Words of Power


Words are telling, in more ways than one, words vibrate energy, energy that influences you and all around you… Your choice of words says a lot about you and whether or not you will achieve your goals in life…

Word Power is real. Invoking the power of loving language can make the impossible possible….

Yes, words have power.

Words have vibrational frequency. Just as colors and numbers can be associated with a vibrational frequency, so can sounds and words. Every letter of the alphabet can be associated with a number and every number (and every colour ) can be associated with a musical note. When letters are strung together to form a specific sound or word, the word is “charged” in a sense, with a specific frequency that is more than the sum of its parts, and that word then, influences all who think, read, speak or hear it.

Words are even further charged as humans attach certain emotions to specific words… think of how the word “gay” has taken on new meaning – and vibrational frequency – as folks stopped using the word to mean “happy” to use it instead to mean “homosexual”.

The bible says “In the beginning was the word”, inferring that the universe, all of God’s creation was created from some spoken expression, a Godly sound.

So what kind of Godly sounds are you creating day by day? And are these sounds affirming your personal happiness, or are they serving to block you from ever getting close to anything you dream of having or being in life?

When I first recognized the power of language, I immediately saw an opportunity to change my life. It didn’t take much for me to notice how negative my language was – and how deeply ingrained in my language were my fears and anxieties about life. I first worked on noticing all that negative inner chatter “you’re too fat, too slow, too stupid, too late…” you know what I mean, all of us are guilty of a long list of inner criticisms. Unfortunately, all that inner chatter is debilitating in a very real sense! Our negative language takes us down, lowers our frequency, makes the possible impossible…. In my case, it spoke to all my fears and blocks, all the reasons why I held myself back, and all the ways that I sabotaged my success. The more I listened to the words I used about myself and my world, the more I saw why I had drawn so much pain into my life by that point… and the more powerful I began to feel!

Loving the Sound of Words

One of the first lessons I learned on my spiritual journey was to change my language… to start introducing “loving language” to my vocabulary. This meant that I had to learn to actively listen to myself AND others, to acknowledge the fears – or whatever – that my negative language represented, and then to actively shift the energy by reframing the words into affirming, loving language.

Thanks to my elders within my family, I saw that it wasn’t enough to just work on changing the words… I could affirm myself into some big trouble if I wasn’t paying attention. There was a reason why I was “in my nots”… I was unhappy, afraid, angry… something… something that needed to be attended to before positive affirming language could really help. But once I acknowledged whatever that something was, once I learned to listen to myself and noticed what I was afraid or resentful of, or angry or anxious about, and then also reframed the words to be more affirming, I discovered that I had a very powerful tool for changing my life!

So, here are some examples of our negative, unloving, low vibration language, and some ways of reframing these statements or changing the words to bring the vibration up so it attracts more of what you want in life.

The “NOT”s & NO’s”

There are times when NO is the right answer, and NOT helps define a clear boundary., so there’s no reason to try to eradicate these words from your vocabulary. However, there is a real need for us each to notice how often and when we are using these words – and to understand their effect on the subconscious. As Joseph Murphy in the Power of Your Subconscious Mind indicates, the subconscious doesn’t register qualifying, descriptive language… so when you say I’m not going… the subconscious registers, I’m going… ever wonder why you ended up at that party you definitely had no intention of going to??? The more often you said no and not around that event, the more you affirmed the likelihood that you would go… that’s how our kids ‘wear us down”. So, instead of saying “I’m not going”, say ” I have something else to do that evening.” It’s a safer way of saying “no”.

The same logic applies to the use of “un” and “dis” words… the subconscious hears the active part of the word and therefore nullifies to a large extent the statement you make… When you say you’re “unhappy”, or you “dislike” the inner you registers that you’re happy and you like… goodness, it’s no wonder so many of us are so conflicted! Instead of saying I’m “unhappy” or I “dislike”, try replacing the statement with something specific like, “I feel depressed about….” or “that (whatever) is boring…”

Common Low Power Words

  • I’m broke, I can’t afford to…
  • I’m too fat, too skinny
  • We have a problem
  • You’re bad, ugly, stupid….
  • I should…
  • weird,odd, different

Amazing High Power Words

  • amazing boy, I love you
  • I am power
  • yes, I can
  • I am… capable, powerful…
  • We have an opportunity
  • You’re beautiful, smart, wise, wonderful…
  • I will… I am…
  • special, unique


What do you want? If you can immediately come up with 10 things that you want, then you can probably skip this section, but if, like most folks, you find yourself feeling uncertain, a bit uncomfortable, or guilty when you ask yourself that question, please read on.

We humans have been conditioned to overlook our personal wants in favour of the group desires. We sublimate our thoughts – and language – hiding our true selves in a sense behind the greater good. As time passes, most folks lose sight of what they really want, think or feel… they might be able to name the next car, house, book, dress, or computer upgrade that they want, but they won’t be able to speak in specific terms about what they want for themselves in life… most of us simply can’t find the words to express our deepest needs and desires.

A lot of relationships break down because the partners cannot specify their needs or are afraid to be blunt about what works and doesn’t for them. We hold all of these unspoken expectations of each other and all around us, and then we wonder why we can’t get at what we want in life… How do you expect anyone to satisfy your needs if you cannot speak of them? Even God wants to know what you need and want.

This concept of specificity applies to all we say, think and feel. It is only through the use of clear, specific language that we can create change. For example, when you say “I don’t like you”, you leave me no room to negotiate or change your opinion… but if you say I don’t like your writing style, then I have something to work with… I can decide that pleasing you is worth taking a writing class… or I can decide that it’s not important to please you on this specific issue…. What’s more important, by being specific about what you don’t like, you affirm the possibility of change, without destroying my self-esteem.

A lack of specificity in one’s language attracts a lot of static to your communications lines. General, uncommitted language hides the conflicts, the unresolved issues. These conflicts act like static on the line, making it difficult for folks to hear you clearly. If words have vibrational frequency, and the higher frequencies attract good stuff to you, then it makes sense to opt for using clear specific language – how else can you clearly and specifically direct the flow of energy around you to create exactly what you want?

Spells and curses, blessings and invocations are ways of invoking the power of words… and all who teach the ceremonial use of language will teach also the need to be exceptionally clear and specific in any incantation or prayer. Otherwise, all hell will break loose.

We invoke the real power of language when we are clear and concise in our choice of words. The more specific you are with the words you use, the more clearly focused is the energy. And clear focused energy is at the root of every success… So, the next time someone asks you what you want, take some time, to think about your answer and then respond with a clear specific statement… like “I want $10000 in my bank account within 6 months.”

A Note About Should

Please don’t should on yourself anymore. Every time we use the word should, we are reacting to a judgment, of ourselves or others… and these are usually unhealthy judgments, expectations that are conditioned as opposed to real… for example “I should work harder” – speaks to your judgment that you are lazy, aren’t good enough, and every time you make this statement you are driving yourself down as opposed to up… However, if, every time you hear yourself about to make this statement, you say, ” I work smart, all my activities are productive”, you will find to your amazement that you are indeed working smart and being far more productive than you have ever been!

“Should” implies lack, inadequacy and fear. Shoulds reinforce a kind of poverty-consciousness of the soul, they hold us in our “nots” and discourage us from taking positive affirmative action.

Loving Language

The over-riding message in this little epistle is to seek loving language. Love energy is affirming, balancing and honest. When we learn to speak with the integrity of true love, to be specific in our choice of words, and then to choose words that are loving, positive, affirming – even in describing a challenge that we are facing – we discover an amazing power… suddenly solutions appear to age-old problems, the journey to achieving goals – and finding happiness becomes a simpler, smoother path.

Invoke the power of loving language in your life and then stand back to enjoy the magic that ensues… Words have power, and loving words have the power to make life magical, so go for it, it may turn out to be the most significant change you ever make in your life!

Word Power Exercise:

Here’s a simple exercise to help you start noticing your low frequency language and then to shift it to a more positive affirming vibrational frequency.

You’ll need a notebook or journal for this exercise.

For the next week, take 15 minutes every day to journal the events of the day and then 5 minutes to list what you want and what you are afraid of.

Beginning on the second day, after you have completed your journal entries for the day, review everything you have written from the beginning of the week… notice the negative, low-frequency language and take an additional 15 minutes to rewrite any negative statements in loving language.

By the end of the week, you will probably notice that there are far fewer low frequency words in your journal, and that you are also correcting your spoken language… and you will probably also notice that the week has been easier, that things came more easily…

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