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Reading a Woman 2 of 4
Small and pert You like variety and are very energetic in bed, but you can also be exhausting and hard to satisfy. Although you may come across as a shy and reserved lady, and just a little conservative, you actually have a big sexual imagination. But you also need a lot of encouragement and reassurance to act on your wild imagination.
Full and firm You are energetic, playful and like to take your time. You have no problems in your love life and a healthy libido which you have no trouble expressing.
Full and soft Even though you make a loving partner, your libido is not so strong.
Large and firm You are a lady who likes to get straight down to business in bed, but you can also be very emotional and sometimes selfish as well. If the nipples are large as well, then you don�t have a lot of self-control.
Large but pointing slightly down If you have large breasts which point slightly down, then this means you do not actively seduce but prefer to wait to be seduced. You also tend to mother your partner which may feel like smothering if your partner prefers their independence. By the way, you are very lucky with money too!
Round like oranges Even though you may often act in a very masculine manner in going after what you want, you are also charming and flexible. You have an exciting love life but you can be a little controlling as you tend to like to feel that you "own" your partner, especially if your breasts are small and round. Watch out for your finances, because you also like to spend freely!
Flattish You are a lady who enjoys novelty and experimentation. You also have nothing against quickies. Even though you act very independent, you can be surprisingly dependent. You do not like to think long-term.

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Last updated: December 31, 1969

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