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Lunar Phase for 2012

The tables below show the dates for all four phases of the Lunar Cycles for 2012:


New Moon

First Quarter

Full Moon

Last Quarter
January 1 
January 9 
January 16 
January 23 
January 31 
February 7 
February 14 
February 21 
March 1 
March 8 
March 15 
March 22 
March 30 
April 6 
April 13 
April 21 
April 29 
May 6 
May 12 
May 20 
May 28 
June 4 
June 11 
June 19 
June 27 
July 3 
July 11 
July 19 
July 26 
August 2 
August 9 
August 17 
August 24 
August 31 
September 8 
September 16 
September 22 
September 30 
October 8 
October 15 
October 22 
October 29 
November 7 
November 13 
November 20 
November 28 
December 6 
December 13 
December 20 
December 28 
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Last updated: December 31, 1969

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