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Physical Body Change
Intent: To help alter your body to your liking
Requires: Small piece of paper, Quartz crystal, Some string

Procedure: Take the small piece of paper and write your name on it. Draw on it what body or body part you want changed and what you want it to look like. The replica watches picture could show the entire body or just the part.

Now hold the paper in your hands and imagine the body/part changing from what it looks like now to what you want it to look like.

Then fold it up any way you like and tie it to the crystal. Then once more visualize the body part changing.

Put it away and every evening until the body is changed take it out and visualize it changing again.

When the change is done tear the paper up and scatter it to the wind.

This spell is very good for changing aspects you don't like. It took a few days to see results so don't expect an over nighter

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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