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Much is taken for granted when it comes to how the mind and body should be healthy and free of toxins before reaching beyond the conscious state of various realms, lucid dreaming, rituals and evocation. Jef Harvey discusses the benefits of detoxing and conditioning the “BioMind” in order to reach beyond one present potential. The first of a three part series.

This is the last of a 3 part series (see links below to all) that began with Preparing your BioMind (detoxing) in summoning and communication with entities of parallel realms and beyond can be rather daunting to the average person. Jef Harvey explains an alternative system which has assisted thousands in attaining the heightened awareness and communication so often unachievable for many on their own.

Part1: Detoxing Your BioMind for Evocation and Other Realms

Part 2: Radionics – Enhancing your Thought-Forms & Sigils

Part 3: Enhancing yourself for Evocation

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