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Money Jar Spell
 (A spell in a slowly)

When March winds blow, and skies are bleak
And your checking account looks like welfare week
Go to your kitchen with a dash
Find a jar to bring some cash.
Get a tea bag, mint for sure
Brew a cup, you need no more.
In your little witches pot,
Add vervain, not a lot.
In goes dragons' blood and cinquefoil
Bring it all to a rolling boil.
Mix ingredients, stir it thrice
Cut the heat, throw in some ice.
On paper virgin, write your need
Be specific, ignore the greed.
Put the paper in the jar
To bring in riches from afar.
Call the Fates, yes all three
Ask them for prosperity
Here's the chant, it's easy now
Take your time to give it pow.
Three great ladies crossed the land
Each held prosperity in their hand
The first said, "She needs some."
The second said, "She has some."
The third said, "There is more to come."
"We turn three times, the way of the Sun."
Raise your energy, clap three times
Then seal the brew with a magical sign.
When it cools, pour in the jar
Close it tight, mark with a star.
A minor magic, I call this
To bring you monetary bliss
For extra punch, choose a planetary hour
Full Moon is good, for extra power.
When money comes, thank the Gods
Pour the content on the sod
Return in like the gifts you got
And remember all the blessings brought.


Last updated: December 31, 1969

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