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Magic: History, Theory & Pratice originally written by Dr. Ernst Scertel in 1923. we will intensively discuss first English-language translation of this great book annotated by Adolf Hilter.
Schertel sent a dedicated copy to Hitler, and the book was later found as part of Hitler’s library complete with his bookplate and extensive annotations. Magic: History, Theory & Practice covers a range of esoteric territory, with an emphasis on the demonic. Schertel says near the end of the book:

The first and only important thing is communion with the demon. Considering historical events the passages Hitler highlighted in the 1920?s are rather disturbing, they include:

  • False images are necessary for the recognition of truth.
  • He who does not have the demonic seed within himself will never give birth to a magical world.
  • Satan is the beginning?

    Join me with J.H. Kelley to speak on other serious and deep topics on the Occult.

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