A Dedication to Fathers



A Dedication to FathersAs Fathers day approaches this Sunday, I thought to give a strong energy and support to the fathers out there in the world. Far too often, there has been a stigma on this checklist of what fathers must do and be in order to be considered “good” fathers. As a man ignites the lottery pool of millions….there’s only a destined select chosen by the cosmos that the mother will carry and bring into this world – a linage that can never be broken…even beyond life that not even the source of Magick can sever and to date…

In the beginning through a child’s eyes a father is sensed as a force larger than life, masculine, and that of command – this is why a Father can have such a profound affect lasting a lifetime. This persona changes throughout development of this child due to dictated and ruled personification within a societies expectations of what a father should be. Far too often, many of these expectations are focused on characteristics that humanity overall does not even uphold as a whole towards one another.

As nature’s random offerings to one born as a hermaphrodite it is rare to never of one being able to conceive, reproduce and is certainly incapable of being asexual to self impregnate oneself! Therefore, only if this anomalies where to happen could ONLY such a person claim to be both mother and father. This notion is often confused with that of parenting and guardianship.

So what then is and should a father be? The “ideal father” from an institutionalised position is one who conforms to marriage of the mother, financially supports his family, protects and leads, provides example to the given societies morals that will carry on for generations to come within his own bloodline.  The impact of this equates a portion of the world on ones shoulders, I am in awe to any Father who has and is doing this! Just the same within these laws of conformity there are many areas within this checklist that many fathers do more or less – all in life is a step process. At the very least a father should uphold the law of self-preservation and with this you being a part of this.

I am not excusing fathers who fall ignorant to claiming their own (a link that cannot be broken). I am not condoning fathers who do not support their offspring to have as they do monetarily, giving them a chance to make better for themselves. I am not in agreement with fathers instilling a legacy of fallen examples. I am simply holding a high cup to ones male being and reason for their existence. I am giving proud notice to the parent, perhaps a “father figure” or guardian that has reset the mode for the future of another generation to come.

With all the above, as love is never a prerequisite to being a father, it is LOVE in fact that makes this bond stronger no matter what the circumstances, in fact one that can mend the wrong at least in healing if it is given genuinely today and tomorrow going forward. Let this Fathers Day be a day not so much of celebrating deeds (as this should be year round) but reflecting on how best to make the relationship and example going forward. Forget about societies dogma and establish your own pact of what best works between you, father, parent, guardian, father figure and offspring.

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