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Phallomancy is a very unusual and obscure form of body reading. Many of us are familiar with hand and face reading. But other forms such as podomancy(foot reading), telaesthesia, mammomancy and phallomancy seem extreme and hard to believe. But despite their oddity, these methods have long been seen as legitimate forms of divination over the centuries in various cultures.

Believe it or not, phallomancy is an authentic form of body reading with its own ancient traditions. Traditional knowledge of phallomancy has been around for thousands of years in India and Tibet, even China, but the information is hard to find. However, enough information has been developed to allow every visitor to do their own readings.

What can phallomancy tell you?

It is the science and art of judging a man's character and lovemaking style and capability by the shape of his penis.

The traditional forms of palmistry and face reading can reveal much about a person's sexuality and approach to sexual matters. But when it comes to matters of love and lust, nothing is as efficient and accurate as the field of Phallomancy!

Straight to the point, it reveals sexual style and technique, morals and capabilities.

Are you ready to find out what your penis says about you according to the ancient art of phallomancy? Read on...

Despite what men may claim and boast, the penis does not lie!

First of all, let's get it established that we are talking about a relaxed you here. You need to be in your natural state!

Now that is out the way you can begin...


Are you long or short? Be honest! Less than 3.5" is short, more than 3.5" is considered long for body reading purposes.

Notes about size:

Studies in general state that the average length is 3" to 4" and the average circumference is 2.5" to 4".

According to a study in 1989 the average length is 3.5" and the average circumference is 3.37".

However according to Kinsey in a much earlier study the average length is 4.0" and the average circumference is 3.7", larger for African Americans.

Either men are shrinking or the modern statistics are more realistic!Studies in general state that the average length is 3" to 4" and the average circumference is 2.5" to 4".

For those over the 3.5" benchmark, we can see what an innovative lover you are. What an extrovert! You welcome any excuse to liberate the little fella... You're always on the lookout for new tricks to try out. Some might call you over-confident... It always pays to make sure your partner appreciates the unusal before it's too late. However, you are you are fantastic at picking up new tricks and revel in the details. If you are extremely long, besides being awfully proud of yourself, you are an extremely inventive lover!

Don't despair if you measure under 3 inches. Although you may be hesitant or lack confidence at first, once you get going you can really perform. You might have traditional tastes, you are more of a romantic lover and a dreamer. However, you do have a surprise temper and can be blunt about your desires. You may be a complex lover, but you always deliver on your promises.


OK, so maybe you don't have the longest but you've got the thickness. This reveals that your imagination comes into play backed by solid determination and fiery energy. Not a bad combination by anyone's measurements! Some men are thicker at the base of the penis than at the top. This reveals that you treasure your independence. You don't like being tied up or tied down!

If you are very thick at the base of your penis, independence is extremely important to you.

You may be long, but are you slender as well? Here we have the romantic poetic lover. The sensitive lover who revels in the details and finesse of making love. You express your feelings easily and can talk your way through the whole session. Be careful you don���¯���¿���½t get the reputation of being all talk, no action.


Is the penis smooth or knotty? A smooth penis shows what an intuitive lover you are. You are able to go with your feelings and adapt easily to changes. You can be a very smooth character.

If your penis is knotty, I wouldn���¯���¿���½t be surprised if you have a whole plan of action mapped out in your head before entering the fray. Being naturally cautious and logical in sexual matters, you tend to hold back, but once you get going, you���¯���¿���½re on a roll.

If your penis has one or two bumps on it, your partner better watch out! You can be an unpredictable and difficult lover, just the thing for a woman who likes a challenge and a bit of unpredictability.


A guy with a pointed tip is both idealistic and artistic in relationships but he also has a lot of trouble relaxing and letting go. He values his independence highly and is rarely the submissive partner.

If you are also long and thin, then you can be a selfish lover!

A blunt or square tip shows the owner is a practical lover who prefers to let his actions show how much he loves his partner, rather than words.

Such a strong sex drive! You are active and original with a magnetic way about you. A wider or bulbous tip indicates a huge sex drive! You are magnetic when it comes to sex. But sex and relationships are completely different things to you so your partners soon learn not to expect anything that you don���¯���¿���½t actually promise. What you do provide is all action and originality. Not bad if your partner knows beforehand what they���¯���¿���½re getting into.


Many penises show a definite curve to the left or the right and this can be very meaningful according to the art of phallomancy...

Do you have a penis that curves to the right? Then, in matters of love and sex, you are a giver not a taker. If you had it your way, sex would be your favourite topic of conversation. You love to discuss all aspects of your love life and have no qualms in asking people about theirs!

Or does it curve to the left instead? In matters of love and sex, you are taker not a giver. You are more cautious about giving your all in relations until you are sure you won���¯���¿���½t be hurt or taken advantage of, and you like to keep your secrets well and truly hidden.

But if your penis has a sharp bend in it, rather than a curve, you can be a lecher and a user. Sharp and astute, you don���¯���¿���½t mind cheating if it gets you want you want.

If the penis is long and bent, then you are definitely no to be trusted in matters sexual. But if the penis is short and bent then it is more performance anxiety that is the bane of your life. Relax!

When the penis is bent right at the very base, you are plagued with the nagging feeling that you don���¯���¿���½t fit in or belong anywhere. You have the feeling that everyone else seems to get what they want and have it easy, but you feel you have to feel you have the short end of the stick and have to fight for your most basic rights. Quit whining, and you���¯���¿���½ll find your sexual success rate soars!

Please note: A very pronounced curve to the right or left shows that you may be suffering from Peyronie���¯���¿���½s disease, so a visit to the doctor is in order before it interferes with your sexual performance.


Finally, is your pubic hair sparse or bushy? If you are fairly bare, then this shows your sexual taste is very refined but on the other hand, your libido tends to fluctuate according to how self-confident you feel. You need lots of reassurance to put in a good performance.

If you are fairly bushy, then you are a strong and physical lover. Very competitive, you���¯���¿���½ll be the one asking about past lovers, but then putting in an effort to shame them all. On the downside, your tastes are more on the common side than refined.


Moles and other marks even have their place in phallomancy. Moles have been read for centuries. It is thought that the study of birthmarks originated with the ancient Chinese. Reading moles is also known as maculomancy, moleomancy, molesophy and moleoscopy. Astrologers of the middle ages made sure to examine their clients���¯���¿���½ bodies for these tell-tale marks when erecting an astrological chart for their clients.

According to traditional Chinese body reading, moles found on the genital area indicate fertility and many children.

 ----Many moles may indicate a susceptibility to health problems. Never ignore any signs that indicate ill health. If a mole ever suddenly appears, changes shape, bleeds or darkens, please consult a doctor to have it checked out.

You need to be careful of taking any physical risks. Don't take risks with your sexual health or you will suffer.

You are a sincere lover who takes responsibility in matters of love.

You enjoy love in the outdoors and adventure.

You can be very changeable and just a little unreliable.

MOLE ON THE RIGHT OF THE GROIN best replica watches

You can look forward to a prosperous future but you will need to keep a constant eye on your health.

You need to pay attention to your state of health, any complacency could easily lead to ill-health.

You could do with a hefty dose of ambition! You can't go on sailing through life, relying on other people to get you through. Go on, get a move on!

A mole on the nipple says beware to your partner! You have a tendency to be fickle and unfaithful so your partner had better watch out!

Traditional Phallomancy according to Indian lore....

Traditional knowledge of phallomancy has been around for thousands of years in India and Tibet.

The following is an extract from Stars of India: Travels in Search of Astrologers and Fortune Tellers, by Peter Holt, Mainstream Publishing Company, Edinburgh, 1998.
From Chapter 5: "Attacked by a Tibetan Oracle".

Beginning of Extract:
The Tibetans believe it is unlucky for a man to be over-endowed. He will be a rich and good husband if his penis is no more than six finger widths' long. But if while squatting, the penis reaches to the bottom of his heels, his life will be full of sorrow.

The Hindus have similar beliefs. According to the Brihat Samhita*, a big penis can only mean trouble ���¯���¿���½ the man will be poor and will have no sons. If his member is straight, small and sinewy he will be rich. A penis inclining towards the left indicates poverty. If a man has perfect, matching testicles of the same size he will be a king and if they���¯���¿���½re not matching, he���¯���¿���½ll be fond of sex. If the glans penis be depressed in the middle, the person will father daughters and be poor; if it is raised in the middle, he will have many cows; if it���¯���¿���½s not very large, he will be rich.

Semen is also important. If it smells like honey, the man will be rich; like salt he will be poor; like fish, he will have many children. If it is thin he will have daughters and live in great comfort. Finally, forget the superstud routine if you want a long life. A person whose sexual intercourse lasts more than a minute or will live long, but prolonged bouts of rumpy-pumpy will lead to an early death.
End of Extract.

Note: The Brihat Samhita is an ancient Sanskrit astrological treatise of 4000 verses, compiled by Varaha Mihira (Varahamihira) around the 6th century AD.

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