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Dreams Defined V-Z

Vacation: To dream of a paid vacation signifies an increase  replica handbags in income. To pay for it yourself, predicts an unexpected gain or valuable gift.

Vaccination: To see others being vaccinated signifies insincere friends.
 Vacuum Cleaner: To use a vacuum cleaner in a dream forecasts success with the opposite sex, unless it broke  down, in which case it is a warning to be careful about mixing romance and business.

Valentine: If you sent a valentine, it signifies the opening of a pleasant new door.  If you received a valentine in your dream, it predicts some minor romantic troubles or replica handbags outlet disappointment in a friend.

Valet: To dream of a personal man-servant is a sign of social  best replica watches  or community recognition.

Valley: If the valley was green, and beautiful, it   louis vuitton replica handbags signifies that you must work hard for  what ever you want; otherwise a valley in your dream suggests that you are under tension due to emotional conflicts.

Vampire: This is a symbol of anxiety and sharp discount replica handbags  emotional conflict.

Van: A van featured in a dream is a harbinger of good news; if it was carrying household  goods, it indicates a change for the better; however if you were riding in it, you are likely to have an opportunity to make a sizeable profit.

Vanilla: If you were aware of this pleasant taste or aroma in your dream, you can expect to receive a gratifying invitation.

Varnish: Using varnish in a dream is a sign that you will advance and prosper through your own prudence and diligence; to see others using it is a warning against letting others meddle in your affairs.

Vase: To dream of a vase portends trials and tribulations.

Vault: A dream of a money vault is a warning against putting on a front which could damage your hopes instead of advancing them.

Veal: A dream of veal is an omen of good luck.

Vegetable: Eating vegetables forecasts a period of ups and downs; growing them is a sign of happy replica bags family times ahead; cooking or serving them suggests that success will be slow but sure. If the vegetables in your dream were spoiled or rotten, it signifies a period of disappointments.

Veil: If you saw a bridal veil in your dream, you can expect a change for the better, and if you saw a bride wearing a veil, you can expect to escape payment for some current transgression; a dream of losing a veil signifies that you will suffer a minor embarrassment. Mourning veils portend vexation and disappointmen.

Velvet: In general, a dream involving velvet pertains to material wealth.

Veneer: Dreams of veneer warn against accepting people or things at face value.

Venetian Blinds: Be careful of your actions with the opposite sex, or your reputation may suffer.

Venison: This gamey meat warns of social embarrassment if you don't avoid brash behavior.

Ventriloquist: Watch your tongue if you are listening to the ventriloquist unless you are certain all ears are friendly. If you are the ventriloquist, this is a warning that some ears that pretend to be friendly are not.

Vermin: If you eliminate the vermin, success is predicted. If you don't, current hopes and projects could lead to disappointment.

Vertigo: A vertigo attack warns of exploitation from the opposite sex.

Vest: To dream of a vest is a warning to avoid excesses and impulsive behavior.

Village: A country village means solid achievement while a seaside village points to temporary difficulties. A mountain village predicts an unexpected gain.

Vine: If the vines were healthy with blossoms, you can expect success. If the vines are dry or withered, you should slow down to avoid overtaxing your strength.

Vinegar: A dream with vinegar means a time of unpleasant tasks is coming, although they won't be entirely unrewarding.

Vineyard: If the vines are bearing fruit, you can expect prosperity while barren vines are a warning against speculation.

Violets: Violets signify love. Gathering them portends fame and fortune.

Violin: If the sound is pleasant, the dream augers well for social and domestic affairs, but disharmony or broken strings portend petty quarrels.

Viper: This is a warning that there's a viper in your close circle of friends.

Virgin Mary: A dream of the Virgin Mary portends great happiness.

Visions: Pleasant or strange visions predict a happy surprise. Unpleasant visions are a warning of possible health problems.

Volcano: An erupting volcano signifies that you have been ignoring a potentially dangerous situation. A smoking volcano is a sign of passionate love. An inactive volcano is a warning against new ventures.

Vomit: If you are well off, it is a sign of reverses; but if not, it predicts financial improvement.

Voodoo: This is a warning of being led astray by undesirable associates.

Vote: To dream of voting indicates a lack of self-confidence.

Vow: Regardless of who took the vow, this dream forecasts a happy solution to any domestic or love problems.

Vulture: To see a vulture in your dream signifies you have an enemy or competitor. To see one devouring its prey portends an end to your difficulties. To kill a vulture in your dream forecasts good luck.

Wade: To dream of wading pertains to love and friendship. If the water was clean and clear, it signifies happiness; if it was muddy or murkey, it portends disenchantment.

Wages: If you dreamed of paying someone, it signifies an advantageous change; if you received wages in your dream, it is a warning to guard against loss by theft.

Wagon: To ride in or drive a wagon which is loaded predicts an unexpected increase in material wealth or a money windfall.

Waiter: To dream of a waiter portends news of an illness of a friend or relative.

Walk: To walk with ease signifies triumph, if you walked with difficulty, you will overcome your obstacles.

Wall: If you dreamed of jumping over a wall you will achieve success through your own efforts. If you dreamed of walking along the top of a wall, predicts a bright future.

Wallet: To lose your wallet predicts an unexpected dilemma; to dream of finding a wallet signifies gain if it was empty, but loss if it was full.

Wallflower: To dream of being a wallflower in a social sense predicts an increase in popularity.

Wallpaper: To see, or hang wallpaper signifies an alteration in your social status.

Walnuts: You will never lack for the necessities of life; if the walnuts came out of their shell unbroken, you will be very lucky in love.

: If the warehouse was well stocked, it is a symbol of posperity; partly full or empty it prophesies slow but sure progress.

Wart: To dream of warts on your hands signify approaching money, the more warts, the more money. To see warts on other people, symblizes hidden hostility.

Wash: Washing by hand suggests that you should not get involved in the personal affairs of others; washing in a machine indicates an unexpected vacation or change of location.

Wasp: To dream of a wasp signifies, it is time to break off an unrewarding relationship.

Watch: A wristwatch is a sign of advancement through the help of influential friends; a pocket watch is telling you to watch out for your own interest.

Water: A dream of drinking cold water is a sign of good luck, but throwing or spilling it on anyone indictes a need to control your temper. Hot water portends a period of social or business setbacks, but running water predicts happiness. A waterfall orecasts a happy rise in status, or an increase in material wealth. Gently flowing water promises contentment and peace of mind.

Water Lily: This dream is telling you that your grasp exceeds your reach.

Watermelon: If they were still on the vine, this is a warning against casual love affairs; otherwise, they forecast unexpected travel.

Water Mill: This dream is a symbol of prosperity.

Wealth: To dream of the wealth of others indicates sincerity in your friends. To dream of great wealth for yourself portends financial reverses.
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Weasel: To see a weasel in your dreams predict treacherous companions of the opposite sex.

Weather Vane: This is a good omen for business matters.

Weaving: To dream of weaving predicts contentment and peace of mind. To dream of watching someone else at a loom is a forecast of achievement.

Web: A cob web is a warning against getting involved in any form of intrigue.

Wedding: This is a symbol of a happy but brief interlude.

Weeds: To see weeds in a garden is a warning against undesirable companions; but if you were weeding you will have contentment in your life.

Weighing: Whether weighing yourself, others, or things, the dream is telling you that you are under scrutiny by those whose judgment could affect your future.

Well: A well with a high water level signifies abundance; a low water level indicates a time of difficulties; to draw water predicts happiness if the water was clear; muddy water or a dry well portends frustration. To discover a well indicates wealth. To fall into a well predicts news of an illness, to drink from one promises joy and success.

Whale: This dream is an omen signifying protective influences around you.

Wheat: If the wheat was flattened or in poor condition, it suggest difficulties; if it was ripe, it is a sign of abundance and prosperity; if it was harvested it forecasts achievement in your current endeavors.

Wheelbarrow: To push a wheelbarrow in your dream predicts exciting new friends. If you pulled a wheelbarrow, it portends sad news of a friend or acquaintance; an upside down barrow forecasts added responsibilities.

Whip: If you whipped an animal in your dream it suggests that you have some injustice on your conscience.

Whirlpool: A whirlpool in your dream suggests confusion in your current affairs.

Whisper: Whispering voices heard in your dream are a warning to control ourburst.

Whistle: Whistling in your dream suggest unjust criticism; if you heard others whistling, portends delays in current plans or projects.

Whitewash: To use whitewash in a dream predicts that you will be asked to help a friend.

Widow: To dream of being a widow predicts domestic satisfaction and happiness in love.

Will: To make your own will signifies that your health worries are unfounded; a dream concerning the will of others forecasts family problems.

Willow: A willow tree in a dream indicates a period of sadness due to an unworthy friend.

Wind: A brisk breeze is a good omen for all your current concerns. A gentle wind predicts good news; a stormy gale forecasts hard work ahead.

Windmill: To dream of a windmill predicts contentment and financial security.

Window: Broken windows forecast a change of residence; bay windows predict an increase in social activity; dormer windows are a sign of improving conditions; to open a window indicates success; to close one suggests a lucky escape from danger. To dream of jumping or climbing out of a window predicts problems will be overcome in an unexpected way. To climb in a window indicates new opportunities.

Wine: Drinking wine from a wine glass predicts health, happiness and prosperity. Drinking from the bottle is a warning to take precautions against revealing a secret.

Winter: To dream of winter when it isn't is a promise of financial improvement.

Wishing Well: Help from influential friends.

Wolf: A wolf is a symbol of hard times or financial problems, to kill it or drive it away predicts success in overcoming all obstacles.

Woodpecker: To see or hear one forecasts family squabbles.

Worms: To use them as bait predicts material gain; otherwise, they signify news of an illness, unless you killed them. To kill them signifies successful efforts.

Wren: These birds are bearers of good news.

Wrinkles: Skin or facial wrinkles signify an increase in social popularity.


X Ray: An omen signifying good health and release from worry..


Yacht: A yacht is a symbol of financial improvement. To dream of being on a yacht in a choppy sea predicts a sudden stroke of money luck.

Yardstick: To dream of a yardstick portends a challenge to your reputation, unless it was broken it would then signify good luck.

Yarn: To dream of winding yarn into a ball predicts new friends. To see yarn is a symbol of domestic happiness and romance.

Yeast: Yeast in any form signifies wealth from an unexpected surce.

Yodel: To yodel or hear yodeling is a lucky omen, all your affairs will flourish.

Yoke: To dream of a yoke of oxen forecasts a change of location. To wear a yoke of any kind suggests that you are allowing yourself to be dominated by others.

Yucca: To dream of a yucca signifies all the material comforts of life are yours..


Zebra: If you dreamed of a herd of zebras you are being warned that you are directing you efforts in the wrong direction; however, if your dream featured a tame one, it predicts gain from an unexpected source.

Zephyr: To feel this warm breeze in your dream suggest that you are in danger of letting your heart rule your head.

Zinc: To dream of zinc in any form forecast achievement in all areas of your life.

Zipper: If you dreamed of a stuck or broken zipper it predicts social chagrin. A fastened zipper predicts satisfaction in a minor matter which is pending.

Zither: To dream of zither music predicts peace of mind and good friends.

Zodiac; If you were studying the zodiac this dream portends fame as well as financial success.

Zoo: To dream of a zoo predicts new faces in far-off places, if you took children or a child along, your travels will be profitable as well as pleasurable..

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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