broken mirror signifies sad news, or a period of trouble ahead. To see yourself in a mirror, is a warning of deceit among your friends. To see others reflected in a mirror portends dishonesty in your associates.

Missionary: To dream of being a missionary portends failure of a long-term plan.

Mistletoe: You can expect all your plans to run smoothly if you dreamed of mistletoe.

Mob: If the mob was angry, it is telling you not to join any activity which could prove dangerous.

Mold: A mold used for shaping food, plaster, clay or whatever signifies improving financial conditions.

Mole: To dream of an under-ground mole, is a sign that you are in danger of being undermined by someone you trust. If you caught or killed the animal, you can expect a rise in status. A hairy body mole portends difficulties. A round shaped mole signifies good luck. An angular shape mole foretells a mixture of ups and downs. A large mole intensifies the omen, as does a very dark color. A small mole minimizes it as does a very light color.

Money: To pay, give, or lend money augurs well for all that concerns you. Receiving money is an omen of good luck, if you came by it honestly. To find money in your dream is a sign of financial success only to be accompanied by disappointment. Losing money portends a likely windfall. Stealing money predicts an unexpected stroke of luck. A dream of counting money promises personal happiness; providing it was not done in a miserly way.

Moon: To see a new moon predicts a lucky month ahead. A full moon means success in love. A very bright moonlight is an omen of family unity and domestic happiness. All moon omens are intensified if they were seen reflected in water.

Mop: A new or clean mop suggests a pleasant hobby or community activity could turn into a money making venture. An old or dirty mop is telling you that, you could soon be seriously embarrassed by neglected duties.

Morgue: Difficult and disagreeable duties are forecasted in a dream of a morgue. If you were aware of your own corpse in a morgue, it is a warning to take better care of your health.

Moss: If you dreamed of moss that was dry and discolored, it portends disenchantment. If it was soft and green, it predicts romantic bliss.

Mountain: The meaning is the same as climb.

Mice: Dreams of mice portends discord among friends and family. To kill one signifies financial gain. To catch one in a trap indicates unwelcome news or visitors from a distance. If you saw a mouse being chased or killed by a cat, it is a warning not to allow others to meddle in your affairs.

Moving: If you dreamed of moving, and everything went smoothly, so will your progress over difficulties.

Mucus: A running nose predicts a substantial increase in material wealth.

Mud: Dreams of mud are omens of good luck.

Museum: To dream of seeing or going through a museum of any kind predicts good luck through a social contact.

Mushrooms: A dream of mushrooms growing forecasts an accumulation of wealth through speculation. Picking mushrooms predicts prosperity and protection. To eat, cook, or serve them, signifies an improvement in status due to influential social contacts.

Music: Beautiful music augurs great fortune in all that concerns you. Unpleasant music signifies discord in personal relationships.

Musical Instruments: To dream of playing a musical instrument forecasts a sudden change in your life style. A broken instrument is a warning to guard your health.

Musk: To smell the odor of musk in your dream, is the forerunner of a passionate new love affair.

Mustard: Whatever kind of mustard, this signifies good news.

Myth: Dreams of any mythical character is telling you to use flattery to get what you want.


Nagging: If you dreamed of being nagged, it is a warning to be very cautious of whom you confide in.

Nails: Hammering nails predicts, that you will be able to achieve something you thought was beyond your reach. To see shiny new nails forecasts unexpected news. Bent or rusty nails signifies minor reverses.

Naked: If you were naked in your dream, you can expect a stroke of money luck. Seeing others naked suggests that you will inadvertently uncover a deception within your close circle.

Name: If you dreamed that you couldn't remember your own name, or that of someone you knew, is a warning against an illicit affair. To be called by the wrong name portends grave difficulties in your personal life.

Nap: To dream of taking a nap during the daytime is a sign of emotional and financial security.

Napkin: To use a napkin in a dream indicates that you will find the energy to complete a task which you thought was beyond your powers. To fold a napkin predicts a much desired social invitation.

Narcissus: To see them growing in a garden, is a happy omen for the future. To see them indoors or in pots is a warning against vanity and over confidence.

Narrow: To be aware of something excessively narrow predicts many obstacles in your path.

Nausea: Being nauseous in a dream portends a challenge to your honesty and integrity.

Navel: To dream of your own navel predicts a new venture which could produce long-term benefits. To dream of someone else's navel indicates a new love affair.

Neck: Any dream featuring the neck is a sign of approaching money, unless your dream concerned a broken neck.

Necklace: This is a symbol pertaining to love affairs. It is a fortunate omen. If the necklace broke or fell off, it signifies domestic quarrels.

Necktie: To dream of having difficulty with a necktie is a sign that you are under an emotional hold that you would like to break.

Needles: Threading a needle in a dream is a luck omen. If you had difficulty you can expect a period of frustration. To prick yourself with a needle portends problems due to the bad luck of a relative or close friend. To find a needle suggest unnecessary worry. To lose one is a warning of danger through your own careless conduct.

: This dream signifies success due to your own effort coupled with courage. If they stung you, they portend a need to protect yourself from a deceitful friend or lover.

Neuralgia: To dream that you have an attack of neuralgia signifies an emotional upheaval, which will be of short duration.

News: The worse the news you receive, the better will be the news. and vice versa.

Newspaper: To read the newspaper in your dream signifies that events at a distance are conspiring in your favor. To buy a newspaper predicts a quick rise in status. To use a newspaper for wrapping indicates a happy reunion with absent friends or relatives.

Night: Obstacles and delays are predicted in a dream of night. Any moonlight, stars or signs of dawn reduces the adverse aspect.

Nightingale: To see or hear a nightingale in a dream is a happy prediction for love affairs.

Nightmare: To dream of having a nightmare is very rare and suggests you probably have some deep seated fears.

Nipple: To dream of having a baby or small child taking nourishment through a nipple, signifies a happy release from worry. Large nipples predict an increase in material wealth.

Noise: Loud or peculiar noises heard in a dream portend domestic dissension. If the noise woke you up you can expect a change for the better.
Nomination: To dream of being nominated for any sort of official duty predicts a period of disappointments in other people.

Noodles: A dream of cooking, serving or eating noodles forecasts progress with a cherished plan.

Nose: To dream of seeing your own nose is a sign that you have more friends than you think. Blowing your nose predicts a welcome decrease in obligations. A dream of a swollen nose augurs abundance and prosperity. A nosebleed is a warning of possible financial stress. A stuffed nose signifies hidden opposition. A cut or injured nose portends family troubles.

Novel: To dream of writing a novel portends trouble and vexation. To dream of reading a novel augurs a happy social activity.

November: To dream that the month is November when it isn't, predicts contentment in the late years of life.

Novocaine: A dream of using novocaine predicts the sudden solution to a long standing problem.

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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