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Reading a Woman 1 of 4
What kinds of things can tell us about a woman's approach to love, romance and sexual matters? The traditional forms of palmistry and face reading can reveal much about a Omega Replica Watches person's sexuality and approach to sexual matters. But when it comes to matters of love and lust you would be amazed to find out exactly how much can be revealed at just one glance. The art of face reading provides many useful clues to either a woman or a man's innate sexuality and sensuality. HAIRLINE Arched You are an independent, sometimes bossy woman who is only motivated by economic considerations. EYEBROWS Thick You find yourself naturally drawn towards action and adventure and may be quick to fool around. You may find it hard to have a permanent relationship with just one partner. Thin This shows little interest in sex, however, if the eyebrows are only thin because you have overplucked the area, then your libido is simply hidden behind a cool exterior. Close-set You can be jealous. Wide-set You can be inhibited and shy away from sex. Curved You are very sexual and sensual. Triangular You prefer to be a best friend rather than a passionate bedmate. Straight You have more conventional preferences in bed. Monobrow (two brows joined) Traditional Chinese knowledge gets straight to the point and says that people with eyebrows which are joined seem to enjoy suffering or pain mixed with pleasure, whether it�s physical pain or mental pain. The Bath of Psyche by Leighton c1890 EYES Upwards slanting You love to flirt but you are also a hot-tempered woman who can be both fickle and hesitant at times. Large and round You have erotic charisma, are easily aroused and often show exhibitionist tendencies. Very small eyes This warns of jealousy but you can be very attentive to detail. Protruding Both na�¯ve and gullible, this feature also indicates an inclination towards group sex and threesomes! Deep-set You may enjoy many love affairs before settling into a solid relationship, you enjoy novelty and quick direct sex. Small thin lines running under the eyes If there are small thin lines running under the eyes, this shows how charming you are, and keen for sex, and also, according to ancient Chinese knowledge, that you may be homosexual or bisexual. NOSE Long downwards sloping (Roman) large appetite for sexual adventure and you don't mind the unusual. Bumpy You can be inhibited and prudish at times, and often indecisive as well. Snub nose You are rarely adventurous in bed. Crooked Be careful! You can be too trusting and gullible. MOUTH Small You are undemanding and passive in bed but also inventive and quick to climax. Smile Large and full You can be egocentric but you are passionate. You are content with superficial affairs as long as you are admired, and you tend to take your time in bed. Crooked: You are very adventurous but tend to talk too much in bed. You often have more than one lover. Thick upper lip You often feel insecure but you are an expert at seduction. Thick lower lip You often choose unfaithful partners and are then tempted to be unfaithful yourself. The rest of the body also provides many useful clues to a woman's innate sexuality and sensuality...

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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