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Dreams Defined R-U
Rabbi: Whatever your faith, a Rabbi is a symbol of favorable influences around you.

Rabbit: Many rabbits signify an increase in responsibilities. Rabbit fur, or anything made out of rabbit, is a sign that you will be able to afford mink.

Racoon: Racoon fur predicts that you will find a new talent or hobby which will prove profitable.

Race: To watch any kind of race being run signifies success in whatever concerns you most, providing that in your dream, you bet on "or rooted for" the winner. If you dreamed of running in a race yourself, you can expect an exciting new offer.

Radiator: If the radiator was cold it portends remorse over an alienated friend. A hissing radiator is a warning to stop considering a shady deal.

Radio: If the volume or program was pleasant, it signifies a happy domestic life, but if it was irritatingly loud, it predicts arguments or serious differences.

Radishes: To see them signifies success. If you ate them, you will suffer some stiff competition or opposition.

Raffle: Winning a raffle is an omen of an upcomming lucky phase.

Raft: To dream of floating on a raft suggests that your indolence will lead to someone else's gain. A dream of building or repairing a raft, forecast achievement through your own efforts and hard work.

Rags: Clean rags predicts a period of prosperity, dirty rags suggest that you change your behavior.

Rage: If you dreamed of being in a rage you are being warned that you could lose the support of an influential person through lack of self-control. A dream of trying to calm someone else who is in a rage, suggest that you change your activities.

Railroad: Railroad tracks in a dream signify good fortune coming your way. If you were walking the ties, you will achieve your aims through hard work, but if you were walking the rails, you will be helped by influential friends.

Rain: A soft spring rain is a lucky omen promising good things to come. A heavy downpour predicts an improvement in your circumstances. A fine drizzle portends petty difficulties, which will be of short duration. An average omega skeleton replica kind of rainfall indicates the happy demise of an ailing affair. To be drenched in a blowing rainstorm is an augury of unexpected wealth.

Rainbow: A very fortunate omen promising an end to all your troubles, followed by great happiness.

Rake: To dream of using a rake is an omen of a happy family celebration. To step on a rake predicts a surprise which will be especially exciting if the handle hit you.

Ranch: To dream of owning a ranch predicts prosperity, after a period of hard struggles. A dream omega replica watches of working on a ranch, indicates a coming period of sadness.

Rancid: Rancid food is a warning to guard your health by avoiding excesses in food, drink or whatever you're inclined to do to excess.

Rape: Whatever the form it took, this dream is a warning to avoid loose companions or careless behavior. You are in danger of seriously damaging your reputation.

Rat: Rats portend trouble through hidden jealousy. If they were white, you will be protected by benign forces. If you heard them knawing,but didn't see them, it is a warning that you are wasting your life in meaningless pursuits.

Rattlesnake: This is a symbol of unsuspected treachery from someone you trust, but if you heard it's warning rattle and avoided it, you are likely to forestall the hostile maneuvers.

Rattrap: To dream of catching a rat in a trap is a sign of improving circumstances. A dream of setting a trap augurs a sudden release from worry.

Razor: If you dreamed of cutting yourself with a razor, you will have to overcome some hostile opposition. A safety razor predicts achievements through clever application of your ability to organize.

Read: If you were reading aloud, it predicts help from outside sources. To hear someone else read foretells future comfort and peace of mind.

Real Estate: A real estate transaction, whether purchase, sale or transfer, predicts an increase in material wealth.

Reception: Attending a reception signifies gratifying recognition for community or philanthropic work.

Record: To deam of a record player or tape recorder is a sign of a deteriorating love affair.

Reduce: A new love affair is forecasted in a dream of successfully slimming your figure.

Refrigerator: Putting food in, predicts continued or increasing prosperity. Taking food out is a forecast of unexpected guests.

Regret: A dream of contrary. You will soon have a good reason to rejoice.

Reindeer: You are likely to recover something you thought lost, or to discover that something is of much greater value than you thought, bringing a surprise gain.

Relatives; Freedom from worry is forecast in a dream of relatives, would also include success in money matters.

Religion: small troubles are portended if your dream featured the inside of a church. If you experienced a spiritual feeling of religion, it signifies contentment.

Rent: If you dreamed of collecting rent, you can expect a period of financial strain. If you dreamed of paying the rent, you are in for a period of discontent. If you dreamed that you were unable to pay rent, a pleasant surprise or unexpected gain is sure to follow.

Repair: A dream of repairs being made on your home predicts a sudden series of difficulties regarding your residence.

Rescue: If you dreamed of being rescued, you are likely to be in an accident-prone phase for a few weeks. If your dream involved rescueing someone else, or others being rescued, it signifies sudden success in overcoming a previous obstacle.

Reservoir: If it was full it predicts prosperity. If it was empty it portends difficulties not of you own making. Partially full suggests sufficient resources for your needs.

Resort:Whether they are summer or winter resorts, it indicates a new romantic interest.

Restaurant: If the restaurant was very posh it is a warning that a sudden demand on your resources will cause you to have to economize. If the restaurant was of the type you would normally eat in, it signifies pleasant social activities. If it was a greasy-spoon type, you can expect an increase in your income.

Retirement: To dream of retirement is an omen of new activities.

Reunion: A reunion indicates that you will have outside help in furthering your ambitions.

Reverses: If you deamed of having reverses you can expect to have some, but they will be the kind from which you will quickly recover. To dream of someone else suffering reverses predicts a sadness or illness for that person.

Revolution: If your dream concerned bloody warlike revolution, you are likely to have a complete change of circumstances, but if it was a bloodless politiacl coup type, it indicates a change of status.

Revolving Door
: A swinging door is telling you that the rut in which you are traveling is leading you no where.

Reward: To receive a reward predicts an unusual stroke of luck.

Rhubarb: Eaten, cooked or growing this is a symbol of satisfactory progress in all your undertakings.

Rice Eating rice is an augury of domestic happiness. To see, serve or cook it, is a sign that you will be able to fulfill some obligations which have been worrying you. To throw rice at a bridal pair predicts good news concerning a trip.

Rich: To dream of being more affluent than you actually are is an unfortunate omen. A period of patience will be need before your circumstances will improve.

Ring Losing your ring is a fortunate omen for business or financial affairs. If you found a ring or received one as a gift, it predicts a new love interest or an important new friendship.

Rink: An ice rink is a symbol of pleasant social activity. A roller rink portends minor disappointment in a friend.

Riot: A riot is a sharp warning to curb your extravagance.

River: If you fell in the river it indicates approaching domestic difficulties, but if you jumped in, you are being warned against hasty action. To dream of sitting on or walking along the bank of a river, it is a sign of success.

Road: A straight wide road in good condition signifies steady smooth progress, but unpaved, bumpy, narrow, or twisting roads portends difficulties. Road signs point to minor but pleasant changes in your living conditions.

Roast: Eating roasted food is an omen of good luck. To carve, serve, or buy a large roast is a forerunner to a family celebration. A roast fish is a sign of a happy conciliation or reconciliation.

Robber: You are in danger of losing your head and heart over an unworthy lover.

Robbery: To dream of losing your valuables in a robbery signifies unexpected gain. If the robbery involved the loss of money, it is a warning to be careful how you handle your money.

Robin: To dream of a robin signifies great happiness.

Rocker: If the rocking chair was occupied it forecasts contentment and relief from worry. If it was empty it portends a period of loneliness.

Rolling Pin: To use a rolling pin indicates a happy family reunion.

Roof: A tiled roof signifies success. A thatched roof is a warning of danger through repeating gossip. To climb or stand on a roof predicts improvement in your circumstances. To see a roof on fire suggest that the things you worry about will never happen. A dream of repairing a roof propsesies new sources of income. A shingled roof is sign of emotional security. A leaky roof indicates emotional or sexual problems. To dream of falling off or climbing down from a roof signifies temporary success.

Room: To enter a strange room is a warning that a casual affair could turn out to be a cause for regret. A very small room indicates a lucky last minute escape from a regrettable mistake.

Rope: To dream of seeing or handling a coil of rope signifies the successful completion of a difficult task or assignment. To uncoil rope predicts the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A rope noose indicates an unfortunate personal entanglement.

Rosary: Telling or counting the beads of a rosary signifies that you will have greater contentment than you have ever known.

Roses: Picking fresh roses of any kind predicts great joy. To give roses signifies that you will be truly loved. To receive roses signifies extraordinary social success. Artificial roses portend deceit or jealousy on the part of a trusted friend.

Row: To dream of rowing a boat or of being rowed in one means you can expect to make steady progress along your chosen path.

Rubber: Any form of rubber is a forecast of freedom from worry.

Ruler: Measuring with a ruler suggests that you can achieve you aims through careful planning.

Rumble: New from a distance, which may entail a hurried trip, is forecast in a dream of rumbling noises.

Run: A dream of running suggests that you are involved in a situation from which you would like to excape. To dream of being unable to run indicates a lack of self confidence.

Rust: To dream of any kind of rusty object indicate profit through careful attention to detail.

Rye: A dream of fresh rye bread forecasts an interesting new friendship.


Sable: If the main feature of your dream was the brown color of the fur, it predicts a stroke of money luck: if the fur itself was the important factor, the dream is telling you to curb your extravagance. If you saw the animal alive, it indicates a new friend in your life.

Sack: If the sack was full, the forecast is good luck in your current affairs; it signifies obstacles if the sack was empty.

: You are being warned again the influence of unsavory companions is you dreamed of committing a sacrilege. If others committed the sacriliege,it indicates a lucky escape from a dangerous situation.

Sadness: If you were filled with sadness it is a good omen, you worries or troubles may soon be over.

Safe: A full safe portends a series of unexpected worries; however, an empty safe predicts ultimate success.

Safety Pin: An excellent omen, indicating that success will follow if you continue along your present lines.

Sage: You can expect some changes for the better; if you dreamed of this spice.

Sail: If you dreamed of sailing a boat, it predicts approaching happiness, to dream that the conditions were favorable predicts prosperity. Sailing in choppy seas or dead calm portends disappointment.

Sailor: To dream of sailors onshore indicates an exciting romantic interest; sailors on board a ship pedict news from a distance, which may settle some financial matters.

Saint: To see a saint is a good omen, it is telling you that you can overcome your present difficulties. If you were talking to a saint, it is telling you to make amends for some past indiscreation or injustice.

Salad: If the dream concerned eating or serving a salad, it predicts approaching luck in financial matters.

Salary: To dream of being refused an increase in salary signifies money from an unexpected source. To be granted a raise is a warning of a loss of status. To dream of paying a salary is a forecast of financial gain.

Sale: To dream of going to a sale predicts an increase in material possessions; to dream of a sale of personal belongings predicts an increase in income.

Salmon: Eating fresh salmon portends trival quarrels or family disagreements.

Salt: A good omen, if you dreamed of using salt. If you dreamed of spilling salt you will have some difficulties, which will be of short duration.

Sand: Whether the sand was on a beach, in your shoes, or in your food, it is a warning to be wary of a new acquaintance who will try to eploit you.

Sandals: To dream of wearing comfortable sandals predicts a new romance, but if they hurt you feet, or were seen on someone else, they portend vexation concerning money matters.

Sandwich: If you ate a sandwich at home, you will soon have an opportunity to improve your situation; if you ate the sandwich in a restaurant, it is a warning against confiding in casual acquaintances. Sandwiches eaten outdoors or on a picnic suggest a love affair which could cause you serious embarrassment.

Sapphires: Seen in a display or on others forecast an improved social status through influential friends; however if you were wearing replica louis vuitton them yourself, you are being warned to restrain implusive behavior.

Sash: To dream of a sash portends happy domestic life or love affairs.

Sash Cord: A sash cord on a window is a warning to take careful precaustions against possible intruders.

Satellite: This is telling you to be more independent in your thoughts.

Sauerkraut: To dream of eating, cooking, or drinking its juice, signifies good health and happy social occasions.

Sausage: To see a variety of sausages in a case predicts a sudden turn of good luck concerning business or financial matters. To dream of eating sausages suggest that you could be the cause of a broken marriage or love affair.

Saw: If you dreamed of a jigsaw it portends the breakup of a romantic attachment; a buzz saw is a warning to guard your reputation; a hacksaw predicts an increase in responsibility but with unexpected compensations; an ordinary handsaw indicates difficulties and obstacles to be overcome.

Scab: To see scabs on yourself, or others predicts an increase in material wealth.

Scaffold: A hangman's scaffold ia a warning of serious danger to your future through your own indiscretion. Scaffolding on buildings or houses is a sign of improving status and new opportunities.

Scale: Scales are a symbol of important decisions to be made; to scale a fish is a sign that you will uncover a false friend.

Scallops: Raw scallops predict an unexpected, pleasant trip. Eating or cooking them forecasts an improvement in your living conditions.

Scarf: A pretty brightly colored scarf forecasts a happy love affair.

Scissors: Scissors portend a broken relationship. To use scissors signifies that you can out-wit a jealous competitor.

Scold: If you dreamed of being scolded, you are being warned against overconfidence; but if you did the scolding, it portends family quarrels.

Scorpion: This dream is warning you that you are in danger from treacherous friends or associates, especially if you killed it. You will overcome the hostile influences if it bit you.

Bleeding scratches are a warning against hidden hostility; nonbleeding scratches signifies protective influences around you; to scratch your own back forecasts an unexpected windfall of money.

Screams: To hear the scream of others signifies distressing news; however, to dream of screaming yourself is considered a fortunate omen for all that concerns you.

Scythe: To see a scythe suggests that unforeseen circumstances will cause a disagreeable encounter. To see a scythe in use forecasts an increase in material wealth.

Seal: To see seals in your dream predicts prosperity. To dream of killing one predicts hardships as far as business is concerned.

To dream of a seance is a warning not to let pride stand in your way of accepting needed help.

Searchlight: To dream of seeing the beam of a searchlight, or many searchlights crossing the sky indicates coming danger from hostile competition.

Seaweed: Tangled seaweed is suggesting that you resist being influenced to behave contrary to your own principles.

Secretary: To dream of being a secretary indicates that being a slave to habits are holding you back; A dream of engaging a secretary is a sign of improving status.

An exciting but short-lived love affair is forecasted in a dream of a seesaw.

Seperation: This dream signifies a better understanding with the love of your life.

Serenade: To be serenaded in a dream signifies a happy outcome to your current problems.

Sermon: To hear a sermon inside a church is a warning to expect a delay in important plans, to deliver a sermon suggests that your doubts concerning a trusted friend are groundless.

Servant: To dream of being a servant signifies happiness; but to dream of having servants portends financial reverses.

Sewing: To dream of seeing someone else sewing is a sign that you need to start saving for the future. If you dreamed of yourself sewing signifies an exciting new opportunity for advancement. Sewing by hand forecasts hard work ahead. Machine sewing indictes a need to be more cautious about giving secrets away.

Shade: Lowering a shade is a sign that your grasp is greater than your reach. To dream of raising a shade predicts success in the project that interests you the most. A shade that suddenly snaps to the top of the roller indicates sudden news.

Shadow: To dream of the shadow of a dead person is an indication of temporary obstacles. If you dreamed of the shadow of a living person, it is a warning against travel or unnecessary risks for a while.

Shark: This is an omen of danger from dishonest friends or associates.

Shaving: To dream that you are shaving or being shaved is a warning of financial troubles.

Shawl: If you dreamed of wearing a shawl on you head it signifies satisfying love affairs. If you were wearing a shawl on your shoulders, or carried one, it signifies temporary financial difficulty followed by an unexpected gain. A shawl on it's own symbolizes money and security.

Sheriff: To dream of a sheriff predicts family quarrels.

Ship: Ships in a dream is an augury of profitable ventures. To see or build a model of a ship promises a new love affair within the year. A battle ship indicates an improvement in your living conditions.

Shirt: A clean shirt in an omen of good luck, but a soiled one portends a period of gloom.

Shoes: Shabby or worn shoes are an omen of success; new shoes replica hermes bags are a warning against overconfidence; losing your shoes indicates a waste of time on your part.

Shop: Shopping predicts petty financial problems.

Shovel: A dream of a shovel portends increased responsibilities.

Shower: To dream of taking a shower is an omen of coming prosperity.

Shrimp: Cooking, eating, or serving shrimp in a dream is a promise of pleasant social times to come.

Shroud: An unusual celebraton ahead; possibly because of a legacy.

Sign: To dream of a road sign predicts an important change.

Signature: To put your signature on any thing signify limited prosperity, but unlimited security.

Silver: Silver money in a dream is an omen of plenty. To dream of silverware suggests you are ignoring the spirtual side of life in favor of the materialistic.

Sink: Unhappy news concerning a friend is the portent of the sinking of anything.

Skeleton: A skeleton predicts news of a legacy.

Skid: A dream of skidding suggests that you are heavily involved in a problem which you are unwilling to make a decision about.

Skin: Beautiful healthy skin signifies happiness; blotchy skin suggests emotional difficulties; peeling skin predicts a period of unhappiness, followed by rewarding new relationships.

Skirt: Tight or short skirts predict financial strain; long and full skirts prophesy an increase in material wealth.

Skunk: To see or smell a skunk predicts a social disappointment.

Slap: If you got slapped, you will win some well-deserved social kudos; if you observed, or did the slapping you are likely to suffer a social embarrassment.

Sled: A ride on a sled predicts a hectic love affair; if you fell off the affair will be very brief.

Sleep: This dream depends on who you slept with in your dream. With a stranger, the omen is embarrassment; a spouse is happiness; a lover is uncertainties, a child is family joy, a friend is security; and animals is a warning against accidents.

Slipper: Comfortable slippers signify contentment, uncomfortable ones indicate domestic problems.

Smoke: If your dream featured smoke from a known source, it signifies improving financial conditions; if you saw or smelled smoke, you are likely to be in for a period of annoying worries or petty disappointments.

Snake: Snakes in a dream are warnings of troubles, obstacles or treachery. To dream that you were bitten by one portends a period of struggle against unfortunate circumstances. If you dreamed of a snake being wound around you, it is an omen of treachery where you least expect it. To dream of handling snakes suggests that you are in danger of being led astray by friends or associates.

Snow: This is a good omen, unless you ate the snow, in which case it portends a period of sadness. To dream of deep snow, or of a snowstorm signifies hard work, but great success at the end.

Sob: To sob or hear sobbing in a dream portends good news.

Solitaire: Playing solitaire in a dream predicts an unexpected increase in responsibilities. If you won it predicts an unexpected windfall of money.

Sore: If the sores were on yourself, you can expect an improvement in personal conditions; but if the sores were on others, or on animals, it predicts self-sacrifice in the interest of someone else.

Sorrow: You will be comforted.

South: To dream of being in southern places or of moving or traveling south is a sign of coming security.

Spaniel: This is an augury of a pleasing improvement in home conditions.

Sparrow: Dreams of sparrows signify lean times ahead, if you chased them away, it signifies good business news.

Speedboat: Riding in or driving a speedboat signifies achievement of an important objective.

Sphinx: You will soon have the answers to some puzzling things, which bothered you in the past.

Spider: This is usually a sign of good luck; to kill one signifies good news; if it was spinning a web it augurs approaching money; climbing a wall it predicts success in all your concerns.

Spirit: A dream of seeing or speaking with a spirit is a warning of deception where you least suspect it.

Spit: To see someone spitting signifies a quarrel with a friend.

Spoon: Spoons are a symbol of domestic happiness.

Sprain: Spraining any part of your body predicts an unexpected honor, the more painful the sprain the greater the recognition.

Squash: Cooking or eating squash signifies a profitable opportunity.

Stairs: This dream follows the general "up" is good, "down" not so good rule.

Star: A twinkling star predicts that your destiny will be fulfilled through the help of a powerful friend of the opposite sex. buy louis vuitton replica handbags Many bright stars are a promise of success. Pale stars portend a period of poverty, A shooting or falling star, indicates success.

Steal: A dream of stealing is a warning to be cautious in money matters.

Stew: Cooking or serving stew signifies news of a birth; eating it predicts a reunion with an old friend.

Stockings: Putting them on: profit and security, taking them off: changing conditions, Torn: domestic contentment.

Storm: Storms predict discontentment.

Stream: If the stream was clear and flowed smoothly, you can expect your life to do likewise.

Subway: To dream of being on, or in a subway portends a series of setbacks.

Sugar: Sugar is an omen of happy success.

Suicide: This is a signal that you need a change of scene or more relaxation.

Swan: Black swans portend business problems; white swans predict happiness in love or domestic affairs. To see swans gliding in a small pond predicts great wealth through your own efforts.

Sweep; To sweep in your dream predicts money luck.


Table: A kitchen table suggests a period of hard work ahead; a card table predicts a chance to increase your income; a dining table indicates an increase in social activities.

Tablecloth: A clean cloth augurs smooth business and domestic affairs, but a soiled or messy cloth portends family quarrels.

Tack: If you dreamed of hammering tacks, you will help a friend over some rough times; pulling out tacks is a warning against hasty speech. Driving a tack with a shoe predicts a new romantic interest.

Tailor: To see a tailor at work predicts unexpected travel. To dream of being a tailor is a warning to be careful who you confide in.

Tambourine: To see a tambourine in your dream signifies a pleasant surprise. If you tried to play it it portends disturbing rumors.

Tangerine: Good times are indicated in a dream of eating tangerines.

Tar: To dream of tar in large quantities suggest that you are bogged down in an unsatisfactory personal relationship. If you dreamed of having tar on your person or on your clothing it is a warning not to repeat gossip.

Tarantula: This is a strong warning to guard your health, if it bit you a medical checkup is advised.

Tassels: A dream of tassels on anything is a sign of hard work without much joy.

Taxes: A dream of taxes predict prosperous times ahead.

Tea: Tea in your dream, whether it was iced or hot, indicates an increase in social popularity. If you dreamed of pouring it from the pot, it predicts a happy surprise.

Tear Gas: To dream of the use of tear gas predicts distressing news concerning a friend.

Tease: If you were being teased, you will hear some pleasant financial news. If you were doing the teasing, you will have some happy social times. To see others being teased indicates the attainment of a secret ambition.

Teeth: False teeth signify unexpected help out of a difficult situation; broken teeth are a sign of the deterioration of an important relationship; aching teeth portend family quarrels; having teeth filled promises good news; having teeth pulled forecasts favorable business or investment opportunities; loose teeth are a warning of untrustworthy friends; if they fell out or you spit them out, it is a sign of financial reverses; decayed teeth signifies health problems; white and beautiful teeth forecast happiness and prosperity. Brushing your teeth indicates you will overcome many obstacles, after continued effort; picking your teeth is a warning of false friends.

Telegram: To receive a pleasant message augurs money luck.

Telephone: To dream of using a telephone is a warning that you have a rival. If you dreamed of a telephone which was out of order, it portends sad news.

Tent: If you dreamed of pitching a tent, it signifies that both personal and financial worries will soon disappear.

Theater: A dark movie portends a period of boredom. If you watched a performance it predicts a period of increased social pleasures.

: To see a thermometer in your dream predicts changes are coming your way.

Thimble: A dream of a thimble signifies a happy homelife.

Thorn: To catch your clothes on a thorn is a warning that your reputation is being jeopardized.

Threat: This dream is a warning against gambling or speculation.

Throne: If you consider yourself up in status, it predicts a loss of status, but if you consider yourself as middle to low in status, it indicates a rise.

Thunder: If the thunder muttered and rolled, it is a warning of false friends. If the thunder boomed and crashed, it is telling you that your most urgent problem will soon be solved.

Tickle: Whether you dreamed of being tickled or of tickling someone else. it is a warning against indiscreet relations with the opposite sex.

Tide: A high tide predicts promising opportunities; an incoming tide forcasts increased resources; a low tide suggests it is time to change your established way of life; an ebbing tide indicates that your problems will soon end.

Tiles: Broken tiles are a warning against taking unnecessary risks.

Timber: To dream of timber signifies faithful friends and assciates. If the timber was rotting, there are false friends in your close circle.

Tire: Changing a tire is a warning to conserve your resources against an unexpected demand on your purse; buying a new tire predicts a release from worry; a blowout portends problems caused by jealousy.

Toad: Toads are unhappy omens.

Toilet: A dream of going to the toilet is a sign of litigation over money or property; if you dreamed of someone else going, you will be asked for a loan of money.

Tomb: Fortunate influences are working in your favor. A dream of being locked in one is a warning of medical problems coming.

Torch: A flaming torch is a sign of a passionate love affair or an unusual stroke of luck.

Totem: This dream portends new friends which will broaden your horizons.

Towel: If the towel was clean it predicts good health and material comfort; however, a wet or soiled towel forecast a period of frustration. Paper towels portends a period of recession.

Toys: Pleasant new developments in all areas of your life.

Traffic: To drive through traffic forecasts an easement of family difficulties. A traffic jam predicts obstacles to overcome.

Trail: To dream of following a trail is a sign that you can gain your goal if you persevere; to dream of losing a trail is a warning that you are wasting your time in meaningless relationships.

Trailer: A change of circumstances is forecast in a dream of a trailer or trailer camp.

Train: If the train was standing in the station, or on a side track it forecasts a delay in plans.

Trap: To dream of setting traps is a fortunate sign for a man, but for a woman it signifies misplaced trust. To dream of being caught in a trap is a warning to stay clear of gossip.

Travel: A substantial increase in status and income is the forecast of travel if it was for pleasure.

Treasure: To find a treasure signifies prosperity; digging for it is an augury of improving health; to dive for it forecasts an unexpected legacy.

Trees: Planting trees are a favorable omen especially for love affairs. Cutting down trees portends difficulties of your own making. Climbing a tree indicates hard work, but little gain. Tree stumps signifies changes and new beginnings.

Trial: If you dreamed you were on trial, it is a warning to be cautious in making new friends or starting new ventures.

Triplets: To see triplets in a dream predicts surprising news.

Truck: To ride in, or drive a truck predicts a comfortable life.

Trumpet: To play or hear a trumpet forecasts unexpected accomplishment.

Tulip: Planting tulip bulbs portends a minor disappointment; seeing them in bloom is a happy omen for all that concerns you.

Tumor: This dream signifies new and interesting responsibilities.

Tunnel: To dream of a tunnel portends a risky change or opportunity.

Turkey: If you saw one strutting or heard it gobbling it portends a period of confusion. A flock of turkeys predicts community recognition. If you killed a turkey it predicts a stroke of good luck. If you dressed, cooked, or served it, it prophesies a period of prosperity. However, if you ate it, you are likely to make a serious error of judgment regarding matters which may be pending.

Tweezers: New and pleasurable friendships are the forecast for tweezers in a dream.

Typewriter: This signifies a substantial increase of income and responsibilities.


Ugliness: To dream of an ugly person is a lucky omen; however if you dreamed of being ugly yourself, it suggests that you try to have a more outgoing personality.

Umbrella: This dream is a symbol of security, unless it was torn, broken, or turned inside out. Achievement is still indicated but delayed by minor difficulties.

Unconscious: To dream of someone being unconscious signifies news of an illness.

Undertaker: To dream of an undertaker portends news of a wedding or birth.

Undertow: To be caught in an undertow in your dream predicts that you will soon have to comfort a sorrowing friend or relative.
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Undressing: To dream of undressing suggests that you have misplaced your affections. To dream of someone of the opposite sex undressing, is a warning not to confide in recent acquaintances. To see someone of the same sex undressing signifies a long standing secret will be told to you.

Unfaithful: To dream that anyone is unfaithful to you signifies a demonstration of sincerity and devotion. If you dreamed of being unfaithful, it signifies you will be confronted by temptation.

Unhappy: The greater your dream of unhappiness the greater will be your coming joy.

Unicorn: To dream of a unicorn portends a period of beneficial changes.

Uniform: For a man this portends improvement in status; for a woman, it predicts happiness in love and domestic affairs.

University: This dream forecast future success with a lot of effort.

Urine: Urine is a symbol of creative power and strength.To urinate signifies a release from tension and worry.

Urn: A urn filled with flowers or plants predicts happiness, unless the flowers were wilted, which would predict minor disappointments. A funeral urn forecasts news of a legacy or an inheritance.
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Usher: A dream of being an usher or of being ushered predicts new influential social contacts that could affect your future.

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Magickal Uses of the Psalms
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Angelic (M)
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Angelic (S)
Moon Facts
Angelic (A)
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