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Improve chances of Conception
Fill a warm (not too hot) bath and add 3 drops of lemon oil, 3 drops of orange oil and 3 drops of lime oil.

Take turns bathing one another thoroughly (no soap, just a clean cloth and the scented water), until the water cools. About 30 minutes. After you have bathed and before love making, each of you should drink a half a cup (4 oz.) of caffeinated coffee or tea.

Caffeine improves sperm motility in males and studies have shown women who drink this amount of caffeinated tea each day improve chances to conceive up to 200%.

After making love, the male should place several pillows under the woman's hips, tipping her pelvis up and back. This makes it easier for the sperm to travel to the ovum. To help alleviate the discomfort this awkward position can cause, he should remain with her and massage her feet and calves. This stimulates blood circulation through out the body including the womb. This position should be held for 30 minutes

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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