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Stop someone from stealing

Do this spell on a Saturday ruled by Saturn and good for Justice spells


* a black candle pin olive oil sea salt candle holder

Carve the person's name on the candle using the pin - or if you don't know their name, carve 'thief'. Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours.Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed. Stand the candle on it's head and light the bottom wick - gaze at the flame, concentrate and say:

"Thief your deeds are no longer tolerated
It's time for you to stop this behavior.
By my will you shall cease
and restore in me a sense of peace."

Let the candle burn out and if you can bury the stub near where the person lives or where they most commonly commit their crime - otherwise bury under a tree.

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Last updated: December 31, 1969

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