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Crystals & Stones
AGATE: A variety of chalcedony. Tones and strengthens body and mind. Imparts a sense of strength and courage. Facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances. Grounding, but energetic. Powerful healer works with Chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.

ALEXANDRITE: A variety of chrysoberyl. Aids internal and omega classic replica for sale external regeneration. Has positive influence on nervous system, spleen, and pancreas. Helps to align mental and emotional body. Spiritual transformation and regeneration, Reflects highest potentials of unfoldment, Joy, oneness with life. Chakra: Crown.

AMAZONITE: A variety of feldspar. Soothes nervous system. Strengthens heart and physical body. Aid alignment of rolex replica watches mental and etheric body. Brings joy and upliftment. Creative expression, Facilitates clearer vision of one's own harmful tendencies, making them easier to release. Chakra: Throat.

AMBER: Fossilized resin from prehistoric pine trees. Exerts positive influence on endocrine system, spleen, and heart. Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Electrically alive with solidified golden light. Stabilizes kundalini awakening. Activates altruistic nature. Spiritualizes the intellect. Chakras: Navel, Solar Plexus, and Crown.

AMETHYST: A variety of quartz. Strengthens endocrine and immune systems. Enhances right brain activity and pineal and pituitary glands. Power blood cleanser and energizer. Helps mental disorders. Purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness, Transmutes one's lower nature into the more highly refined aspects of their higher potentials. Physical representative of the Violet Ray of alchemy and transformation cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation Aids channeling abilities. Calming, strong protective qualities, Healing, divine love, inspiration, intuition. Chakras: Third Eye, Crown.

AQUAMARINE: A variety of beryls. Calms nerves, reduces fluid retention. Strengthens kidneys, liver, and spleen, thyroid. Purifies body. Enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. Physical/Emotional/Mental balancer helps banish fears and phobias. Excellent for meditation, Inspiration, peace, calmness, loves. Chakras: Throat, Solar Plexus.

AVENTURINE (Green): A variety of quartz. Purifies mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear. Stimulates muscle tissue. Strengthens blood. Emotional tranquility, positive attitudes towards life, brings one into alignment with their center. Independence, Health, and wellbeing, Chakra: Heart.

AZURITE: Enhances flow of energy through nervous system (because of copper content). Helps body utilize oxygen. Strengthens blood. Facilitates clear meditation. Cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic replica hermes handbags abilities. Initiates transformation. Cleanses mental body. Inspiration, creativity, and intuition, Chakras: Third Eye, Throat.

BLOODSTONE: A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens and oxygenates bloodstream. Enhances physical/mental vitality. Strengthens heart, spleen, and bone marrow. Aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Reduces emotional/mental stress. Powerful psychic healer, Stimulates movement of kundalini, Links roots chakra with heart. Inner guidance, altruism, idealism, and A highly evolved mineral, Chakras: Root, Heart.

CALCITE: Aids kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Balances male/female polarities. Alleviates fear, reduces stress. Emotional balancing. Grounds excess energy. Increases capacity for astral projection. Joy, lightness. Works with Chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.

CARNELIAN: A variety of chalcedony. Very highly evolved mineral healer. Energizes blood. Aids kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Aids tissue regeneration. Vitalizes physical/emotional/mental bodies. Aligns physical and etheric bodies. Enhances attunement with inner self. Facilitates concentration. Opens heat. Warming, social, joyous. Chakras: Navel, Solar Plexus, and Heart.

CELESTITE: Enhances thyroid functions. Reduces stress. Relaxing peace of mind. Accelerates growth. Aids personal creative expression. Helps one adjust to higher, more rarefied states of awareness. Truth, reliability, and Clear speech, Chakra: Throat.

CHRYSOCOLLA: Aids in preventing ulcers, digestive problems, and arthritic conditions. Strengthens lungs and thyroid gland. Enhances metabolism. Excellent for female disorders, Alleviates fears, guilt, tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Activates feminine qualities. Amplifies throat chakra - creative expression, power, communication. Joy, emotional balance, Chakras: Heart, Throat.

CHRYSOPRASE: A variety of quartz. Balances neurotic patterns. Eases depression and sexual imbalance. Fertility, Calming, balancing, healing for physical/emotional/mental bodies. Helps one see clearly into personal problems. Brings out inner talents. Lightheartedness, joy, Chakra: Heart.

CITRINE: A variety of quartz. Good for kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, louis vuitton replica heart. Tissue regeneration, Detoxifies physical/emotional/mental bodies. Enhances body's healing energy. Diminishes self-destructive tendencies. Raises self-esteem. Powerful alignment with High Self, Lightheartedness, cheerfulness, hopes. Warming, energizing. Attracts abundance. Chakras: Navel, Crown.

COPPER: Influences flow of blood. Supplies strong energy to body/mind. Aids metabolism. Helps detoxify body. An aid for exhaustion and sexual imbalance, Aligns physical/emotional bodies. Raises self-esteem. Strong conductor of energy,

DIAMOND: Enhances brain functions. Aids alignment of cranial bones. Breaks up blockages in crown chakra and in the personality. Master healer. Dispels negativity. Purifies physical/etheric bodies. Reflects will and power aspects of God. Enhances full spectrum of energies in body/mind/spirit. Alignment with High Self-Abundance, innocence, and purity, faithfulness Chakras: All.

DIOPTASE: Strengthens cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Excellent aid for ulcers, nervous stomach, heart troubles, blood pressure. Vitalizes, balances, tone body/mind. Emotional stability, Peace of mined Excellent for use with healing and affirmations. Abundance, prosperity, progresses, health, well being. Chakra: Heart.

: A variety of beryls. Strengthens heart, liver, kidneys, immune system, and nervous system. Tonic for body/mind/spirit Aids alignment of subtle bodies Enhances dreams, meditation, deeper spiritual insight. Represents the potential of divinity within us. Prosperity, love, kindness, tranquility, balance, healing, patience Strong emotional balancer Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus.

FLOURITE: Strengthens teeth and bones. Improves absorption of vital nutrients. Beneficial for blood vessels and spleen Grounds excess energy. Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation helps one-grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Facilitates interdimensional communication. luxury replica handbags Powerful healer works with Chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.

GARNET (Red): Strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems, especially the bloodstream. Has strong affinity with root chakra, helping to harmonize the potent forces of the kundalini. Stimulates pituitary gland. Aligns subtle bodies. Love, compassion. Enhances imagination. Chakras: Root, Heart.

GOLD: Purifies and energizes physical body. Improves circulation, strengthens nervous system. Balances and develops heart chakra. Balances hemispheres of the brain. Aids tissue regeneration. Attracts positive energy into aura. Amplifies thought forms. Aids personal illumination. Solar energy, male aspect Chakras: Navel, Heart, and Crown.

HEMATITE: Has positive effect upon bloodstream. Activates spleen. Increases resistance to stress. Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body. Strengthens physical and etheric bodies. Energizing, vitalizing. Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, will, courage. Slightly grounding. Powerful stone for those attracted to it.

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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