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Lunar Phases

An Ephemeris is a day-by-day listing of the astrological positions of each planet. Ultimately, many important astrological techniques boil down to comparing your birthchart to the ephemeris and knowing how to pull information out of these tables. To most people, this is just a boring table of numbers. To me, an ephemeris is a fascinating story just waiting to be discovered. Using an Ephemeris in conjunction with Lunar aspects (below from 2006-2013) can give you a very high advantage with divinations and your life overall. Be sure to visit Retrogrades in conjunction to Power Days to make the most of your desired destiny!

Spell Timing:

Appropriate timing is very important when working with Magic and Ritual. The goal is to perform a rite or spell at the time when the forces at work in the natural world � the Moon, the Sun, the Planets, the Zodiac, etc. � are poised to give assistance to your cause, not work against it.

In the case of the Moon, there are thirteen Lunar Cycles per year, each with four phases. The most commonly recognized phase of each Lunar Cycle is the Full Moon � also called an Esbat � but the other three phases are also powerful times for magical spells to be cast. The best timing for different types of spells is as follows, along with some other helpful information for each Lunar phase:

New Moon | Waxing Moon and First Quarter
Full Moon | Waning Moon and Last Quarter

New Moon
(when the Earth's shadow has fallen over the moon, rendering it dark.):

This is the time for Scrying, looking for things that are hidden, and seeking out secrets and mysteries. Begin to plan for new beginnings.

If there are two New Moons in a given month, the second one is called the Black Moon, as is an especially powerful time for magic.

Some Goddesses appropriate for invoking at the New Moon:
  Ã�´ Hecate (for guidance in deciding which new goals to strive for)
  Ã�´ Artemis (for energy and guidance to bring new goals to fruition in the days ahead)
  Ã�´ Inanna or Persephone (for rebirth, life-changes, and new growth in the days ahead)
  Ã�´ Freya (for creativity and imagination)
  Ã�´ Brighid (for creativity, motivation and strength to begin work on new ideas and projects)
  Ã�´ Aradia (for beginning philanthropic projects to help your community, or beginning education with the goal of improving the conditions of your life)

Some Incenses appropriate to the New Moon:
  Ã�´ White Sandalwood
  Ã�´ Jasmine
  Ã�´ Lavendar
  Ã�´ Damiana
  Ã�´ Orris

Waxing Moon and First Quarter
(the time when the moon grows; from New to Full):

This is the time to cast spells designed for invocation, new beginnings, and attracting things to you. It is also a good time to work on issues of self-esteem, personal balance, and integration of different aspects of the Self, or to work magic for the general good of the World � compassion for mankind, healing for Mother Earth, etc.

At the First Quarter Moon, you may want to give an extra energy boost to projects, move them from the development stage to the building stage, or seek balance and pacing if you started too quick in the beginning of a project and now find it going haywire, developing too fast for you to maintain a sense of control and direction.

Some Goddesses appropriate for invoking during the Waxing Moon and at First Quarter:
  Ã�´ Artemis, Inanna or Persephone (for their continued assistance for projects you called on them for at the New Moon)
  Ã�´ Aphrodite (for self-esteem, and the confidence to follow through on developing projects)
  Ã�´ Venus (for balance and resolution of problems in growing relationships)
  Ã�´ Kwan Yin (for promotion of compassion, wisdom and healing within Mankind and the Earth)

Some Incenses appropriate to the Waxing Moon and First Quarter:
  Ã�´ White Sandalwood
  Ã�´ Rose
  Ã�´ Geranium
  Ã�´ Patchouli
  Ã�´ Vanilla

Full Moon
(when the full light of the Sun is on the Moon, and it appears perfectly round and bright):

This is the time to bring all spells worked and projects begun during the Waxing Moon to fruition, or at least prepare them to move to the next stage of development. Invocation Magic will be more potent now that at any other time in the Lunar cycle.

If there is a second Full Moon in a particular month, the second one is called a Blue Moon. The appropriate magic is the same, only the available energy is much stronger.

Some Goddesses appropriate for invoking during the Full Moon:
  Ã�´ Demeter (for assistance bringing projects to completion, or to bring comfort or healing to the bereaved)
  Ã�´ Anu (for assistance bringing goals to fruition)
  Ã�´ Isis (to invoke nurturance and protection of yourself, your loved ones, projects or goals that are dear, or of Mankind of Mother Earth as a whole)
  Ã�´ Aradia (to invoke the blessings of learning, compassion, and a sense of community into yourself and Mankind as a whole)
  Ã�´ Selene (to invoke the blessings of love and happiness into your life and relationships)
  Ã�´ Inanna (to invoke fertility with the goal of motherhood)
  Ã�´ Lakshmi (to invoke abundance and growth on all levels of being, material, emotional and spiritual)

Some Incenses appropriate to the Full Moon:
  Ã�´ White Sandalwood
  Ã�´ Rose
  Ã�´ Coconut
  Ã�´ Lotus
  Ã�´ Lemon Balm
  Ã�´ Dittany

Waning Moon and Last Quarter
(the fading time between the Full and New Moons):

This is the time to cast magic for purification, casting things out, banishing, releasing, and breaking old habits; also of seeking balance, winding down, learning to accept and work with the things that cannot be changed.

Some Goddesses appropriate for invoking during the Waning Moon and Last Quarter:
  Ã�´ Maat (for assistance in determining the cause of troubles, and what in your life is worth furthering, and what would be best left behind)
  Ã�´ Themis (for the same assistance as can be provided by Maat, particularly with regard to relationships)
  Ã�´ Cerridwen (for assistance in gleaning wisdom from perceived "mistakes and failures")
  Ã�´ Hecate (for assistance in removing unwanted obstacles from your life so that you can be free to begin anew in the days ahead)
  Ã�´ Inanna (for guidance pertaining to soul-searching � removal of the proverbial "seven veils" to reach the heart of your soul, in search for your own higher Truth � and for strength to cope with the grief that comes from letting go of old habits and ideas)

Some Incenses appropriate to the Waning Moon and Last Quarter:
  Ã�´ White Sandalwood
  Ã�´ Acacia
  Ã�´ Benzoin
  Ã�´ Lemongrass
  Ã�´ Verbena
  Ã�´ Rosemary
  Ã�´ Juniper

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