The anatomy of basic divination


Divination also known as Fortune-Telling, has been misunderstood by the millions for centuries. There are other concerns about divination that many people have, mainly the belief that it can be used to tamper with destiny, or fate. In essence it is a common belief that fortune tellers “play God,” which many people believe is wrong. Also, many people believe that if it is meant to happen it will happen and knowing about it ahead of time serves no practical purpose. Thus, making divination an essentially useless form of magic.

Predictions Anyone?

The truth of the matter is when one explores what divination is, one finds that it forces the subconscious to enhance the communication of the intuitive essence that we all have. Overall there are over 100 classifications of divinations. Each one explores the intuitive connection of a higher self to focus beyond what is physically present. Many would like to separate themselves from those that practice divination but this would be close to impossible as one would eliminate; omens, superstitions, and even some forms probability. The bottom line is that all the above has it’s own concluded definition by a humans deductive reasoning. After all what is a hypothesis BUT another word an intuitive answer no matter how scientific one would like to declare?

Properly used, divination is a tool and NOT a law the governs your life. Depending on ones belief system, a Creator holds your destiny. If so, this concretely defies a “choice” or one’s “WILL”. If you did not have a choice in any matter in your life, why even bother to attain to grow spiritually, or aspire to anything in your life when nothing you did, none of your choices mattered. In divination, you are able to confront your choices and choose another route or proceed into what has been shown. The secret is, is that no matter how many times you seek fore sight, a different scenario is formatted. The object is to become one with ones intuitive self with constant communication to make the proper choices each and every time.

Just Remember

You always have a choice to change what has been presented.

Not all by the forces unknown is meant to be known

Each road changed, changes another…

The divination of one effects more than one so it is always best to know how what your choices and those choices of others will effect you

You can construct your path through your choices by making them deliberate
Until we finally utilize 100% of our brains and solve hundreds of other unexplained neurological mysteries it’s safe to say that you cannot finalize the divination can be ruled out as just a circus trick.

My conclusion is that divination is closer to fact and not fallacy…challenge yourself to study one of the below most popular forms of divination used both within many occult circles and for commercial entertainment – only then would you be qualified to give an “intuitive” answer fact or fallacy:

Numerology: Numerology uses any sequence of numbers that relate to a person’s life (usually birth dates/a persons name) that are added together to acquire an individual number. Numerologist believe that individuals with the same number all exhibit similar characteristics.

Astrology Western Astrology uses the stars, asteroid comets, constellations, as well as planets and their orbital patterns to make a prediction about a person’s future. Astrologists believe that the way these astronomical features line up determines characteristics of individuals born during that time. A common astrological tool is a Zodiac Chart and a prediction by an astrologer is called a Horoscope.

Palmistry Palmistry uses lines in the palm of a person’s hand to make predictions of what has happened or what will happen in an individuals life.

Tarot Tarot is a card game that is used to describe various aspects of a person and to answer a question that they have concerning their life. Each card has a particular meaning and is chosen at random by the questioning person. The cards are then laid out in various patterns. The position and meaning of the card helps the interpreter to then make a prediction.

Scrying: Scrying uses various objects to see into the future. The most commonly used object is the crystal ball. However, other objects such as fire, water and blood have also been used.

Dream Interpretation Much like scrying, dream interpretation takes various symbols from dreams and derives and overall. This meaning often has to do with what is happening or what the dreamer thinks or wishes will happen in their life

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