An Academic Recognition of Primal Craft

Primal Craft - Mark Alan Smith
Primal Craft – Mark Alan Smith

As you may recall, I interviewed Mark Alan Smith (The Scorpion God: Forbidden Wisdom of Belial) and It isn’t often that occult devotees and authors are recognised through the academic institutions of today but through the work of Dr. Connell Monette – Associate Professor of Religion and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane, Morocco – The Primal Witch Craft of Hecate, has been recognised by the Academic Community. Primal Craft is helmed by Mark Alan Smith author of the Trident Trilogy and the forthcoming Altar of Sacrifice. This intense practice – a spiritual vehicle for Soul Evolution within Hecate’s Witchflame Path – is illuminated alongside several other Mystical Currents within Dr. Monette’s latest book: Mysticism in the 21st Century. Within this academic text book Dr Monette examines five contemporary spiritual movements: Hermeticism, Paganism, Sufism, Tantra, and Yoga. Alongside Mark several other devotees have collaborated with Dr. Monette to assist in the creation of a book that presents an academic study of five of the world’s mystical paths. These people are: Shri Kapilnath, Stephen Abdullah Trevathan, Anton Long, Jall, Mark Alan Smith, Robert Svoboda, Zhander Remete, Emma Balnaves, Michael Kelly, HH Bir Krishna das Goswami, and Andrea Olivera.

Details of the events leading up to Primal Craft’s recognition within this theatre of operations can be found in the News section of the Primal Craft website and at

Mysticism in the 21st Century may be purchased later this week directly from the publisher’s own website:

About Mark Alan Smith – Primal Craft
Mark Smith is a writer and practitioner of Primal Witchcraft. Throughout his entire life he has been a dedicated student of the Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate. Primal Craft is the foundation through which he is able to assist others who wish to walk the path of the Dark Queen.

The dedication of Primal Craft Occult Publishing sole purpose ensures the manifestation of the knowledge of the Witchcraft Trident in the form of very high quality and truly magickal books. Each and every single volume is individually consecrated in full ritual possession unsealing the gateways and awakening the spirits of the book’s patron within  and a living talisman of the Witchcraft Arte.

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