In God We Trust


In God we TrustAwake, less dream unwell…

US LAW is a bureaucratic strategic game of finding loopholes to WIN no matter what position one holds of being innocent or guilty. It partners with the bloodline of the hypocrisy enforcing the separation of Church and State yet governs the bias motto “In God We Trust”…

Government/law/media knew the Zimmerman case would lead to the division and decision of pulling out “the race card” especially within the perspective by which it was being broadcasted. This redirected the spotlight on the anticipated ignorance of racism and what most agree that was an unjust verdict. The truth of the matter is that it is the body of the government which allowed Zimmerman to take action therefore, it is the “Daddy and Guardian” that should be on stand which by no doubt will ring true to kill again and again to possibly any citizen on it’s turf and beyond over and over.

Who is Zimmerman? He is one of mixed race (born of a Peruvian mother and an American Caucasian veteran father both of Christian origins). One perhaps not racist but of paranoid nature embracing media stereotypes,  and one perhaps needing to prove a point within his own mind, peers and possibly to government/city of it’s inadequacies. Zimmerman was in his jurisdiction of monitoring what he saw/feared/assumed as a threat according at the time of his duty as a Neighborhood watchman under the city/State of Florida. The argument and loophole remains of course, if his first directive to be able to retaliate from the alleged threat was available. Zimmerman’s argument was that “he could not retaliate for authorities to arrive therefore had to ignite due force to insure right of his own protection within the Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms for the natural right of self-defence)” hence the death of Martin.

One always points the finger at those who “serve and protect” when something goes wrong, but truly this merits those to take responsibility of who they indeed appoint in office. I often wonder why so many fall short of empowerment by that which they give power too within its minority making themselves subservient and victimised. Rallying against the Martin vs. Zimmerman trial will not solve the public’s issue and certainly not bring back the youth Martin but enforcing a 360 perspective may come close.

Our selective humane laws overall, is quite perverse in that if a rapid canine we own to serve and protect us harms us is put down and euthanised… yet our government who serves and protects is most often exonerated. I ring then the large bell… “ding dong”  and ask “In God we trust” “What the FUCK does that mean if makes no difference at all?

I therefore conclude that It is by no doubt the soil and blood upon by which American land was built upon contains the residue of both prejudice mentality, ignorance and savagery needs to be redefined and reconfigured to an evolved state and for the people of today. They say that nothing is perfect, but to reignite law and justice based on a cancerous 237 (as of 2013) years past will never amount to a better tomorrow.

In retrospect, I should hope that within the motto should it stay “In God we Trust” that a higher and unbiased good would take the forefront but if governed by man it will ALWAYS be a façade therefore the saying along is just a smoke screen for those still asleep. Life doesn’t have to be a long bad dream full of injustice if you just wake up in taking action instead of idly watching. You will always be a victim by doing nothing.  It is possible however to make things right…we’ll see.


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