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Sorcerer's Stone, an Introduction
When Rowling speaks of the "Sorcerer's Stone," she is in fact referring to what was once called the "Philosopher's Stone." In fact, the first book of her series is being published under the title Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in England.

The philosopher's stone is the magical substance in alchemy that can turn base metals into gold, cure all ills and ailments, and give its possessor immortality.
(It is interesting to note that modern science now has a way to convert similar metals into gold, by means of massive particle bombardment. However, the amount of equipment and power required for this costs much more than the final product is worth.)

Since its general appearance in the 16th and 17th centuries, alchemy became an important course of study, like Grammar, for every scholar seeking an education. Issac Newton, Galileo, some of America's founding fathers, and various other famous historical figures have had some background in alchemy. ("Flamel" was, indeed, the name of a real alchemist.)

Thus, many books have been written on this subject. There is extensive chemical and symbolic knowledge involved in understanding Alchemy, enough to fill many web pages. But in the interest of brevity, what follows is the shortest recipe book for the Philosopher's Stone I I found documented.

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