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The Hand of Glory

The Hand Of Glory is a rather gruesome charm which was believed to render the bearer invisible and paralyze those who looked upon its light. It was also said to make the occupants of a house fall asleep.Replica Watches Thus, it became very popular amongst burglars and thieves of old, and some still exist in museums today.

Wherever that terrible light shall burn,
Vainly the sleeper may toss and turn;
His leaden eyes shall he ne'r unclose
So long as that magical taper glows,
Life and treasure shall he command
Who knoweth the charm of the glorious Hand!

To Fashion the Magical Hande
From The Little Albert, 1704
Take the hand of a dead hanged man, wrap it in a mortual piece of fabric and press it to squeeze the remaining blood out, and put it in an earth vase with powdered zimort [cinnamon], saltpeter, salt and pepper-corns, all pounded. It should remain in this vessel for 15 days; then expose the hand to the Sun [during the Dog Days] till it dries completely. If is has to be dried more, put in an oven with vervain and fern. Make out a candle from the fat in the hanged man, virgin wax and sesame of Lapland. Use the hand as a candle holder. [There is another version that says that the hand itself should be turned into a candle, with the dead man's hair as a wick, and each finger should be lit. The thumb will not light if someone in the house is still awake.]

Last updated: December 31, 1969

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