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Emailed Readings

Emailed Readings by Mona Magick

3 Question Reading

Sometimes it's just about a burning question that's been pressing upon your mind? There's No to make it complex, you just want to know what you need to know. Just state your 3 questions: $45.00

2011 NEW YEAR FORECAST! 50% Savings!!!!
Why go into this year not knowing what's ahead? Bring into 2011 with great success, determination and high accomplishments! Avoiding all the pitfalls that slowed you down last year. Just provide your name and birthdate: $50.00

In Depth Reading
If you want to get to the heart of a certain matter then this reading is for you! Not only find out why, but how you can get through all the obstacles. Ask your one question
to receive your answer: $65.00

Spiritual, Spell Assistance & Solutions Reading
The "power" is within, but what do you do with this power? This reading will prescribe for you the best path, herbs, oils, even rituals and do what you need to do.
Describe your situation and desire along with your current spiritual path: $75.00

Emailed Readings

Your question(s)/situation:

The above accurate readings are all returned to you within 1 to 8 hours to your specified email address. Payment is made through PayPal If you do not understand or have a question about your reading the response is FREE of charge.