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Magic Mirror (Invisable Cloak)

Magic Mirror
There are several magical reflective surfaces in the Harry Potter series, which accomplish various tasks. So do the historical magic mirrors, with a confusing range of uses, although many were employed for divination. Below are some examples.

The manner of making the Mirror of Solomon, useful for all divinations.
From the Grimorium Verum and others Audemars Piguet Replica

In the name of the Lord, Amen. Ye shall see in this mirror anything which you may desire. In the name of the Lord who is blessed, in the name of the Lord, Amen. Firstly, you shall abstain from all actions of the flesh, and also from any sin, whether in word or action, during the period of time laid down herein. Secondly, you must perform acts of goodness and piety. Thirdly, take a plate of finest steel, burnished and slightly curved, and with the blood of a white pigeon write upon it, at the four corners, these names: JEHOVA, ELOYM, METATRON, ADONAY. Place the steel in a clean, white cloth. Look for the new Moon, in the first hour after the Sun has set, and when you see it, go to a window, look devoutly towards Heaven, and say: O Eternal, O King Eternal! God Ineffable! Thou, who hast created all things for the love of men, and by a concealed decision for the well-being of man, deign Thou to look on me, N., who am Thy most unfit and unworthy Servant, and look upon this, which is my intention.

Deign to send unto me Thine Angel, Anael upon this same mirror; he does command and order his companions whom Thou hast formed, O Most Powerful Lord, who hast always been, who art, and who shall ever be, so that in Thy name they may work and act with equity, giving me knowledge in everything that I shall seek to know of them.

Now you are to throw down upon the burning embers a perfume. While you are doing this, say: In this and with this, that I pour forth before Thy face, O God, my God, Thou who art blessed, Three in One, and in the state of exaltation most sublime, who sits above the Cherubim and Seraphim, who will judge the earth by fire, hear me!

This is to be said three times. When you have done so, breathe three times upon the surface of the mirror, and say: Come, Anael, come: and let it be thy agreement to be with me willingly: in the name + of the Father, the Most Puissant, in the name + of the Son, Most Wise, in the name + of the Holy Spirit, the Most Living! Come, Anael, in the terrific name of Jehova! Come, Anael, by the power of the everlasting Elohim! Come, thee, by the right arm of the mighty Metatron! Come to me, N. [your name], and order thy subjects so that they may make known to me through their love, joy and peace, the things that are hidden from my eyes. When you have finished this, raise your eyes toward Heaven and say: O most powerful Lord, who does cause all things to move in accordance with Thy will, listen to my prayer, and may my intentions be agreeable to Thee! O Lord, if it be Thy will, deign to gaze upon this mirror and sanctify it, that Thy Servant Anael may come thereto with his companions, and be agreeable to me, N., Thy poor and humble servant! O God, blessed and raised above all the spirits of Heaven, Thou who lives and reigns for all time. Amen.
When this is done, make the Sign of the Cross over yourself [where the plus signs appear in this text], and also on the mirror on the first day, and also on the next forty and five days. At the end of this time, the angel Anael will appear to you, like unto a beautiful child. He will greet you, and will order his companions to obey you. It does not always require as long as this to cause the angel to appear, however. He may come on the fourteenth day, but this will depend upon the degree of application and fervor of the operator. When he comes, ask him whatever you may desire, and also beg him to come and do your will whenever you shall call him. When you want Anael to come again, after the first time, all you have to do is to perfume the mirror, and say these words: Come, Anael, come, and let it be thy agreement --and the rest of this prayer to Anael as we have given you above, until the Amen.

Dismissing the Spirit.
When he has answered your questions, and you are satisfied with him, you must send him away by saying this: I thank thee, Anael, for having appeared and having fulfilled my requests. Thou may therefore depart in peace, and shall return when I call unto thee.
The perfume of Anael is saffron

Invisibility by means of a Ring
From the Little Albert, 1704
Courtesy of A.E.Waite

This important operation must be performed on a Wednesday in spring-time, under the auspices of Mercury, when it is known to be conjoined with other favourable planets, such as the Moon, Jupiter, Venus, or the Sun. Taking good Mercury, fixed and well purified, compose a large ring thereof, so that the same will pass eaily over the middle finger of the hand. Let the collet be enriched by a small stone which is found in the pewit's nest, and about the ring let the following words be enchased: Jesus passing + through the midst of them + disappeared. + [Plus signs used here in place of crosses.]

Next, having placed the ring upon a palette-shaped plate of fixed Mercury, compose the perfume of Mercury, and thrice expose the ring to the odour thereof; wrap it in a small piece of taffeta corresponding to the colour of the planet, carry it to the pewit's nest from which the stone was obtained, let it remain there for nine days, and when removed, fumigate it precisely as before. Then preserve it most carefully in a small box made also of fixed Mercury, and use it when required. The method of use is to place the ring upon the finger with the stone outwards; it will so fascinate the spectators by its virtue that one may be present without being beheld. When the wearer no longer desires to be invisible, he has merely to turn the ring, so that the stone shall be inward, and close the hand over it.

Invisibility by means of a Ring (second version)
Also from the Little Albert, 1704
The first requisite is a tuft of hair taken from the head of a hyena, from the upper part therof. These hairs must be plaited into a ring, which must be carried to a pewit's nest and deposited therein for the space of nine days. The perfumes of Mercury must be used [as above]. The person who wears this ring will be invisible, and he will reappear by removing it from his finger.


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